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  1. Thanks for the great review. Glad you made it back safely in time for the Bears-Packers game! Have fun at parents' weekend, tell lots of stories, and GO BEARS!!! Virginia
  2. I think its one of those "mom" things. My kids are in their 20's & live out of state but I still carry granola bars in my purse. You just never know...
  3. Seems to me that these new cups are the perfect solution to the paper straw issue.
  4. Sue - as the great man would say breathe in. breathe out. move on. and tell us about the stowaways!
  5. I am so enjoying this review. My daughter's boyfriend/roommate/fiance/co-houseowner has traveled with us on our last 2 cruises. The first was his first & I think we got him hooked. I have already let him know that his dowry will be instant D+ status! Keep it coming. We're on the Allure in 26 days! Thank you!
  6. Sounds like a slam dunk to me, we are not really a saucey family. Maybe we'll try Ck on another night. I have no issues with dining in the MDR - any meal I don't have to cook and clean up after is AOK with me😊
  7. Trying to decide if we should go to CK on lobster night instead of MDR. I’ve read that lobster in CK is bigger & better than MDR, but the menu for MDR shows some of our favorite appetizers (Visalia onion tart, caprese salad). Can we ask for these in CK even tho they are not on the menu? Is the lobster really any different? Honest opinions please. We tried CK on the Oasis a few years ago & found the service & food to be meh.
  8. Looking forward to more of the story. Taking my twenty-something children on the Allure in August. Would so jump to a Star Class suite - I, too, did the math and hope to get the bid up offer. Keep it coming...
  9. We're on this same itinerary in August. What were the formal nights? 2 and 5? Thanks!
  10. I thought they didn't start sending the Royal Up offers until 30 days before the cruise. We are sailing in August should we start watching for an email?
  11. Is there really such a thing as "Exclusive access to Diamond Plus & Pinnacle Club call center staff members" and if so, what is the phone number for this call center? Thank you!
  12. This surprises me. My daughter is D+ and has been living with her fiance for 2 years (both names on the lease). We tried twice to get him D+ status on cruises we took together. Both times we were told by C&A that living together doesn't work, they have to be married for him to inherit her status. He now feels like a "serf" but he does have that dowry coming next year when they get married.
  13. Thanks! My collection has migrated around the house and I 'm running out of room! Fun fact - the Empress has the ship name on the opposite side as all the others.
  14. Save some for us. We'll be boarding on Monday!!!! Big favor - when you do past the Logo store can you let me know if they have new ship models with the slides & such. I already have the old Mariner & need to know if I should save room in my luggage for the new one. Thank you!
  15. I found them on the App. I'm not sure that they are right and night 4 wasn't there but it was enough to help me decide to go Chops.
  16. Also had one of the cancelled cruises in May 2016. They did give us about a 4 week notice and we were able to rebook on Enchantment. I think we also received some onboard credit.
  17. I am looking for the 4-night menus, or at least the themes each night, to decide which night to skip MDR and go to Chops. Also, do they still have separate seating at the Windjammer for D+ during breakfast? Thanks!
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