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  1. When we took the vaporetto from San Basilio to the train station - we drug our suitcases on and just kept them with us and stood outside. You paid on board - a guy came around to collect money. However, when we did it from the airport to the hotel, we did purchase the ticket at the ticket booth. I bet your hotel can tell you exactly what to do. You may have to change boats to get to San Basilio. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Has anyone used a taxi to get from the Panama City airport to the city center or to go from the city center to the port in Colon? And if so, do you know how much each of these trips might cost? We are starting a cruise in Colon and I'm trying to decide if I should book the cruise transfer or just take a taxi. Any recommendations for private transfers? Thanks for your help! Pam
  3. We will disembarking a Windstar Panama Canal cruise in Feb., in Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. Does anyone have experience with this port in regards to transportation? I am trying to decide whether to purchase the cruise transfer to San Jose or if taxis would be a less expensive option? As I understand it, it is a long drive to San Jose. Pam
  4. I was just wondering if anyone here has stayed at the Windstar hotel (Ramada Herradura) in Costa Rica and what your impressions were. I was also wondering if you used the hotel shuttle to the airport of if you used the Windstar transfer or if you used a taxi to get from the port to the hotel. It appears to be quite a distance and I was curious if taxis were reliable and what the cost might be. I will post on the ports board too, but since this hotel is specific for Windstar, I thought I might have more luck here:-) Thanks, Pam
  5. LTCOP

    First-timer questions

    We will be new Star Clipper people this summer and can't wait to go, but have some questions: 1. Are there any computers on board for guest use? 2. Do you get estimated port times before you sail? Is is possible to arrange for private shore tours at ports, or is it better to just do ship tours due to not having a schedule? 3. Are you allowed to bring local wine on board to drink in your cabin or take to dinner with a corkage fee? We will be doing the Greek Islands in July:-) Thanks for any help! Pam
  6. We are booked for both of these cruises and am hoping there are other CCers going along:-) This will be our first Star Clipper cruise, but we have been on many Princess and HAL cruises. We are really excited to try this experience and can't wait to go!!! By the way - does anyone know if Star Clippers allows you to bring wine on board that you buy in port? Pam
  7. LTCOP

    Star Clipper website

    I have been trying to look at the cruise schedules for summer 2011, but find I can't see many of the itineraries. I have been trying for several weeks, but some itineraries just won't display. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem too?