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  1. Agreed. The hand washing machines are excellent, but rarely used. Still, good they are available as a choice. The "old fashioned" sanitizer bottles had a better chance of being used. At least they should still be available for those who wish to use them!
  2. Yes, but sadly they are rarely used. Not Holland America's fault. They provide the opportunity. I feel the same about the hand sanitizers. Not everyone used them, of course. But, they gave you the opportunity. Now, that opportunity has been taken away. Please tell me it's not to save money!
  3. Yes, washing hands is the best. How wonderful it would be if everyone did! But, after doing so, how many elevator buttons, hand rails on stairs, etc. do those hands touch. No harm in a bit of sanitizer as you enter the restaurant.
  4. We are currently on the Koningsdam, on the second of two back-to-back 12-day cruises. On the previous cruise, hand sanitizers were in the usual locations entering the main dining room, lido restaurant, etc.....exactly as they had always been on many previous cruises on Holland America and other lines. Now, they have disappeared. We questioned this, and were told "corporate" made the decision that they are not necessary. I know they are not 100% effective and are not a substitute for hand washing, but they are certainly a helpful addition. We are now told they would be made available if there was an illness outbreak, but not in general. This makes sense?? Have they disappeared from all Holland America ships? Any recent experience on ships from other lines? Thanks!
  5. Is the at trick to this? When I go to the shore excursion page for our upcoming cruise, I see the link that says I can download a summary brochure. But, when I click it, a little wheel starts turning....and apparently would keep turning forever. But nothing else happens? Anyone have a trick to accomplish this download? Thanks!
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