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  1. :D LOL! That's exactly right! We just went on Paradise (not much on that ship in the way of entertainment for youngsters) in August in our group were 3 teenage boys, 14 and 15. Wherever there were girls, there were the boys!
  2. LOL! My husband slept on the "crawling" side as well, he must have bumped his head three times on the pull down bunk mounted on the adjacent wall! We thought the exact same thing, "I don't know what the heck the designers were thinking, with that big box and huge plastic light fixture?" Not sure if there is any purpose to the box, we never thought to try to look in it!
  3. Just off Paradise, 17 of us, here are some of the favorites: Hands down across the board for all ages: Bacon Mac and Cheese! Close runner up: Chocolate Melting cake Personal favorites: Thai Marinated chicken fingers (son loved them!) Short Ribs Pork Chop Fried Chicken from the everyday menu Onion soup Beef Barley Veal Parmigiana Pasta with seafood Bitter and Blanc Carrot Cake Cheesecake. On the buffet: Mongolian Wok, (but the lines were soooooo long) Cheeseburgers Reubens
  4. Thanks, I better just bring one just in case!
  5. I'm sure the answer is somewhere here, but I cant find it. Leaving on the Paradise tomorrow and my MIL said that when she went last time there was no hair dryer. All the other Carnival ships I've been on have had them in the room. Does anyone know if there are hairdryers in the room on the Paradise?:confused:
  6. There are 17 of us leaving on Saturday on the Paradise! Any suggestions on how to stay in touch with each other while on board (for the kids especially). We have ages ranging from 11 years old to 78 years old. As far as I know no one will be using their cell phones while on board to avoid roaming charges.
  7. I always have to turn off my pop up blocker when I view the excursions. My computer asks if I want to view all content. You could have a security setting keeping you from viewing.
  8. So true. We booked all of our tours on our own. With the internet, it is so easy to research tours. I booked all of our tours and tickets online and everything went smoothly. I also booked our own airfare, which was smart because the group that was sitting at our table had Carnival book it and there was 1 stop and half the group lost their luggage! The only thing that we did book through Carnival was the extra two days in Rome. With the transfers and the hotel prices, it was worth it. :)
  9. Thanks for the responses. We went on our first Carnival Cruise in Europe a few years back, and we thought it was great. We had always heard mixed reviews regarding Carnival, but that cruise hooked us for Carnival. RC has a limited sailing itinerary in Europe next year too, and the prices seem pretty high, we will probably just wait until 016 or even 017 unless something changes.
  10. Hi, I was just looking up European cruises for next summer and went to Carnival website. Under "where do you want to go?" there is no Europe option. Does Carnival still cruise in Europe? Am I missing something?:confused:
  11. I was impressed that Carnival had tissues available at the bathroom doors for the handles, I don't recall seeing this on other ships that I have been on. Plenty of hand sanitizer stations, DH and I were on the Pride in May and it was all good!
  12. We sailed on the Dawn to Bermuda a few years back and I agree with everything you said. The things that really annoyed me on that ship was the odd layout, the, "you cant get there from here" having to go up or down to get across and the other thing that I really didn't like was the "freestyle" dining. We found the food in the main dining rooms to be awful so we ate in the pay restaurants probably 5 out of 7 nights, of course our party of 8 couldn't always eat together because we weren't always able to make reservations for when we wanted, where we wanted and for how many, so "freestyle" is really a misnomer! I too, found the cabin cramped. NCL definitely wins on the entertainment, it was excellent. We had sailed NCL in the past before freestyle and loved it, so we were extremely disappointed when we went on the Dawn, and we were pleasantly surprised when we first booked Carnival, so Carnival is a better choice for us by far. Thanks for posting the review, very fair and balanced and glad to see that others see it the same way.
  13. Yes, it probably takes a good 8 hours, we were just on her in May. Enjoy! It's a great ship.
  14. We were on the Pride on May 18th, there was no bread basket on the table, the waitstaff came around with the bread, which was fine since it was just the two of us. Some of our favorites: Bread is always good on Carnival Caesar salad Tomato and buffalo mozzarella Corn chowder crab cake linguini with pancetta Short ribs with mashed potatoes Herb roasted chicken Grilled salmon (everyday menu)- This was excellent and I ordered it when I had enough of beef dishes! Cheescakes were very good. Prime rib was just ok first night, second night it was served it was better. Of course the lobster tails were good, small, but tasty and the shrimp that they served with it was good too. Everything in the steak house was excellent. I didn't like the stuffed mushrooms or the tomato soup.
  15. I am so sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis, I hope that all goes well and that he will be ok AND you get to go on your vacation. I don't know what Carnival will do, I have never had this situation come up with Carnival, but I did have it happen when we were booked on RCI a long time ago. We had booked and paid for a 7 night southern Caribbean cruise (this was in 1996). About a week before we were scheduled to leave my father wound up in the hospital with what we thought was congestive heart failure. When I went to see him in the hospital he seemed alright and we had planned to go, however, within a couple of days he was on a respirator (turned out to be much worse than CHF). So of course we didn't go on vacation, and of course, we hadn't purchased insurance, we were young and never thought it was necessary. We contacted the cruise line and the travel agent who booked our trip (we were supposed to be travelling with my brother in law and sister in law and they still went on the cruise), they advised us to write a letter and get a letter from my father's doctor, the travel agent also wrote a letter. The cruise line gave us a full credit for a future cruise and we were very grateful. As I said I don't know what Carnival will do for you but hopefully they will be understanding and they take these things on a case by case basis as RCI did in our case. By the way, because of the way RCI handled this, I am forever a Royal customer, I enjoy other cruise lines too, but am a RCI fan first and foremost. I hope it all works out for you and I pray for you and your family.
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