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  1. I love Celebrity but I also enjoy NCL. Based on your age range I would think you would have a great time on NCL, in particular their newer ships. They tend to skew younger and more active although not as active perhaps as RCI. They generally know how to do the Freestyle concept, which most other lines have decided to copy but do not do as well. The Entertainment is good to great. Its a good product overall. Don't worry too much about the NCL haters.
  2. We stayed in a spa suite on the Breakaway recently and we did not feel separated at all. It is only one flight of stairs to the Haven area and once you walk in the door you are the same as everyone else. I am not sure what the difference is other than the one flight of stairs. Having said that, if you do not plan on using the spa I do not see any real benefit to the spa suite, assuming everything else is more or less equal. I doubt you will use the tub in the room.
  3. If it helps your stress levels at all you should know that you do not need the cruise docs to board. As long as you are paid in full just show up with ID. Will delay you about 30 seconds at the check in counter. Relax. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  4. I was on the same cruise as you and was also in Haven. I disagree with a few things which I think shows how subjective some things can be. I had no issues with the seats in the theater in terms of comfort but you are right that the reserved location is nothing special. I disagree that the Haven restaurant food was always good. We found it very hit and miss. And I guess I am in the minority on this but I did not think Rock of Ages was that bad for kids although obviously not aimed at children and generally not appropriate but still not as bad as everyone seems to think. The "simulated oral sex" with the popsicle would be the same as saying every single time anyone eats a popsicle they are simulating oral sex. I think the bigger problem with the show was that the female lead couldn't sing. Beautiful ship and great cruise.
  5. I can confirm for you first hand that the Haven Restaurant had lobster available for Haven guests that night. No need to go to buffet. As many as you want either on their own as an entree or brought on the side of any other entree.
  6. The texas hold'em table had a live dealer which I have not seen in awhile.
  7. I was on the Nov. 9th Epic cruise. Although the buffet has stations, there is no doubt that during busy times if you are not aggressive you may end up standing in more than one relatively short line or another. But they would be fairly short. The "stations" definitely work better for more aggressive people, which may explain why some people end up acting that way. Definitely no cutlery by the plates. And yes cutlery shortages on tables happened frequently but the staff were quick to respond if you asked. And as for the poster who mentioned the number of kids on this cruise, you must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. There were very few children on this cruise relative to capacity. Pools were fairly quiet. Lines for slides were modest or non-existent. November before Thanksgiving is always the best time to cruise if you want a less busy ship. Great cruise on the Epic. Perfect? No, but what is?
  8. I personally like NCL and I find most mainstream cruise lines to be far more similar than different. Having said that, NCL is more casual and maybe a bit younger in demographic than Princess and Celebrity. So much depends on time of year, itinerary and ship though. The Sun is not one of the newer ships and would be smaller.
  9. Maybe if you had a more well-rounded education (not just in a classroom) you would be less ignorant and rude.
  10. Unless things have changed, these four unique menu items are available in any of the four dining rooms. You just have to ask.
  11. We pre-booked and also ate the first night so we got the savings plus the bottle of wine. That was on POA. Not sure if it was worth it because the Specialty Restaurants were a bit disappointing and the Main Dining room food was quite good. We assumed it would be worth it because on our last Star cruise the Main Dining room was disappointing and the Specialties were great. I can see now why there is often a disagreement about the quality of food in different locations and on different sailings and ships. It was available on the NCL site with the Excursions, I believe.
  12. Ok we just got off the ship this past week. I would rent a car almost everywhere. I do not think ship excursions are at all necessary on this cruise (or any cruise really). In Maui we drove first to Iao Valley state park. This is a lovely and gentle hiking area and a very short drive. Then we drove across to Lahaina, found a beach, and eventually ended up at the Old Lahaina Luau, which I highly recommend. Second day Maui we drove the Hana highway. Get an early start. Don't be scared. Wonderful. Hilo: We drove to Volcanoes National Park. Excellent. I believe there was a good zipline option near Hilo as well but I cannot remember the name of it. Kona: I don't know what to tell you here. Least interesting port in my opinion but I am sure I missed something. Nice little town with a good market near the tender drop-off. Maybe you don't need a car for this one? Kaua'i: The nicest island in my opinion. We started day one with a helicopter ride with Blue Hawaiian. Possibly the best experience of my life. I am confident this is the best island to do a helicopter tour with the Canyon and the Na'Pali coast. Book them in advance online for a nice discount. We spent the rest of Kaua'i day one and also day two driving around to different beaches and we also drove up to see the Canyon (but just made it to the first viewing area). I can recommend Anini beach, Hanalei beach (with the pier), and Poipu beach park. I hope that is helpful. We were very happy with our choices and had a great time. It didn't hurt that the weather was basically perfect every day.
  13. If this is a joke I don't get it. It is so nice to see the very positive comments on this board. On some other boards I have seen similar threads with lots of discouraging comments regarding children. We have taken babies on board two or three times with no problems. Try to find a stroller that reclines but is not too wide. Other than that use common sense and have a great time.
  14. The entertainment is better. Much better, for the most part. That includes the deck parties and the fireworks, which are outstanding. The food is good but not better than Celebrity. The ships are very nice but most new cruise ships are very nice. I think you would need to get a good price or a promotion such as kids sail free. Otherwise, I just can't see how its worth the premium fee, even with the Mouse. There is definitely something magical about the experience but the non-discounted rates can be shockingly high.
  15. Lake Louise is in Alberta. It would take approximately 10-12 hours to drive from Lake Louise to Vancouver, not including any time for stops. Probably slower on a bus.
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