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  1. If you are entitled to a Future Cruise Credit it will be attached to your Seabourn club number. When you decide to re-book, you or your travel agent need to ask for the FCC to be applied to that booking. There are terms and conditions (it can't be used for a deposit, for example)
  2. Can I ask what, in general terms, you were asking for? eg credit for your cancelled cruise applied to an existing future booking? on board credit?
  3. The Seabourn website is showing an itinerary change for the Encore 17 April departure. No longer Singapore (as anticipated), now Colombo.
  4. Good suggestion, or try Air NZ. LAX Auckland Perth. Then home Melbourne or Sydney via Auckland to LAX
  5. And don't forget even closer are the magnificent Adelaide Hills wineries!!! The Lane, Shaw and Smith, Golding Wines, Longview, Nepenthe etc. So many wineries accessible from Adelaide.....................................
  6. I appreciate that the new itinerary is very different to the one you booked, but as an Aussie I must say the ports are really good and quite different to the ones you would normally have on an Australian itinerary (most ships just cruise on the east coast). I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how much you would enjoy them. Even Kangaroo Island is bouncing back from the terrible bushfires and the area where the ship tenders is nowhere near the burnt area. If your cruise finishes in Hobart, get a domestic flight to Melbourne (less than 1.5 hours), and fly to LAX from there. Hate to say it, but us Aussies do it all the time!!!!
  7. With respect to your travel agent ael123, that sounds odd to me. TA's have the ability to obtain detailed cruise prices, including the "base rate" for each departure (ie the price not including taxes and port charges). If your TA sends you a copy of the Seabourn invoice when you book, you will also be able to see the base price listed as "cruise price", with taxes etc listed separately. Perhaps if you indicated where you might want to travel and the time period, the TA could then search the various cruise options and advise which departures offer pricing within the appropriate base price.
  8. Does anyone know if the Ovation is still in Singapore? Did it depart after disembarking passengers?
  9. Most ships tender into Kangaroo Island and weather can affect that process. However subject to all being well with that, I see no reason why Seabourn wouldn't include KI in their itineraries now. The fires affected about the half the island but they are out with no current risk to visitors. There has been an active marketing programme encouraging South Australians to visit the island as so much of what makes it unique is still there. The entire eastern side is available to explore - wineries, beautiful food, wildlife, magnificent views everywhere. I believe Seal Bay is open as well.
  10. I wouldn't trust any of those One Week Sale prices. I suspect within 24 hours we will see new pricing that is higher for most if not all of them.
  11. I know Stickman it is frustrating. Seabourn says the website will be updated later today
  12. That price is a mistake unfortunately, its still AUD6499ppfor an OB according to Seabourn.
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