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  1. shark_bait

    Would you sue if you were on Triumph?

    Not if I felt they did the best they could have under the circumstances.
  2. shark_bait

    torn between the 2

    Coki Beach is the best beach for snorkeling on St Thomas IMHO. Approximately 1/2 hour taxi ride there. Trunk/St John would require 20 minute taxi to Red Hook, 30 minute ferry ride to St John and another 15 minute taxi ride to Trunk. Coki doesn't even come close to as nice as Trunk Bay so you would need to decide if the effort is worth it. In my opinion, yes it is. Especially if you cruise often and have been to St Thomas before or will again. St John is one of our favorites in the Caribbean. We now go for week long stays, leaving February 5th for another visit.
  3. shark_bait

    Beach Questions

    Lori- What kind of refreshments did the food stand have???? Beer, Rum Punch, Soda's???? Did your BF say how good the snorkeling was???
  4. shark_bait

    Crown Review 1/25-2/1 Part 3 Conclusion

    Trish- That might be the most detailed and well written report I have ever read. GOOD JOB!!!!:)
  5. shark_bait

    Ncl v princess

    Sailed on the Coral through the canal and this was my favorite ship yet in 9 cruises. Beautiful ship and perfect size, not too big, not too small. Can't imagine you not enjoying the ship itself. As far as NCL and Princess comparisons. I've only sailed on NCL once on the Sun and really didn't notice any difference between NCL's "Freestyle" experience and Princess' "Anytime Dining" other then on Formal Nights when most of the Princess passengers did dress up. If you are not into Formal Night you can easily get around it by using the Horizon Court or the Specialty dining options. We always like to try different ships but I would book the Coral again in a heartbeat.
  6. shark_bait

    underwater camera

    Yep Rick you're right.:o Thanks for the heads up. Though I can't get to 30 feet snorkeling, me's be a floater.:D
  7. shark_bait


    Waterlemon Cay has been reported as the best snorkeling on the island but will require some effort. As Ron said you will have your transportationS to get over to the island. Once there you have the 20 minute taxi ride then quite a hefty walk over a rock beach. I believe it to be about 1/2 mile. It's not a super populated area (hence the great snorkeling) so not even sure how the taxi thing would work. When we were there for a land vacation we drove over to the entry to Waterlemon Cay and after seeing the rocky beach, and I mean rocky not pebbles, we decided against it. It would be a place just for snorkeling, didn't look real comfortable for hanging on the beach. If you decide to do this make sure your bring your own water as there aren't any facilities here and that walk is all in the Sun.
  8. Definately Coki Beach then. This will be a shore entry which is alot less intimidating than jumping in off of a boat. Usually Discover Dives don't go over 30 feet in depth, if your DS is uncomfortable at going over a certain depth just tell your instructor. Even with being certified we only got to a depth of 60ft when we dove there. I would think this would be the perfect place for a Discovery Dive.
  9. shark_bait

    Scuba in GT

    Thank you sir, I think we'll do it and hope for the best. Would leave @ 2:30 and my understanding is that the 'Wall" is only about 500 yards off shore so very short boat ride. Bigger concern would be getting back to cruise terminal from Dive Shop.
  10. shark_bait

    Discover Scuba st Matrin vs St thomas

    I'd go with St Thomas. I have yet to find anyplace on St Martin that offered decent Diving or Snorkeling. We did a shore dive from Coki Beach once with very easy shore entrance and decent coral & sea life. I would think that this would be a great location for a novice, not having to deal with boat entry and all.
  11. shark_bait

    Beach Suggestions other than Orient?

    [quote name='runner15km'][URL]http://sxmprivateeye.com/node/8980[/URL][/quote] Was fully intending on spending our day at Great Bay Beach until I saw this article last week.:eek: Always looked nice a place to swim from the boardwalk. Not now, heading to Dawn.
  12. shark_bait

    Fun in the Sun

    Pinel will be more effort than the Orient Bars you mentioned as you would have to take the ferry that is (as Booper put it) "on Island time". The closer you get to Club Orient the less the crowds, so Pedro's or Pirate's would be good choices. Personally I stay away from the "Big 5" beacuse of price and crowds. We did have a less than stellar experience once at Pirate's, waited over an hour for food order. But that was just one time out of 3 visits there.
  13. Have only snorkeled on St Martin, this was @ Creole Rock which is supposed to be their "claim to fame" for snorkeling. Not good at all. St Martin is not known by any stretch of the imagination as a diving destination. We did do a Shore Dive off of Coki Beach which was okay, the boat dive's we did from St John even better. Soooooo, if it was me I'd set up your diving while in St Thomas and spend your beach day at Orient Beach on St Martin. Orient Beach is one of my favorite beaches anywhere by the way, even better with less ships in Port.
  14. shark_bait

    Scuba in GT

    Bruce- I checked with Blue Water Divers and they said they would have us back to shore @ 5:30. We need to be back on the ship @ 6:30. Would ya do it????;) Tried to sign up with Ship's Excursion but have been waitlisted, though if we're going out in a group of 24 people thinking they can just leave us waitlisted.:eek: Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.:)