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  1. We were set to sail on a cruise on OAS on March 29th. We had successfully won a RoyalUp bid in February and had purchased unlimited dining. We did not cancel. We waited for RCCL to cancel the cruise. Our TA has been laid off, furloughed, or something (after 10 years, he is no longer with the company). We read the options and we understood if we did not contact RCCL, we would get a refund for Royalup, refund for dining and a 125% FCC for our cruise fare and we could decide anytime between now and December 31, 2020 to convert the FCC to a refund. We decided to let the refund play itself
  2. I received the full amount of the RoyalUp refund in 2 credits to my credit card on April 20th. I received the full amount of the refund for the March 29th sailing on April 26th. I did not request a refund for the sailing, but I was going to go with the FCC.
  3. I submitted a RoyalUp bid in January for a March 29th cruise. It was accepted in February, before the severity of Covid-19 was known and my credit card was charged on February 25th. The cruise was cancelled in mid March. On March 23, we received a refund for an unlimited dining prepayment, but as of April 16, we have not received a refund of our RoyalUp payment. I understand that this refund will be automatic with no further action on my part. Does anyone have any information as to how long it takes?
  4. I saw a movie once that if you click your heals while wearing red shoes and state "there is no place like home," your wishes are granted. Dunno if it works, but it worked in the movie:)
  5. We got an Owners Suite which comes with Sky category amenities.
  6. I have a business associate that disembarked the Independence of the Seas in Ft Lauderdale today from an annual rock band charter and was going on the MSC Armonia out of Miami. As I understand, the Independence of the Seas was denied entry into Grand Cayman earlier in the week due to an unspecified medical emergency evacuation. A crew member, who was NOT speaking for the cruiseline and may not have been informed, told my business associate's wife that it was a confirmed case of CV, (or "suspected" CV- "suspected" are my words). After stating on the MSC questionnaire that he h
  7. I decided to celebrate a milestone birthday for my wife (don't ask which milestone) by taking her on a cruise on the Oasis. We enjoy travelling with friends, but also enjoy travelling with each other. (Actually, I can only speak for me. While I am an old boring accountant, after 36 years of marriage, I never tire of HER company). We told our friends about our cruise in case they were interested in cruising and celebrating her birthday with us. Since we decided somewhat last minute (last minute for a cruise) and most of our friends are working, no one had the flexibility to join us.
  8. Welcome to the world of dynamic pricing and marketing algorithms!! While the internet has been great for the consumer for comparing pricing, services and other factors, it also provide information to airlines and cruise companies on consumer interest, consumer responses to various promotions and expected consumer demand. Airlines, cruise companies and other online retailers monitor responses to each ad campaign and actively change pricing based on consumer responses and projected demand. Each time a consumer checks a price by making an online inquiry either directly with the cr
  9. We are scheduled to do BtB cruises on the Reflection in Dublin and we are trying to plan our day in Dublin. We are in the same cabin for both legs. The ship does not depart on the second cruise until 9:45pm, so we potentially could have a full day. How are BtB cruisers handled in Dublin? Are we required to disembark with everyone else or could we stay on board and then disembark later in the day as other cruisers are arriving?
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