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  1. Out of cursiosity then, what would be the difference between a vaccinated asymptomatic person and an unvaccinated asymptomatic person?
  2. My opinion, if it matters... Most of this is a liability issue. No one wants to get sued. In this hyper litigious soceity, where everyone sues for everything, companies are protecting themselves.
  3. I have an FCC from a cancelled April cruise. I haven’t used it yet. I now will also have one from an august cruise that is cancelled. Can I use them both for 1 cruise?
  4. Im hoping its a reduced capacity thing across the board and not an issue with Newsome not allowing Long Beach and other LA ports to open.
  5. I don't know. Im getting a bad feeling about what is going on in Orange County and LA with Gov Newsome. I checked Princess and a few other lines as well and they have nothing in August from LA bookable. Im seeing florida ports and other ports all available, but not LA.
  6. If you haven't paid in full, they will adjust the amount owed, regardless of what you put on the form. I always just leave OBC but they simply adjust the rate. No need to call. Submitting the price form gets you a reply within 10 minutes usually. One thing, just be careful you where it says " Include fares where Carnival picks your room". They will downgrade you to a guaranteed room and lose your room and Early saver rate status
  7. You can always use this form https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx I usually get a response withing 20 minutes
  8. Im sure it was just me, but putting out a small warning. On the price drop form, there is a choice to include rates where Carnival chooses your cabin. If you miss changing that to NO, you will be downgraded. I had 2 Havana Aft Balconies reserved. The price dropped and I submitted the form. They downgraded me to Guaranteed regular balcony . I hadn't even noticed when the confirmation came out. Read it carefully!!! Took me over an hour on the phone to get it corrected. Not complaining as it was my fault, but just putting it out there. The rep said they don't usually allow downgrading c
  9. Celebrity follows suit https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising
  10. Does anyone know how the connections work in these balconies? I know they have those louvred doors that open between balconies, but can they be removed along with the extra white partition to make one larger balcony? I have 2 booked in August and I know they have the door, just wondering how open we can get the balconies. Thanks
  11. You will be surprised. I did one yesterday and again today after another drop. Got a response within 10 minutes
  12. So weird. Going to check wtih DH. I called yesterday and that is what they explained. Thanks for your experience, not to check exactly what we got back
  13. Yes. Her cruise was for April 27th. Your FCC will be what you paid as deposit. The rest paid is refundable.
  14. While I understand what you are saying, as employees, you make the choice to go. You can't hold companies responsible to pay people who are willingly taking cruises knowing the possibility.
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