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  1. Strenz - We are scheduled for March out of Barbados. Sure hope conditions are such that the cruise can happen. I think it is great that Windstar is even offering anything during this uncertain time. I appreciate their effort during a time when I am sure they are challenged financially. Definitely encourages me to want to cruise with them again - something we were doing repeatedly without these perks anyway:-) Glad they are still in business!
  2. I did get my letter yesterday too! I think the perks are really good and that the perks build nicely on each other as you move through the tiers. Good job Windstar!
  3. Just saw your post on the French Polynesian board:-) Thanks for the info. Pam
  4. I see that too. Now they don't show any cruises until October, 2020. Interesting..... Pam
  5. Wow! That is an amazing fare! Congratulations! Pam
  6. Yeh, they were scheduled for some really special cruises the first half of 2020. I could see the handwriting on the wall early on when Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, etc. started cutting off ships. All of sudden, none of our ports were open to ships, so I knew it had to be cancelled. At least I had the year to have fun with the planning and looking forward to it. Lost our Caribbean spring break cruise too this year - about 10.5 hours before our flight out! That cruise was in the first batch of cancellations in March. Of course, these were the safe and necessary things to have happen. However, we just re-booked for the Caribbean in March and Greece and Italy in June with the great sales Windstar has going! Hoping it will be possible for all of us on here to be able to do our cruises next year! Enjoying your planning posts for FP! Planning is a big part of the fun;-) Pam
  7. Windstar was doing a cruise that had a stop in the Cook Islands for June this year. We were booked, but it was cancelled. It was such a unique itinerary. Unfortunately, they don't have any of those scheduled again, at least through 2022.
  8. We are supposed to be on the Wind Spirit on June 8. No cancellation from Windstar yet, but I don't see how it can be a go. The area we will be in also suffered a category 5 storm last week (Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, etc.). So sad to see more devastation in the midst of everything else. I did not know the BVIs would be closed for so long! I wonder if all the other islands will shut down that long also. Pam
  9. Thanks for the update. I appreciate the info. We all need something to dream of for the future! Pam
  10. I was wondering about the crew. Good that they will get to go home and be with family. And I wondered where the ship would go too. Thanks for the update. Pam
  11. We were supposed to board the Windsurf this morning. Feeling a little sad seeing her in port knowing we should be there.... Also wishing the best for the crew and staff and everyone as we make our way through all of this. Pam
  12. JKA, I just used the Contact link at the top of the ATN homepage and filled out that form. TahitianBigKahuna is right - you AA record locator will not work on ATN. When I emailed, ATN gave me their record locator which will allow you to log in to your reservation with them. You can choose your seats with that, but actually the person who emailed me back assigned us our seats. Good luck! Pam
  13. We also have flights booked through AA, with a flight on Air Tahiti Nui, but had no trouble getting seats assigned. I emailed Air Tahiti Nui and they responded very quickly and assigned our seats with no issues. They were very friendly and helpful. We even had to reassign seats when they changed out an airplane and they responded again quickly to my email and assigned us seats again. Sorry you are having trouble getting your seats. Hope you can get it worked out. Pam
  14. Over our years sailing with Windstar, we have done a mix of both ship excursions and private tours. I find Windstar tours to be excellent and they make a point of keeping the groups small. Regarding the pricing, I was comparing private tours vs. ship tours for an upcoming cruise and found the ship price, for that particular tour to be exactly the same as what the tour company website was offering. I found that interesting! Also, the number of options offered for different ports does vary. Some ports just do not have as many excursions that meet Windstar's standards. Enjoy your cruise! Pam
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