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  1. Has anyone used Discount Cruise Parking in Galveston? They are the cheapest parking place but also quite far away(4 miles). Has anyone used this place? Would you recommend them? Wanting to save a little money if possible.
  2. I'm planning on visiting Kahaluu on Sunday. But I heard that on Sunday the $5 shuttle does not run. And we will already have snorkel gear so we don't need to take the shuttle for $20 including snorkel gear. Is my only other option renting a car or taking a taxi? How much would a taxi cost one way? Thanks!
  3. I'll be cruising on the Pride of Aloha on 1/2/08. Its the 10 day cruise. Do you know what night will be Lobster night?
  4. I'm going on the 10 day cruise on 1/2. I have questions on the overnight in Honolulu on the first night. After you check in on the ship, can you step right off to tour Honolulu or do you have to stay on the ship for the rest of the night? I'm trying to figure out when I should return my rental car or if I should keep it while we checkin on the ship.
  5. jbaloo

    lahaina tender

    I'm trying to plan excursions for our cruise in January. I just found out today that Lahaina is a tender. Excuse my terms, I may not be saying it right. What exactly does that mean? How long should I plan for it to take us to the dock? And when do you need to start lining up for the cruise? The website says it will be in Lahaina from 8:00AM - 2:00PM. Thank you for your help!