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  1. First of all, it's not likely to be a problem. 100's of thousands of people buy and use travel insurance every year for their cruises and by far the vast majority have zero problems with either independent coverage or cruise line coverage. In the instance that I described, my cruise was scheduled to return to port on a given date, and that is what my original "ticket" stated on it. Just a cruise. I didn't have flights or anything, just simply drive to and from the port. So if my original "ticket" said the cruise returned on, let's say the 10th of the month, but didn't actually get back until the 11th of the month - the insurance ended on the scheduled return date, the 10th of the month, leaving one day uncovered. Many policies do automatically extend, many do not. It's not so much of a price thing, just a detail thing. You only really know if you read the policy. But I bet you dollars to donuts that if you call Steve back at your insurance store, he likely won't know the this unless he reads the policy. In my case, nothing happened. I got an extended cruise and I had a good time. I ultimately didn't need insurance, though I was glad I had it just in case. If this is important to you, then by all means ask before you buy.
  2. That's not just cruise line coverage. MOST independent policies have that same limitation. And the telephone agents at the independent insurance companies are very uninformed. You need to read the policy, not just the highlights, to see what is covered. The job of these insurance companies is to not pay whenever possible. They write so many loopholes into their policies that it can be difficult to know what is actually covered and what isn't. So if you are looking at an independent coverage web site and they list the benefits of the specific policies - that isn't the policy. You really need to read it to see what they cover. And sometimes, especially depending on the person's age, cruise line insurance can cost much less than comparable coverage from an independent agency. It's just very important to read the policy to know what it covers and what they won't pay for.
  3. On page 9 of the document cited previously by cherylandtk: https://affinitytravelcert.com/document/pdfs/Carnival_FL_COI_v3.pdf it says that your coverage ENDS on the EARLIEST of the following: "(a) the Scheduled Return Date as stated on the travel tickets;" This is VERY important to consider. I was on a Carnival cruise during hurricane Irma. The ship was delayed by several days returning to Port Canaveral. According to the policy, the insurance terminated on the original return date which was several days prior to returning to port. Please check your policy very carefully, and if you believe you might need continual coverage even during an extended cruise, look for a policy which will cover you for the full extended trip.
  4. Just back from Harmony of the Seas 5/12 - 5/19. I received a "The Key" evaluation questionnaire at the end of the cruise. One of the questions was about the Day 1 12 noon early room access. I never got early access, no-one I spoke to got early access to their rooms. I never heard of early room access. But it was on the questionnaire. I'm wondering if they are planning this for the future or if it's an unannounced "Key" benefit.
  5. I bought The Key for my past cruise on Harmony of the Seas 5/12 - 5/19. At the price of $19.99 it was a very good value, but I wouldn't pay more than that. I traveled by myself so I paid for one Key. The Key gave me wifi which normally costs about $15 per day, so they difference in price, $5 per day or $35 for the week is what I would evaluate. For that price I received a wonderful Chops Steak lunch on embarkation day and a specialty breakfast prior to getting off the ship. Those would cost $35 in any restaurant in town so it was a good value and very good food/service. I also received specialty seating at the shows, priority getting off the ship in ports, and priority debarkation when I got home. Certainly good for $19.99 but not worth a penny more. Chops Lunch on boarding was held in the Main Dining Room on Deck 4, not in the Steak House. At first I didn't like the idea, but now I believe it was very smart. You do not need reservations, eat at anytime, get a good seat, the same food, and no crowds. The value for me was in being able to drop off my luggage when I first boarded, but I don't think that was worth the extra $35 above the wifi cost. Even without The Key they got people on and off the ship very swiftly. I could do without the Chops lunch and specialty breakfast. And the only difference in the seating in the shows between regular "Reserved" and "The Key" was the location of the seats. You could get better seats without The Key. But I need my wifi and I liked to be able to drop off my carry on luggage at 1st boarding. I did not use the Flow Rider of any of the other such activities, but the reserved times were 1 hour each and on only very days during the cruise. Very interesting was "The Key" evaluation questionnaire at the end of the cruise. One of the questions was about the 12 noon early access to my stateroom. But I didn't get early access to my stateroom and neither did the several other "Key" people I asked. I am wondering if this will be a new feature or if it might be an unadvertised current feature of "The Key." It would be great if it were available.
  6. They're not "really" Cruise Critic Meet & Greets. Cruise Critic doesn't sponsor them, nor does Cruise Critic provide the time, place or snacks. These are arranged by and paid for by the cruise line. If Cruise Critic wanted to sponsor meet and greets that would be one thing, but these meet and greets are just to benefit people who participate in a roll call on a message board. It's very nice of the cruise lines to be accommodating, but they certainly don't have to. Cruise Critic is not the only source of reviews for the cruise line - far from it. And my review of the cruise is based on the quality of the vacation, not the snacks provided by the cruise line for the meet and greet. It's great to get together with the people we've met in the roll call, put faces with names, etc. But if this is going to be called a Cruise Critic event, then Cruise Critic needs to sponsor it. I can fully understand why cruise lines don't want to keep doing the work for some message board.
  7. Well... I'm going to try again when I am on the ship. If they can change it, then all is good. If they can't change it then I'll just cancel. $54 is not the cost of a can of soda. I don't really NEED a Wonderland dinner. If I can make it work for me then I'm happy. If not, then I won't bother. It's all good. But I didn't cancel and then changing my mind. I didn't try to cancel it. I tried to modify it using their tool and the site accepted the change. And then THEY canceled it and put it back to the original time. It's not "the principle" or "spite." It's just stupidity and I don't have time for that.
  8. Weird problem with Wonderland dinner reservations. On January 6th I signed up for dinner at Wonderland and I paid for it. The reservation is for Night 3 at 5:30pm. A couple of weeks later I signed up for a shore excursion on Day 4. But the excursion doesn't get back to the ship until after my early dining time. I went to my Cruise Planner and modified my Wonderland reservation to make it for Night 4 at 6:30pm. This way I can go to the excursion and have time for Wonderland dinner. It looked like it worked. But the next day, my dinner time went back to Day 3 5:30pm. I tried this numerous times, every time I did it, it looked like it worked, but the next day it always went back to Night 3 at 5:30pm. I called Royal Carib who took a long time on the phone before they could fine the answer. They finally discovered that the price of the dinner went up. I had paid $49, but the new price is $54. They told me the only way I could change the reservation is to pay the extra $5. They told me that sometimes on the ship they might be more flexible, so I could try it there. But they really had no way to fix it over the phone. I'm only one person, a table for 1, and there are reservations available for my preferred time. Disbelief that they would be so inflexible. I'm not asking for anything special or weird or unusual. Can it be? Or did they give me bad information?
  9. Carnival used to sail to San Juan, St Thomas and Tortola during the summer and Port Canaveral, and the Bahamas in the winter. If they'd offer the reverse I think more people would choose to cruise in the winter. Why they picked such cold ports for the winter time is beyond me.
  10. Hi Cruisin_Husker, I was on the same cruise with you. I think you were spot on with your review. I thought the ship was wonderful. I was on the Magic several times so the Breeze was a breeze for me to get around. It's my favorite class of ship. I do love the Deck 5 concept especially with all of the outdoor seating. The food was excellent. Service was great. One of my best cruises. But I do have a major complaint about this trip (free cruise for me???): I only saw 2 flying fish the entire trip! To whom should I complain?
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