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  1. Normally I would have just searched for this, bur can't find where that function disappeared?


    In any case, I have booked Thanksgiving cruise on Ruby on Princess site. I am planning to monitor price drops etc. and upgrade as available.


    I was wondering if I should cancel and book through travel agent? The price difference is about $170 for the same type room with no additional perks (lower through agent on *************). I normally book with agent, but its tedious to request upgrades etc., it was so much easier with our last cruise when I dealt with Princess directly.


    What would you do? Any additional things I should consider aside from price to book with online cruiseagency?

  2. This would have brought out the Jack Nicholson in me.


    ME: "I'd like some hand-scooped ice cream please."


    SERVER: "We don't serve hand-scooped ice cream. We only use that to make milk shakes."


    ME: "OK then. I'd like a milk shake, but can you hold the syrup? I don't want it to sweet."


    SERVER: "Sure. I can do that."


    ME: "Oh. And hold the milk too. And instead of putting the other ingredients in the blender, just put them in a cup."


    SERVER: "What do you want me to do with the blender?"


    ME: "I want you to hold it between your knees!"


    Thanks for the quick review(s).


    I LOVE it! Why do the best comebacks come to you after the fact? Also, I was really trying not to go *** in front of 4 yo DS.

  3. Thanks for comparing Crown vs Ruby. :)


    Have you ever been on Emerald?




    No not emerald, most of our princess cruises we did on Caribbean and Crown. We also did Tahitian before she was renamed (one of the last cruises on her). I am looking into Panama Canal this November so we will try new ship too :)

  4. We have just sailed on Crown in December and followed that with Ruby in January (woo hoo, free cruise!). I just wanted to post my notes on both cruises in case it might help someone.

    First of all, I enjoyed both cruises. The ships are almost identical to each other with some very minor differences. To be honest the only 2 i noticed was abscence of kiddie pool on Ruby and chenge of locations for shore excursions desk.

    With that out of the way:

    · In general, the customer service was better on Crown vs. Ruby. We had one incident at ice cream bar that I am still upset about. It is a silly one really and in no way did it ruin my cruise but I felt like the response I got was not in line with usually high Princess standards. What happened was I went to the ice cream bar on Lido to get my DS ice cream cone. On Crown as well as on all my other Princess cruises I was able to ask for and get real ice cream instead of soft serve with no issues. This time the answer was “no”, real ice cream was for milkshakes only and they refused to scoop some in the cone. My question to why I was able to get it on Crown as well as that I have seen someone else get ice cream in a cup a day before were met with cold stare. Overall, not a big deal by any stretch of imagination, but not the service I expected.

    · For those of you with kids. Crown has a hidden gem of kids pool behind Pelicans club – small shallow pool with sun sail over it. Ruby doesn’t have that. Also, on Crown my DS practically lived in kids club but refused to go there on Ruby. Not sure why.

    · Guest entertainment was great on both cruises. I love listening to live bands perform. We thoroughly enjoyed the bands, guest entertainers and piazza acts. However, the ships singers and dances were just OK with Ruby crew being just a tad better at their craft.

    · Food is a very subjective category, as for myself, I enjoyed the food options on both cruises. It is interesting to note that some things were offered on Crown that was not offered on Ruby and vice versa. I wonder if that is due to itinerary differences or the Chefs?

    · Dining room service was good on both ships. We never had to wait long for the anytime dining table (longest was 5 min) and service was prompt and attentive.

    · The itineraries are not really comparable and besides we have done Eastern Carib plenty of times, so no comments there. We just did our own thing, i.e. beach time via cab or foot.

    Please let me know if anyone has questions, I would gladly try to answer. This community has been wonderful in helping me plan and analyze the options for our cruise vacation. I'll be asking plenty of question when prepping for our next adventure :)

  5. Thank you all for replying!


    If it is just delayed flushing, I can leave with that. In fact I remember delayed flushing on previous cruises also. Worst case I would call and they will come and flush it manually from outside of cabin.


    Overflowing is totally different issue. And it sounded like from recent reviews that it was a big issue in the aft cabins.


    We are on Baja close to the elevators (B724 and B726), in case someone was in similar area.

  6. We are sailing on Crown 12/14/2013 and just gout our room assignments. Of course, they are AFT. I have been hearing a lot about flashing toilet issues and that the "no flash" zone apparently is in the AFT of the ship.


    Anybody recently cruised to confirm? They still have 2 side by side cabins left on another deck in the same category, but waaay FORWARD. Is it worth to ask for a switch? probably wouldnt get it anyway, but...


    I do love the location we currently have except for possible issue with toilets. Any input from recent cruisers will be appreciated!

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