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  1. Trying to find an excursion on a boat that has steps going down into the water for stringray city. Carnival has their contract with marineland tours that has a boat like this. I'm having a very hard time trying to book it. Maybe you know of another tour operator that has a simular boat??
  2. In a way, we are having a similar experience only in Grand Cayman. In Carnival's excursion menu there was the stingray city excursion that we wanted Since we are 80 and 82 this is the one we wanted, (even though it was more expensive). I went to our booking to book it and it was not listed. I phoned Marineland Tours who Carnival has their contract with for this excursion and they said it would be available the day we need it. I then phoned Carnival about this and they said contact their shore excursions dept. (by E-mail). So far, I've heard nothing. I'm not sure what to do next!!
  3. After looking at all the excursions on Carnival website, I found the one I wanted in Grand Cayman. I went to my booking to pull up the excursion and book it. It was not listed with the other Cayman excursions. Could this mean that it's already sold out? We sail 1-13-19.
  4. Don't pack heavy beach towels in your luggage. I didn't know the ship would furnish you with beach towels. OH the space that took up.
  5. I can't find prices anywhere on their web site. I can't even seem to put in the code correctly. Anybody know how much?
  6. $50 dollar deposits and on board credit are all well and good........IF you are booking early saver. We always book past guest (with PVP) so we will have the option of canceling if we need to without losing deposit. Whatever works best for you.
  7. OK! crazy us, we're 80 and 82 and we are going on a V. Bodden excursion. That being said, how soon can we find a taxi to take us to the meeting point? I really don't think we can walk it. I don't understand the km measurement.
  8. We were wanting to do just Sting ray city too. Caption Marvins and other providers do sting ray city and one or two snorkle stops. We may half to plan on the snorkle stop too. Has anyone gone to "just" sting ray city?
  9. I'm trying to find out if they had regular tables and chairs close to the bar on the lido deck (9) aft, where the couches and lounges are. Do you remember? WOW, $836.40 for 2, 7 day cruise? Have they gone up?
  10. actually I'm thinking of going from an extended bal. to a side bal. I guess I think we will always get pentlized for something!!
  11. We are booked on the Miracle for a January sailing. Thinking seriously about changing cabin locations. What would the penalty be? It may not be worth it. Thanks for any info.
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