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  1. We were onboard Oasis last week. I’m fairly certain the sign in photo area said $299 for all digital photos on a USB. We purchased it before the cruise for $249
  2. Thank you for this information. Very helpful! I believe we are in port five hours. Just doesn’t seem like much time. Our plan is El Morro and then wander around town a bit and then the other fort if time/ energy permits. Traveling with four kids ages 3, 5, 6 and 7 so will see if they can hang for fort two 😊
  3. Great live review so far! My family is hopping onto Oasis this morning so I’ll tune back in once we are home. I’m interested to read about the President’s cruise. Enjoy your cruises and thanks for taking us along!
  4. Perfect thanks so much! This at least gives us an idea of what to expect to pay. I guess we will see how we feel the day of and go from there. I saw some pictures of a walk that takes you along the coast and it looks beautiful but hot! We are excited to explore a new area. Just wish we were in port longer
  5. Phew!! I was so worried after reading her post on the roll call
  6. we are traveling on Oasis next week and it’s our first time in San Juan. Reading how beautiful the views and such are from El Morro. I read the trolley is free but sometimes a challenge to get a seat. Was thinking of checking on a taxi to El Morro (group of 10) and then walking back to the ship so we can see the city. Anyone know the cost of taxi to El Morro? I know we can also walk both ways but given heat and that 4 of 10 are kids a taxi one way might be best. I really don’t like taking taxis but it might be best idea.
  7. Wow! What a fantastic trip report. I appreciate you taking the time to write it all up. We are cruising Oasis on Sunday with our 5.5 year old. Exactly the same itinerary as you. We too haven’t cruised on Royal for years- our last was Allure in 2011. Our last cruise was Disney 5 years ago. Son was 7 months then and was with us but so tiny. Thanks for all the fantastic information and tips. Your reminder for downtime is important and something I hadn’t thought much about. We are also in a balcony port side so was a little sad to read it’s not the side they dock on at any port. We are cruising with family and have four cabins total. My son is SO excited for this trip and I just can’t wait to see what he thinks of it all. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks everyone! It’s very interesting to me how different everybody does packing. I know cruising has changed a lot over the years as far as dining room attire. It kinda makes me sad that it’s not as fancy but I guess it is what it is. Honestly wearing whatever in the dining room would be so much easier but we enjoy the aspect of getting dressed up and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. Regardless of what I decide to pack I know we are going to have a wonderful cruise! It’s been 5 long years since we last cruised and are just excited to be back on the ship and to introduce our son to this way of traveling.
  9. So smart to do skirts and interchangeable tops. We leave a week from tomorrow and I don’t have time for a new wardrobe so dresses it is. I’m going to look over everything tomorrow and see how I can reuse shirts for my husband at least.
  10. I do realize things have changed over the years. Like I say, dressing up is something we enjoy doing at dinner when cruising. I know there will be people there in all different types of attire and I’m fine with that. Call me old fashioned I guess :D My son is five years old and is very excited for dinner in the fancy restaurant
  11. ok so I’m the first to admit I over pack for every trip I take :D Trying to get our clothes together for the main dining room and I’m really struggling. We very much enjoy dressing up each night and plan to do so this cruise as well. Of course this cruise we’ve added a child into the mix. Curious for those that dress up nightly do you take one outfit per dinner or do you rewear an outfit or two? We have always done one per night and I have rear but gosh that’s a lot of clothes for three people/ seven nights. We drive to port so airline fees aren’t a problem/ consideration
  12. So I can bring 12 bottles of water as long as they are no larger than 17 oz each? And it has to be carried on right?
  13. What waterproof cases do you use? I’ve looked at a few but they make me nervous as I don’t want my iPhone ruined :loudcry:
  14. I’ve really been enjoying your live review! Thanks so much for letting us all tag along. We are on Oasis in 3 weeks I admit though the picture of the room with the sofa bed is quite eye opening and makes me a little nervous as we are traveling in a balcony room with our five year old. Yikes it’s going to be tight in there But hey we haven’t cruised for 5 long years so I certainly won’t be complaining! We can’t wait to introduce our son to cruising as it’s something both my husband and I love (although technically son cruised before but was 7 months old). Enjoy your final day and will look forward to the next live review in October from you.
  15. I have looked at this also and it looks good in theory but not many reviews which makes me hesitant https://www.amazon.com/BeachLocks-Lounger-Security-Combination-Secures/dp/B072MVZ437
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