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  1. My MS student is generally unfazed by being the only kid in the group 🙂 He wants to do Alaska much more than I do. Thank you for suggestion about the tour! As for being bored, there are always video games, TV, etc. I am pretty sure they have wifi in Princess Lodge.
  2. Thanks everyone! Nini, your original Barcelona to Rome was part of my original booked cruise. I loved the ports. Unfortunately, we need to travel during the summer (DS started MS, so cant skip school as easily) Thinking about all the uncertainty, I am actually leaning toward Alaska. I keep hearing how amazing the cruises are from a lot of people (including close friends), but being from Russia the thought of spending vacation time somewhere cold is something I have to get used to 🙂 Cruisetour I am looking at is actually marketed by Costco Travel, so I am confident in booking. I
  3. We had a cruise booked on Enchanted Princess from Barcelona to Rome to Athens in June/July 2021. I was really excited about the ports, picked the flights already (princess air) ... AND... Princess changes the itinerary on us. I dont want to do the replacement itinerary of b2b cruises both roundtrip Rome. Based on what I can see my original itinerary is offered again on Discovery Princess starting Nov 21. We cant travel in Nov, but can wait for summer 2022 for my chosen itinerary to be available. So the question is, what should we do for June/July 2021 cruise? At this point everyone in my
  4. I was contacted directly, but we booked directly through Princess website originally. We were on Enchanted in August and I was actually thinking about extending it to b2b. As for demand being low, our cruise was sold out of the room type we booked and next cruise we were looking at had low availability of them. Anecdotal evidence, but I think some demand was still there. The flights were the killer. Our Princess Air flights were changed multiple times in just past week.
  5. So we have Aug cruise on Enchanted Princess scheduled. So far I am not planning to cancel and with new deals rolling out I was actually considering adding another one to make it B2B. Every time I try to price out the new cruise I get as far as choosing a cabin and than get "something went wrong, please use brochure and call us" message. Is it because they are in lockdown mode now?
  6. We have seen this concert on Regal in June in the Baltic and LOVED it!!! Martin is absolutely amazing for pulling this off.
  7. Sadly this sale is not for us. We already had free gratuities, OBSs and air credit. If I refair my Aug 20 Enchanted Med cruise, the fair alone is more than my total for cabin, airfare and insurance. Hopefully it will work better for others!
  8. I am bit late, but we have been on both Gem and Crown. Aside from my obvious affinity for Princess (better food, more to my taste entertainment and no nickel and diming), I would hands down choose departure out of FL in winter. We have done several cruises out of NYC in winter and it is miserable for first 2 days down south and last day back up north. Enjoy your cruise on the Crown!
  9. Thank you for great idea! Just bought 2 of them for the apple watches.
  10. I cant remember exactly why I bought to singles vs one for 4 devices. I believe it was because with first day discount it worked out to actually be $10 or so cheaper for 2 packages vs one for 4 devices. It was for Baltic cruise and Caribbean last year.
  11. You can absolutely switch between devices. One device package means that only ONE device can be online at a time, no limit on how many devices can use it during the cruise. I have successfully switched between my phone, personal and work laptops. I normally buy 2 unlimited packages - one for me and one for DS, so we can both be online at the same time.
  12. Speak of your own "hubby" service person! Mine is very well trained! (joking)
  13. My bad, Ombud! Thank you for correcting. However, there are similar links for full on service animals My point was that it is very easy to obtain "papers" for any dog and people are abusing the system.
  14. I am not sure how many times people have to say this NOT EVERYONE FLIES. Most "comfort" dogs are spotted on Caribbean itineraries, where most of them are probably going from retirement community directly to the cruiseship. And I am sure the dogs in question have proper paperwork, which is not hard to obtain online. You keep coming back with the same argument. Yes we all agree there are legitimate support animals that should be allowed everywhere their owner goes, NO the "pocket doggie" in the buffet line/pooping by the pool/barking at everything that moves are NOT legitimate s
  15. Hello all, We will be staying in Athens for 2 full days before our departure on a cruise and I am looking for suggestions of a tour company that can organize a private tour for us with licensed guide (I would like to have a guide inside the monuments with our group, not just driver talking in between visits). Ideally, the company should take care of all the tickets/entry fees in advance and have the "bypass the line" privileges (is this even a thing in Athens?). We have done similar tour in St. Petersburg and it was worth every penny of extra $$$ spent. Has anyone done something simi
  16. I think it really depends on WHERE you cruise. As you have said, Med cruises or Asia cruises probably wouldn't have any pets. However, Caribbean cruises originating from FL or NY are different story. On my last four cruises in Caribbean I have seen five dogs (one had an "attention" dog that barked at everyone around him and a service dog that was superbly behaved). None were seen on the Baltic cruise we just did. It is super easy for resident of FL for example to just drive to the port with Fifi in tow.
  17. Since we are talking "personally" I would say pills, since tracking my dog everywhere is quite a hassle, but thats just me. If I cant tell the difference in the behaviors of "support" dog for anxiety and working dog than the issue is non existent. To me it becomes an issue when all sorts of "attention" dogs (thank you whomever posted this for the term) claim to be "support" dogs. And yes, I agree with you that there is no way for cruise line or airline to tell whether a person is lying or not when declaring an animal for travel. This is the true issue here with people a
  18. Ombud, I have been meaning to say this, but have not had the chance (didnt want to hijack the topics), I ❤️❤️❤️ your avatar. He/she is the cutest puppy ever (well after mine of course).
  19. I am sorry, but there is a HUGE difference between visually impaired person with seeing eye dog and little yuppy "support" yorkie. As pointed out by previous posters who actually had support animals, they are well trained working dogs that are not going to attack anyone or even come near you unless specifically permitted by handler/owner. Anxiety is something you can treat with medication for crying out loud, it is not comparable to issues service dogs are for (that includes diabetic dogs etc.). Again, REAL service dogs are trained to be in public places and not be a nuisance to general
  20. If a person has anxiety being in the crowds, may be cruising is not for them. I LOVE my doggo, but would never think of bringing him to the buffet or anywhere he can cause real inconvenience to people with allergies or dog fears. I am severely allergic to cats for example and would not be able to be in next door cabin to passengers with a cat. Honestly, every pet is an emotional support animal for their owners. Should we all be able to bring the menagerie onboard?
  21. Just for the record, I ❤️ the title of your thread. I thought it would be another complaint thread about barrel chair or some such. Thank you for the smile 😄 And yes, they do have prune juice for breakfast.
  22. Just to clarify, these new codes that will be effective in 2022, are only for Antarctic waters? Would "around the Horn/Drake passage" cruises be impacted also? I am very interested in a cruise around the Horn, but would be OK not doing Antarctica at all. If all of them are impacted, I need to step up my planning!
  23. Why all the hate for Princess Live? Shows there take away from people hogging the seats for early theater show, so you guys should say "thank you" (kidding about that). But seriously, many times we would rather go do a trivia or a game show in Princess live instead of seeing a comedian or magician in main theater, thus freeing up space to whomever wants to go. Plus all the trivia and gameshows that used to be in Vista Lounge are now in Princess live, freeing up space for whatever goes on in Vista lounge (bingo? Ballroom dancing? we only visit for platinum/elite party and disembarkation).
  24. We actually really like Princess Live and try to participate in a lot of shows there. Also could care less about Promenade deck (isnt it what Lido is?). Explorers club lounge was a waste of space IMHO, it was always empty. To each its own I guess
  25. I booked directly with Princess and refared my Aug Enchanted cruise yesterday. We have received air credit, all promos and I was able to keep same cabin. I dont normally use TAs (unless Costco has outstanding deal), so not sure how to approach this. May be call Princess yourself?
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