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  1. I agree completely. There is nothing to lose and much to gain by employing a TA - and it doesn't have to be the same each cruise. harry
  2. It worked for us when we were there in 2015
  3. That reminded me ... another I like is to take the spaghetti dish and have them put the meatballs ( polpettine ) on top ... harry
  4. No, but you are close .. it is a black and tan Pomeranian ... our second. harry
  5. we love Canalleto ... so many great dishes .. some of our favorites are the poplettine, zuppa di pesce, and the veal ... as well as the salads ... much more fun than the scaled down menu at Pinnacle Grill - we miss the old ways there. harry
  6. It use to be an issue with luggage, but the last couple of years they have really improved the process - very easy now. There is no special processing either other than the normal security scan of any carryon stuff harry
  7. Maybe they don't appreciate the veterans quite as much as other entities such as Home Depot and Lowe's for instance. Oh well, strategic decisions are difficult. harry
  8. How about the Neptune Suites? Anyone have anything on them since drydock? harry
  9. We did the deluxe HAL excursion and it was fabulous. This one included the Hiram Bingham train to MP with a white glove lunch and return dinner. They also had a Club car and live music for us. The actual time in MP was just about the right amount. Further, we spent time in the Sacred Valley as well. Very well done and worth every dollar IMHO. harry
  10. I make a habit of getting cracked eggs scrambled to order. I started this a couple years ago when the scrambled eggs started tasting like they did in the Army. Now, I enjoy them better. harry
  11. The 2019 World Cruise had Bermuda on the itinerary ... we were excited as that is a great place to stop. Then a year later, they removed it. I suspect either $$ or politics. Anyway it was disheartening that they removed it. Obviously, they thought the Amsterdam (R-class) would fit! harry
  12. There indeed will be occasional chair scraping when cleaning deck or preparing for an event ... but if it is a problem, a complaint to concierge usually causes it to stop, except for pax doing it. Regarding the overhang, if you plan to sit out on verandah for sunning yourself - you are going to have a problem because the sun only is on part of the deck most of the time - but AK trip is not the choice time to do that. Otherwise, it is a great choice. harry
  13. Two years ago we did an AK with one of our daughters (47) and her husband (50+) and they had a great time. We (being oldies) would go to bed at 9:30 or 10 and they would dance, party and sometimes Karaoke among other things. They still talk about how much fun they had - and this was not their first cruise. I suspect you will have a great time and, speaking from the parents perspective, you will definitely please them by going .. harry
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