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  1. I think I've gotten a senior discount on all my cruises. Trick is to check daily, go thru the on line booking and check the senior and state block as if it was anew booking. I've gotten both on some cruises. They come at different times, my current Panama cruise in December started the senior discount a couple of months ago and it is still on. They do not do it for all cabins so some may have the discount and others not. I got 2 senior discounts on a Barcelona cruise as well as a state and the current Panama is $400 for 2. It takes less than a minute to check daily, I bookmark Celebrities starting page and go from there. If it shows up call Celebrity or your travel agent. Agents sometimes want to upgrade so their commission doesn't change and thats ok too. I don't understand why more people don't do this but most don't know about Cruise Critic I suppose. Happy Cruising
  2. Billiam

    Time it takes to disembark Barcelona

    I think the biggest problem is port traffic. How many ships are there? We had at least 3. It can get very busy, it took about 30 minutes to get on the bus despite priority boarding. We then had our baggage mixed with another ship at the airport and it took a while to sort thru it. It was also very crowded. It took us well over 2 hours after getting to the airport and just as another poster said 'the plane was boarding'. Fifteen more minutes and we would have missed the flight. We started with almost 4 hours to fly and just made it. Good luck to you-------------
  3. Billiam

    Can you hire a Tux

    If you do rent try the suit on as soon as possible. I've rented several times and twice the pants were perfect if I had been 6-4 instead of 5-8. The staff will replace/make adjustments but it took a day so if you wait until the last minute you will have a problem if it doesn't fit. I generally got the basic package and it was around $100. Happy Cruising
  4. Billiam

    buying wine

    We bought from the port store which was just steps from the ship check in point. In fact we had to walk thru it to get to the ship. Good selection at various prices and should be cheaper than downtown as I think it's duty free. ------------ Happy cruising
  5. Billiam

    Need help with currency on Panama cruise

    Sounds like the verdict is in--Dollars it is. thanks for your help and happy cruising----------
  6. We are going to Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico and since most have their own currencies do we need get some of all or do any, or hopefully most, take dollars? I know we can do exchanges onboard but they usually get you on the exchange rate, do you get them at your bank, AAA or places like that? Thanks for your help and any suggestions or comments will be appreciated-----------Happy Cruising
  7. Billiam

    Med cruise in October? what's weather like?

    My experience was temps of 70's to mid 80's and rain one night. Seas were calm. It's a crapshoot however as crew members told me it rained all but one day the previous week. I wouldn't base decisions on weather other than Sept-Oct and May-June probably will be the best. It can rain 4 or 5 days in a week most anywhere but the odds of it happening are not very high, unless you're in the Northwest--------------Happy Cruising
  8. Billiam

    Re: Limoncello on Equinox?

    I will bet that since UNC lost today that bottle is empty or very badly dented. GTH C GTH Don't worry I'll get you another if you need one------------Happy cruising
  9. Billiam

    cell phones

    Google Verizon Global--------------Happy Cruising
  10. Billiam

    Give me your gripes about the CC website!

    My computer kept freezing up with a note that script was running, never received this note from another site before. It has been like that for a week including this morning but a few minutes ago it was working as it should. I thank you for getting it corrected and I will hold you responsible for maintaining the fix :) Thanks for your help and happy cruising
  11. Billiam

    What is wrong with X website?

    I'm in the same boat, no communications. I use Roadrunner and have not been able to get through the bookings for several days. I have an active booking that I can't check and that is not acceptable. This is the first problem I've had and wondered what all the complaing was about, now I know. Happy cruising even if you have to leave Celebrity-----------
  12. Billiam

    Favorite Cruise Music

    Woo-wee woo-wee baby, wont you let me take you on a sea cruise-----Several artists including John Fogerty, Glen Frye and Frankie Ford who I think may have been the first-------------Now I've dated myself:(
  13. Billiam

    Check for discounts

    Great example of striking while the iron is hot------------Discount there yesterday and gone today. Hope a some of you got in before it was pulled. Happy cruising
  14. Billiam

    Check for discounts

    Doesn't me take 5 minutes, I can do it in about 30 seconds, I've got the page on favorites and go directly to it. Still very easy either way and saves money------------Happy cruising
  15. Billiam

    Check for discounts

    Go to the Celebrity web site and do as if you are booking the cruise. When you get to the information booking page check appropriate boxes, ie senior, state, etc. ( I save this page to favorites and have a quick beginning for checking) Go to the next page and the discount will show at your cabin level. Please note all levels are not discounted and different discounts apply at different times hence the importance of checking often These come and go quickly. If you have a travel agent you need to advise them, if they wait until final payment the discounts are usually gone. I've had as many as 3 discounts before but it comes from checking daily usually and acting immediately. Happy cruising