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  1. Very good news! Hoping this is soon extended to Caribbean itineraries too!
  2. If you click on Life on Windstar and then on Services and Enrichment - then click on the Download Form tab under the All-In package that will take you to the Gift Form. It is not the most intuitive way to find it - but it works:-) Pam
  3. Thanks RemPuck. Good to know you are reading it the same way as I was! I would certainly take advantage of the least expensive option. I keep hoping that the rules will change for vaccinated travelers soon. We just booked the Star Breeze for July 31! It is going to be interesting to see how this whole process will work. Pam
  4. I see that either he PCR or the antigen test is ok to re-enter the U.S. Is there any reason to purchase the more expensive PCR test, as opposed to the less expensive antigen test? Pam
  5. We could get free PCR testing here at our drug stores, but results take 3-5 days. That is just too nerve-wracking as I really did not want to deal with testing and quarantine when arriving if our tests do not give us results in the necessary time frame. So we will pay a lot to get tested at a nearby university where you can get results in 12-24 hours. But this makes the tests very pricey. Wow - 15 hours and having to connect to Newark! That is terrible. We live in Iowa and have also lost a lot of good connections, especially with AA. However, we can fly with with Delta to A
  6. Thanks for this info and link! I have to admit I am intimidated about all these requirements and hoping not to mess it up. I really appreciate reading your account of what it is like. I will make sure to print out whatever I can! I may have more questions when our trip gets closer:-) Pam
  7. Thanks for writing about your experiences! I noticed you said you need a CDC form when returning. Where do you get that form? Do you get that with your test results? We are hoping to be going to Aruba in June! Pam
  8. I had not seen this. Keep hoping each round is the last of the cancellations..... Pam
  9. Petoonya - I so agree with you. While I hated to lose our 4 Windstar cruises during this time, the experience of having them booked and to plan for gave us something positive to hope for. We recently lost our June cruise, but just booked for the Caribbean in March and Europe next summer! Cannot wait to board a ship again and get back on the ocean! Reading this board and knowing there are others who feel strongly about cruising (especially on Windstar) has been something I always look forward to! Pam
  10. We lost our June Athens-Rome cruise with these cancellations. I knew it was likely to happen, but still always a bummer when it actually happens. This is our 4th cruise cancelled. Hopeful for 2022. i so miss being on Windstar, on a ship, anywhere! Pam
  11. Thanks for posting this! Great to see the ship and staff!! Can't wait to get back to sailing and exploring the world with Windstar!
  12. I also miss being able to search by ship on the updated website - and agree that you really have to look to figure out which ship a cruise is on. I really would like to see that feature return! I have not received any weekly emails from Windstar either for a long time, but assumed that is due to the pandemic. I assume once Windstar is able to sail again, e-mails and sales will resume too.
  13. We are booked for March out of Barbados, so it is good to read that Windstar is possibly ramping up for cruises to start! Appreciate that info! I think it will be extremely emotional if and when we actually get to board!
  14. Strenz - We are scheduled for March out of Barbados. Sure hope conditions are such that the cruise can happen. I think it is great that Windstar is even offering anything during this uncertain time. I appreciate their effort during a time when I am sure they are challenged financially. Definitely encourages me to want to cruise with them again - something we were doing repeatedly without these perks anyway:-) Glad they are still in business!
  15. I did get my letter yesterday too! I think the perks are really good and that the perks build nicely on each other as you move through the tiers. Good job Windstar!
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