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  1. Hi There, Is there a floor or location that has a better view for a Fantastika balcony room? I like full sun and looking out to sea ... not overlooking a promenade.
  2. All this info is great! What is the best way to get to the airport from Hotel Olimpia? Make our way to Piazzale Roma then take a bus? How much time do you think is required? ... flying to Paris.
  3. Panamapd ... I really have to inquire as to why you couldn't wait to disembark the Opera?? Please tell ... what was so bad? How was the entertainment ... night life ?
  4. Can anyone provide me with your opinion on this Montenegro Coastal Tour Scenic Route offered by MSC? Also, if you happen to know the timing (MSC does not provide that on their web site) Thanks !
  5. Has anyone done this excursion through MSC? I'm looking for your reviews! Also timing as MSC does not list the timing on this one. Thanks !
  6. Has anyone done this tour through MSC? I am looking for your reviews. Thank you !
  7. You usually can't go wrong with an AFT facing balcony! When available that is our preferred cabin location ! Watching the wake ... seeing all of the ports that you have just sailed away from :)
  8. Thanks Epos Man - totally aware of that :) Just wondering on people's experiences first hand in the past.
  9. Hi Everyone, Our ship arrives in Bari Port at 7 am. Just wondering how 'organized' MSC is with their disembarkation processes in Italy? Would really like to catch a 8:30 am train to Venice. Train station is only a 5 minute drive from the port. Any first hand experiences here? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know how much the non-alcoholic drinks are on a European itinerary. Hubby likes the Daiquiris and the Pina Colada's (slushy drinks) without the liquor and I am trying to decide if it is worth it to buy the $29/day package for this. Thanks !
  11. Roxxy


    Thank you for your responses ! Our Cruise ship docks at 7 am and the available train times to Venice are 8:32 & 8:55 am. Ideally we would like to be on one of those. However, if there are delays getting off of the ship the next available choice is at 11:30. I was thinking if I booked first class on the 8:55 am, I would have no issues changing it to the 11:30 am scheduled train. OR .... do I just wait until we arrive (Sat Sept 14th) and see what we get?
  12. Roxxy


    To further clarify ... this would be from Bari to Venice. From what I am hearing, there is no need to purchase a first class ticket? I was informed that it is a much better and comfortable ride. This would be on a Saturday morning. No need to pre-purchase our seats then? Thank you for all of your insights ! :)
  13. Roxxy


    Help ... need some clarification from European train experts. Taken from the Rome2Rio ticket web site .... Base tickets are full-price fares and are ideal for passengers that need a little more flexibility. These tickets can be cancelled before departure with a 20% cancellation fee. The ticket can also be exchanged free of charge before departure at a Trenitalia ticket counter at any station. Up to one hour after departure, this ticket can be changed once at the departure station ticket office only. Does this mean if I miss an early train I can take the next train no problem? Thanks !
  14. Roxxy

    Disembark Bari

    Can anyone tell me what time I can expect to be off the ship? Arrival time is 7 AM - was hoping to catch a train to Venice that departs at 9:30 am. Station is approx. 15 minutes away. Thanks !
  15. Hello, We are disembarking off MSC Opera on a Saturday and are wanting to take a train to Venice, as soon as is possible. * Is there only 1 train station to consider? * What is the earliest would you say is safe to book the train for? * What mode of transport to take from the ship to the train station? Is there taxi's readily available at the pier? Thank you !
  16. Roxxy

    MSC Opera ??

    We are doing this itinerary too except getting on at the previous stop to Venice at Bari . So looking forward to it. I have sailed MSC twice in the past so know what to expect in the way of 'European' vs "American' style with them. Just wondering about their laundry service or if they have self serve on board? We are doing Paris & Rome before getting on the cruise :)
  17. Roxxy

    MSC Opera ??

    Has anyone cruised on her lately? I am not finding ANY topics or discussion about her. We are doing Eastern Mediterranean in September. Just wondering about laundry options and the condition of her.
  18. I was just matched and given a 'classic' status - what ever that means? I was Silver Elite with Marriott.
  19. We found the best place to enjoy the movies were on pool deck 11. It was still not at eye level & the seats are more comfortable than the reclining sun loungers.
  20. We just spent 8 days in cabin 8476. It was not categorized "Havanna Cabin" at the time of booking, but months later it was !! You will love the 8th floor. With that being said, there is 0 privacy on the aft balconies in the Havanna area, so if you are OK with that you will be fine.
  21. Off the wall question ... but for those of you who are far sighted ... lol Do they have the magnified mirror on the wall in the bathroom? I don't want to unnecessarily bring mine.. Thanks !
  22. Thanks Crewsweeper ! Can anyone confirm December's movies ?
  23. Any recent cruisers can tell me what movies they were showing at the Dive in Movies or at the IMAX?
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