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  1. Discrimination? You sure?


    Staterooms VA8147, VA8145, VA8134, VA8132, I-7108, I-7101, A6150, A6148, I-6131, I-6116, V5171, V5152, I-5129, I-5112, V5057, V5055, V5054, V5052, V4167, V4146, V4107, V4096, C1134, C1125, C1123, C1121 are wheelchair accessible, roll-in shower only.


    Guess it is more fun to fly off the handle and complain than it is to read/use your brain.


    But they are not triples or quads (or not designated as such in the deck plan)

  2. Well I guess I have to leave the screen shots up to others, just doesn't seem to work on my computer. I thought upgrading to 7 would help and it has but not in that area. Oh well, its just frustrating.


    Thanks Chief, Lou and Dave for another nice sailaway.


    If you put the webcam on full screen (so you only get the webcam picture, not everything on your computer screen). Then hit Alt+PrtScn to get the screen capture and paste it in a program such as Paint.


    It doesn't look like it does anything when you do it. Just press ALT+PrtScn. Then open MS Paint and select Paste it should be there. Hope that helps.

  3. Yes, that has been mentioned here but thanks for pointing it out to us.

    It's good they have single cabins but they put them in about the worst possible location where they had space they really couldn't use for much else very far forward. Won't make for a very comfortable ride.


    Yes, nice and "up close and personal" with the Chain Locker :eek:

  4. Here is a recipe for a Weng Weng. I'm not sure if HAL's Wang Wang is the same thing, but I have my doubts. It looks like you pretty much need to empty out the liquor cabinet to make a Weng Weng. LOL


    Weng Weng Recipe



    3/4 oz Vodka

    3/4 oz Tequila

    3/4 oz Brandy

    3/4 oz Bourbon Whiskey

    3/4 oz Scotch Whiskey

    3/4 oz Rum

    cubes (Fill to Top) Ice

    1 oz (Fill With) Orange Juice

    1 oz (Fill With) Pine Apple Juice

    1 dash Grenadine




    Those should read 1/4 oz for the HAL Weng Weng.


    This sounds more like a "Whack Whack" :eek: ;) :D

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