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  1. Awesome travel blog! Thanks for taking the time to post here!
  2. Host Dan

    The Crystal Insider

    Hi all, Please post anything that has to do with Crystal river cruises on the River Cruise forum. Thank you
  3. Host Dan

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    Just off the Sojourn a few days ago. I found my meal at TK Grill to be the best meal of the cruise. (had the Dover Sole) Sadly, I found the food in the other venues to be either over/under cooked, and way too salty. I'm not a picky eater, but was unimpressed with the food this cruise. I became a Diamond member this cruise (250 plus days) so the difference was noticeable. The service, however, was as good as ever!
  4. Host Dan

    Awkward travel agent question

    I think its naïve to think that a TA simply takes a reservation, works maybe 30 minutes and makes easy money. They may work very hard to get the best price, accommodation, transportation, etc. to simply have the client jump ship and book with an on-line agency that doesn't provide service, or not book at all. I am a Realtor by trade, and I can't tell you how many countless hours I have worked with clients that end up with exactly zero in my pocket. (or money out of pocket, and yes, I will rebate my commission on very high end properties)
  5. Host Dan

    Awkward travel agent question

    My thought is if a rebate is that important to you, do not book with a "friend" that can't offer one. This would put a "price" on the friendship, and a small one at that!
  6. Host Dan

    Bruges or Ghent?

  7. Host Dan

    Oceanview automatic upgrade?

    More than not they will offer an upsell to a verandah suite, if available.
  8. Most cancellations are prior to the final payment due date.
  9. Hmmm.... It would appear that your TA is working with what is available. I'm sure you will get what you want as final payments become due. (Cancellations)
  10. Host Dan

    Soujourn Deck Repairs - Update

    Great news! Thank you!
  11. Host Dan

    Soujourn Deck Repairs - Update

    Hopefully the repairs will be done before the October 5th cruise. I have friends on deck 7!
  12. Host Dan

    Soujourn Deck Repairs - Update

    Could it be the OP is in a deck 7 suite?
  13. Host Dan

    Why the Silence?

    A former Seabourn executive used to post here on the forums (Bgood), but was told that he no longer had the privilege to do so. I guess "never put anything in writing!"
  14. Host Dan

    Seabourn Sojourn, Pacific Coast 07OCT2018

    I'll be onboard!