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  1. My husband & I haven’t been on any recent Royal Caribbean cruises, since we’ve mostly switched to Celebrity when cruising without kids. We’ve had no “Key” experiences. We are taking our 30 yr old son and his girlfriend on Symphony 10/31/20. Since we are in a GS and they are in an ocean view balcony, I’m considering purchasing The Key for them — if it would provide fair value. We are all Diamond C&A members — girlfriend by virtue of living with son. This is her introduction to cruising. We are already planning on Voom surf & stream access for them, so that basically accounts for over half of the cost of Key, based on current prices. They’re unlikely to be interested in sitting in the main dining room for lunch upon boarding rather than exploring the ship. We also pre-purchased an unlimited Dining package for them. What I’m specifically interested in is having them board & disembark with us and sit together at shows. Previously RCI has allowed us, as non-suite guests, to board with our suite guest family members. Has that changed? Does the same hold true for port disembarkation? I assume the priority seating for shows would only be available to the “kids” if we purchase Key access. From what I’ve read, the seating area for Sky suite class is the same area as for Key. Is this correct? If so, this would provide value to us. As far as the other perks, it sounds like the special hours at activities are often during non-desirable times (like on port days). The carry-on storage also sounds like it would provide value, but I wonder if the luggage storage is also available for Sky suites. For our 7-day cruise, The Key is currently pricing at $27.99 pp/day. Voom 2 device Surf & Stream is $28.49 PP/day or $75 pp/day when combined with the Deluxe beverage package. Bev package alone is currently pricing at $65pp/day. It’s hard to make an informed decision with dynamic pricing and variable implementation of benefits. I’d appreciate any input on this from those with recent experience. Thanks! Jane
  2. Not that unusual, from what I understand. Refrigerated compartment = morgue, I bet. Still extremely sad.
  3. Phew! That’s got to be well over the 6 foot distance not to count as “close contact”
  4. We *almost* got to meet on her first Royal Caribbean Cruise, but it was ill-fated. There was some sort of airline employee (baggage handlers??) strike out of Philadelphia, so Carol’s family missed that cruise. Believe it was a PVSA issue that precluded them boarding at our first port: Key West (if I recall correctly).
  5. That would seem logical to me, but who knows how this will be implemented
  6. Yikes, Carol! Hope you don’t have any cruises booked within the next 15 days.
  7. You need to click on the link and read the restrictions referred to in the excerpt I quoted. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas-updates
  8. Per the 6pm update, ”...All guests who are denied boarding due to these restrictions will receive full refunds....” From here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas-updates
  9. Check out the 6pm update here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas-updates Excerpt... ”...All guests who are denied boarding due to these restrictions will receive full refunds...”
  10. For what it’s worth, this is what the compass on my iPhone shows as of 11 mins ago (7:10AM EST)
  11. The seas are still oddly calm this morning. According to the cartoonish map on the navigation channel, for what it’s worth, we are WNW of Jamaica and still on a trajectory for George Town,. Here are pics/Video clip. The sunrise is spectacular! Jane C8FD7611-8F13-4C03-A3DD-D8DF249A6969.MOV
  12. I’m also aboard Reflection off the coast of Jamaica heading (theoretically) towards Grand Cayman for arrival at Noon Today (Wednesday). The seas were so earily calm this afternoon that I sent my kids a short video clip showing how strange it was. The sea was like a lake. I don’t believe they will announce any cancellation of the port call until a decision has been made as to an alternative port (or an additional sea day). If we have a sea day, that would make 3 in a row, so my assumption is that Celebrity has been scrambling to find an alternate port. This has to be tough because there seem to be 6 ships with a port load of almost 21,000 scheduled to be in Grand Cayman Wednesday.. From what I’ve read, the government has closed their schools for tomorrow to check for structural integrity. We’re going to make our own sea day if Celebrity sticks with the itinerary to tender us into George Town tomorrow. Hope they will refund our “Captain’s Club Exclusive” shore excursion because there’s no way our group is going into the Crystal caves tomorrow — and that was the highlight of the excursion. Will post photo, but it’s not as obviously calm as we could see from the Sky lounge at trivia At 4:41pm. I’m also attempting to attach a 3 sec video clip from our deck 11 Starboard balcony, just forward of the aft elevators. Jane PS I shot these photos and videos before we heard about the Earthquake...just because the water looks so unusually calm. 6FB2B092-B826-4A29-BFFE-E3E8FB06F6CC.MOV 452494EA-615D-4E5A-B4A9-94046961A824.MOV
  13. Maria Tudor is CC Host. Concierge is Ross from Scotland.
  14. I’m definitely not booking it. Just posted as a data point for future reference.
  15. Check out this recent thread about the Drinks & More package: Actually, this was the link that I intended to post:
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