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  1. I agree with you 100%. They should have closed the state before spring breakers came down. Our numbers would be way lower. By the way I am not cranky. I have plenty to do and I am blessed to be in Florida where our weather is beautiful. We can go outside for beautiful walks. I just do not think people should say things like the numbers are actually higher in other states. They do not know that. I may have said it in a cranky way but I am really not. HAHA!
  2. I did not say our state has low numbers. Florida has very high numbers. Our county has low numbers. You have no idea whats going on in other states that is just your opinion. Frankly I depend on our authorities to tell me what is going on not someone on cruise critic. I am sorry to hear about people not having things on shelves and about all the passings of family members. We are taking this very seriously where I live. I was just stating what is going on in my world as the title of the board asked.
  3. We live in mid Florida and have not been affected very much. Our county has very low numbers. Our shelves are stocked and we have lots of toilet paper, clorox and disinfecting wipes. We have an order to stay at home and so we are doing that. We live in an over 55 community so we want to protect our neighbors as much as we can. We have golf cart parades, scavenger hunts and the 2 golf courses are still in operation other than that everything is shut down. Our community just held a food drive and we gave a overloaded truck full to our local food bank. Our community is amazing!
  4. Does anyone have any idea when the next shore excursion sale will be for Royal? I thought this weekend there would be a sale.
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