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  1. I like it too... looking forward to getting one in Jan and attaching it to my luggage bag 🙂
  2. How long is a US Passport good for... My CDN Passport cost me $160.00 CDN and its good for 10 years.
  3. That answers some of my questions... thank you! I will call Carnival and find out about the valid drivers license
  4. I’m looking at booking an ATV Excursion is Amber Cove. Iguana Mama is $125.00 and through Carnival its $89.99. The difference in the two that I can see is that Iguana Mama is 5 hours and comes with lunch where Carnival is 4 hours and does not come with lunch. I’m trying to figure out why I would spend an additional $35.00 to go with Iguana Mama… is it really worth the extra money for an additional hour and lunch? Also I noticed Carnival says you must be (16+ and hold a valid Driver's License) where Iguana Mama only says (16+)... the reason I mention this is because we will have two 20 year olds in our group and they don't have a valid Driver's License so I wonder if Carnival actually checks and if this will cause us a problem? I would love to hear what people who have been to Amber Cove and done an ATV Excursion think about my two concerns.... I also noticed that Marysol offers an ATV Excursion for $80.00 for 3 hours and no lunch and only 20 min at the beach… I don’t think my group will be interested in this one since such a short stop at the beach.
  5. Donuts... Mmmm... do they have them on the Breeze?
  6. I actually think that is a lot more money... so 160 US is about 216 CDN... so for this Canadian that would mean an extra $432 CDN for two people... I'm sticking with Carnival lol
  7. You are always to be back on board 1/2 HOUR before your departure time... so since your departure time is 4pm be back on the ship by 3:30pm.
  8. looking forward to the rest of your review
  9. Looking at booking Cabin 10284 which is on deck 10 (Lido Deck) on Carnival Breeze... worried about noise... can someone tell me their experience with such a room cabin?
  10. I was thinking the same thing lol... as I sit here in Ottawa, Ontario, looking out my window at all the snow coming down... ugh!
  11. I do not agree... last year on the Carnival Vista it was our very first time being in a cabin that has connecting doors and I will NEVER do that again... we could hear everything from the adjoining room... so a wall is much better than a door
  12. Yep same thing here... I am Platinum and my husband is Gold... I never get any kind of promotion or upgrade offer but her gets one every week it seems... makes no sense to me... and yes it bothers me too
  13. Can you tell me what company you will be going on the catamaran to Mullet Bay with? As that might be a good way to travel instead of taxi
  14. I just checked their website and wanted to make sure that people are aware the chair and umbrella is NOT included in the $20 so it will be extra
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