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  1. Thanks for the input. We were able to confirm it is the Natural History Tour. Princess says it goes 30 miles into the park. The Denali website says it goes 27 miles into the park. Definitely an improvement from the 15 miles and later 17 miles the tour included in past years. Still not far enough into the park for me though.
  2. I am trying to help someone who asked me for input on a Princess Cruise Tour. I am very familiar with the Natural History Tour", "Tundra Wilderness Tour", etc. and the difference between the tours and shuttles. I have never before heard of the following, and I quote: "This morning, take an educational tour into Denali National Park. " Does anyone have any experience with this tour or know anything about it? Since some of Princess' offerings state the "Natural History Tour" I am guessing this is something different. Any ideas/thoughts/knowledge? Thanks so much!!!
  3. Another article. Still wondering what to believe. https://extra.ie/2018/04/25/news/real-life/husband-missing-woman-cruise
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