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  1. When we took the vaporetto from San Basilio to the train station - we drug our suitcases on and just kept them with us and stood outside. You paid on board - a guy came around to collect money. However, when we did it from the airport to the hotel, we did purchase the ticket at the ticket booth. I bet your hotel can tell you exactly what to do. You may have to change boats to get to San Basilio. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. LTCOP

    The gorgeous beaches of the BVI - Updated!

    Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. LTCOP

    Flying Clipper

    Thanks for posting that! Can't wait to see her all finished and ready to sail! Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. LTCOP

    Video of Curacao by KLM

    Thanks for posting the video! It is great! Pam
  5. LTCOP

    In port till 10pm.

    Is the Wine Cellar within walking distance of the port in Curaçao? Or do you have to take a taxi? Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. LTCOP

    Booking on board

    Yes they do offer 5% off if you book within 60 days! At least as of last summer, they were doing that. Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. LTCOP

    Star Legend in Culebra

    We were in Culebra last February. You will tender in. The town is very small. But there is a fun place to eat - the Dingy Dock. Good drinks, fish, and sandwiches. You can have a table right along the dock and watch the boats go in and out, as well as see the fresh fish get brought in. The taxi vans are very cheap and efficiently get you out to Flamenco Beach and back. The beach is gorgeous. We loved our relaxing day there! Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. LTCOP

    B2B. Questions?

    Yes, when we have bought the laundry package, we had to buy one each cruise also. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. LTCOP

    B2B. Questions?

    Yes, we got all those nice discounts also! It certainly does add up! As far as the shipboard account - they do charge your card at the end of each cruise. We have done B2bs several times - and you get your bill on the last day of each cruise like everyone else:-). This year we just stayed on the ship in Stockholm on the turn-around day (other times we have gotten off), but it was actually wonderful staying on board. There were 10 of us hanging around and it was like we had our own private ship for a few hours:-). It is kind of an adjustment when the new group of people come on board. Each group seems to have their own personality and you have to get used to new people boarding "your ship":-). You do not have to check in again - your card from the first cruise will still work to get you back on board if you head out for the day. But you have to go to the main desk some time that day and they will give you a new card. It is all very simple! Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. LTCOP

    B2B. Questions?

    They did repeat the menus on the B2B we did with you (Redtravel) this summer. We stayed on for the Baltic. The menus are repeated, but there were so many choices, it was not a problem for us. And the Chef always had a nightly special which often was different from the first cruise. Based on our experiences on the Breeze and Legend, there are no "bad cabins" on those ships. The rooms are fantastic - we always have booked the lowest category. So much room!!! Love the walk-closets and large bathrooms! Pam Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. LTCOP

    Advice on hotels in Old San Juan

    We stayed at La Terraza de San Juan before our Star Legend cruise in February. It is lovely and the rooftop bar and pool are wonderful. Very helpful staff and lovely building with lots of history.
  12. LTCOP

    Canal crossing a total loss

    We did the Colon to Puerto Caldera trip on the Windstar 3 years ago and the Panama Canal passage started early morning. It was a fantastic experience. I wonder why they would schedule this for at night as it certainly is the highlight for this itinerary and it would not be the same at all to do it at night.
  13. LTCOP

    Star Breeze Internet Question

    We just returned from the Star Breeze and the $60 price gets you 200 megabytes. Pam
  14. Thanks for the very thorough review! Sounds like a great week!!! We board next Saturday.. We did get notice of the port change from Marigot to Philipsburg a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if it will be that way the rest of the season? Pam
  15. LTCOP

    Just back from the Legend

    Sb44 - I will give Sun your regards! This will be our first visit to the island. It would be especially meaningful to have seen it before the volcano. It sounds like we will be learning a lot. So glad we booked him! Pam