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  1. My mom is on this cruise with some friends. I’m excited to follow along on your cruise to Alaska!
  2. Great! Can see the ship nicely from that view. Appreciate it
  3. Thanks! Seems that might be my best bet. I’m so used to Port Canaveral as that’s where we typically go out of. Great webcam there to watch the ships. The space needle might just have to do. I appreciate the response
  4. Is there a webcam for Seattle that we can watch the ships go out? My mom is heading to Alaska today with Holland America. I’d love to watch the ship leave if possible. I’m not familiar with this port. Thanks so much
  5. I booked a cruise for December 2020 in February. I knew I had a non refundable deposit but was under the impression I could still cancel but loose $100 pp so basically cancel and get $450 of my $750 deposit back. I called today to cancel and they say $750 in future cruise credit or lift and shift. Is that accurate? I’m so confused and now I need to make a decision as final is due on Monday 😩
  6. I’m looking into cruise insurance and need some advice. I called and got quotes today from a website recommended here. One quote lists medical coverage as being secondary and so we’d file with our insurance first and then the cruise insurance (medical covered up to 75,000). The second quote would have the cruise insurance as our primary insurance and we don’t use our regular medical coverage from what I understand. On that plan medical expenses are capped at $35,000. Am I correct to assume that it’s best to go with the coverage where we’d use our regular insurance and then have cruise insurance be secondary? Very overwhelmed with all of this! Thank you for any insight.
  7. Makes sense. We would know well before then. Would my price then be adjusted to reflect that we only have 3? Kids sail free but we still pay taxes and fees on him.
  8. Ok thanks. That was my thinking too. If #4 doesn’t work out what happens if I cancel him?
  9. We are looking at a cruise for December and almost ready to book. My brother and family are considering going but they aren’t sure yet. We would book one of their kids in our room if they go. Can I book the 3 of us now and then add a child later? Or is it best to just book a 4th person and sort it out later? What sort of penalty do I get if I drop person #4? We just are unsure as how is best to go about this. They have the kids sale free promo right now and our sailing qualifies. Thanks so much!
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