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  1. Another idea...ships could use this as a way to test their sanitary procedures they are going to put in place. What works and what doesn't. YO
  2. YO... Thanks for all the great responses. It was a THOUGHT, guys. Don't get too amped up over it. I just thought it would be a cool way for a cruise ship to make a little $$ and people to see some of the newer ships if they lived close to a port. Keep the numbers low. What the hell is the difference if I take a 20 min tender social distancing out to a ship for dinner vs going over to a resort or sit down restaurant?!?! We're not sailing anywhere!! As for COVID...coming from someone on the front lines in a hot zone right now....WASH YOUR HANDS, WEAR YOUR MASK, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, & SOCIAL DISTANCE!! That's what ya gotta do. Lets not turn this thread into a COVID Thread please. Anyway...just an idea for the cruise lines out there (if you're listening). Probably cost prohibitive, but...hey...something is better than nothing cash wise. They gotta be hurting!! YO
  3. YO.... Corona has dealt us a blow for cruising for 2020, missing both our Carribbean cruise AND our European cruise. But curious...why haven't the cruise lines tried to capitalize a little bit? Why not have a rotating docking schedule and open some of the restaurants. Make tours of the ships at different ports (probably limited due to COVID) and make a little $. (Something is better than nothing). Just a thought. A lot of people live near ports (Texas, NJ, FL, etc)....I know I'd drive down for a good meal and see a new ship. Just a thought. Might be too late now as we're hopefully 1-2 months away from opening it back up but.... My 2 cents. YO
  4. Cool. We arrive early morning the 2nd and playing that day as we go as we have a long travel day. Not sure how jet lagged we'll be. Plan on checking out some of the activities and festivities of the holiday and maybe try and hit Trevi, Pantheon, and Spanish Steps. I really wanted to tour the Colosseum & at least see the Sistine Chapel, but everyone tells me that is nearly impossible to do both. The 3rd is our "tour day" for Rome, so we reserved ourself to the Colosseum in the AM and then a friend recommended Rolling Rome for a Golf Cart tour...so we are going to do that in the afternoon. We figured we'd be done by then. Next day, we have the option to hit Naples early and tour down there, or spend a little extra time in Rome then make our way to Naples to catch our ship (MSC Divina). When does your ship leave? Do you guys hit Ibiza at all?? YO
  5. YO.... What's up n2chcola8!! We are actually ARRIVING this day in 2020 (unbeknownst to us after the fact).....from what I have been reading and people I know...this is big deal holiday in Italy (like July 4 in US). A lot of tour companies are closed. Supposedly, Vatican City is open, but....I would do some checking. Some of the free sites (like the Pantheon, etc are open, but...getting a tour guide MIGHT be difficult. Also told, you might want to reserve yourself to utilizing mass transit to getting around as traffic is already bad in Rome and driving around might prove even more difficult (we are taking train from the airport to the Central Terminal. Just relaying what I've researched so far. Hope this helps. YO
  6. If I remember correctly, smoking only in designated areas. I don't recall if there was smoking in the YC area or not. SORRY. As for dining service, yes. Really thought I've had better SERVICE in Chilis. We literally went thru 4-5 sets of wait staff. Emanuelle and this other one from S. Africa really gave service on the ship like we had had in past cruise experiences, not 1 waiter (not even the good ones) once took the time to go over the menu nightly nor recommend or anything. Kitchen was very slow. As for food quality/taste/presentation, IMO it was very hit or miss. Best dishes I think I had were the Rack of Lamb (hold the snarly brown gravy with cooked Cherries), the prime rib and lobster probably would have been good had I not had the snarly brown gravy, and the Tiramasu (on the menu nightly). Nothing else really stood out as WOW. Truffle Risotto did have a nice flavor. I typically LOVE Escargot, but the prep on this ship was less than to be desired. Again, I didn't dabble into taste too much as I think that's a matter of opinion. What I might not like, someone else may. From a foodie perspective, there were hardly any dishes that had a WOW factor with me. More dishes that were a disappointment (Monk fish stew, Clam and Mussels Pot, Prawns, Lemon Dome to name a few). As for entertainment, we gave it a try the first night. Coming originally from up north (broadway, etc), just wasn't anything I was interested to watch. A little better than a high school show. (Again, IMO). Never hit the chocolate bar bc we had awesome coffeses/drinks in the YC lounge. Really spent most of our time there relaxing and enjoying the quiet. My wife and I both did a massage and it was OK. Not bad/not spectacular. She did deep tissue and I did the Lymphatic one. It was fine. Thermal area was nice to have access to. YO
  7. Yes....risotto was very tasty. (Almost ordered a 2nd). It needed about 3 more minutes to cook. It was TOO Al dente (to my liking). I am familiar with how risotto should be served and it was undercooked. Pasta's (my kids had and I tasted), cooked just fine. As for the food overall, as I said in my original review...it was really hit or miss. I went in with an open mind knowing that things might be different seeing it was a European line and reading all the reviews I had prior, but there was little consistency to the service. There were very few "WOW" dishes thru the week. And the presentation, well...a picture speaks a thousand words. Now dessert....my absolute #1, recommend, had almost every night...TIRAMISU. It was one of the best I ever had. 🙂. (Mouth watering just thinking of it). lol YO
  8. She was the dining room Hostess in the Yacht Club. She was absolutely awesome!! YO
  9. Gotcha. Just bc we figured MSC Yacht Club would be the perfect Venue for Alaska. We did Celebrity Solstice in 2016 for the inside passage and loved it. I think the Yacht Club would be the perfect venue for a repeat of Alaska when we plan to do it again. YO
  10. Just to correct, we were on MSC Seaside, not Seaview. As for the food, there were many other instances of poor service in the dining room (food prep, presentation, waiter service), I just didn't want to beat a dead horse nor seem like I was being nit picky. Our veg was cooked well most of the time. I had ordered a truffle Risotto one night that was very tasty, but al dente (undercooked). I could give other instances, but I think everyone gets the point. I guess I was surprised bc my father had just recently been off the Divina and hyped up how good the Matre'd /Food/Service was in the Yacht club and it was really a big let down (especially being a foodie). I've definitely had better service/food on lines such as Carnival than what I had in the Yacht Club. I was expecting a little more out of MSC (think Celebrity, my favorite cruise line) and it wasn't even on par. As for the buffet, it was really only on 1 or 2 occasions I looked for a dinner buffet with entrees. There's 2 buffets on Seaside, Deck 16 and Deck 8. I don't recall Deck 16 being open for dinner, so when I went to Deck 8, always say Pizza, Sandwiches, fruit, dessert, salad. Never saw entrees or anything different. If someone had a different experience, please correct me. Again, didn't venture out of the Yacht club much. There was no dinner buffet in the Yacht club, only lunch (poolside, Deck 19). YO
  11. Wait...What? Armonia is going to Alaska?? When? I couldn't find it. The MSC rep onboard told me MSC wouldn't cruise to Alaska until at least 2022. Tell me something I don't know. Do you have dates? YO
  12. Yup... We stayed at the Intercontinental at Doral (about a 20-25 min drive to the port). We booked via Hotels.com and prepaid. They wrote us out a parking pass and there was no fee. Uber was about $20 and UberXL (bc there were 4 of us + luggage) was about $41 + tip. There are other hotels around that will charge a small fee, but in the end, it's kind of a wash. There is a small cuban cafe about 5 min from the Hotel called Xpress Cafe. Great for a cheap/good ole Miami Cuban Bfast. (Cafe Con Leche & Cuban toast). Hope that helps. YO
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