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    We got back in August from our Mediterranean cruise on Princess with my husband and daughters. This is what we recommend Venice: Boutique del Gelato has 2 scoops for 1.70 e. That is one of the best prices around for the best gelato. I found out about it from the "Let's Go" books. It isn't too far from St Marks Square either. We did not find good pizza or really any good food in Venice. Check out the pasta selections in the groceries. We found a huge assortment of Barilla pasta in shapes that I have never seen before. Naples: We tried to find the pizza restaurant called Napoli-Napoli, but gave up in hunger and ate at a place called Tattoria del Cerriglio Pizzeria. We had a good pizza Margherita. We ate outside, but I think the pizza was cooked in a fire stove, cause the crust had a hint of a smokey flavor. The tomato sauce was very bright red, like a watermelon, not like our thick sauce. It was good, and there were mostly italian families there on a sunday. Also in Naples, you didn't ask, but we found a place called "Leopaldo" it is a pastry shop. We went in when we saw all the locals coming out with "presents" The desserts were beautiful, tasty and reasonable. Many varities of canollli. It is so special the way they wrap up the treats. Gold tray,plasic wrap, blue/purple wrap and a purple curling ribbon. "Leopaldo" was straight up the hill from the cruise ship. It was on the right hand side of the street. I haven't ever seen it in a guide book. It should be. Rome: Near the Pantheon we found a Gelato place that had, no kidding, over 80 flavors of gelato. It was called Gelateria Della Palma. I'm looking at the receipt but can't make out the address. They must have a web site, cause I see that they have one in Rome and NEW YORK! Hope this helps. I'm kind of partial to the Let's Go books, cause they put the recommended restaurants on maps..