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  1. Spent a month on her in December there was minor wear but overall she looked very good.
  2. It is the standard on elevators to indicate the floor with an exit. This might not always be the case on a ship ;) :D
  3. Very true, which is why I stated "voluntarily".
  4. Just wondering if HAL has ever needed more cabins in a sold out catagory for a large group (or other reason) and ever offered say, a substantial discount and/or large OBC or other compensation to voluntarily down grade?
  5. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to boarding the Oosterdam Friday which, (oddly enough) will actually be tomorrow ;) :D
  6. I so here you!! Outta here tomorrow for a month!! Enjoy your cruise :D
  7. Thank you for your kind words :) Mom and I fly out tomorrow from LAX. It's a bucket list thing for her (ok, me too :D ) We are so happy to have made it work.
  8. Just did a mock booking on an independant Cruise site and several sailings showed Neptune availability during that period. :confused:
  9. But they are not triples or quads (or not designated as such in the deck plan)
  10. The OP's complaint is that there are no Accessable Cabins below suite level that are set up for three people, not that there aren't any of them at all.
  11. It doesn't look like it does anything when you do it. Just press ALT+PrtScn. Then open MS Paint and select Paste it should be there. Hope that helps.
  12. If you have your HAL booking number you can just check the site, it's usual for them to e-mail you as well YMMV.
  13. It has been said that the average is about 10 days out. This time it was about 14 days out on my December 5th cruise.
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