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  1. Thanks for the input. The cruise I am going to book also offers In-room spirits. Anyone had any experience with that perk? How does that work? Thanks, Jack
  2. I am going to be a first time Azamara cruiser and wonder if someone can tell me the benefits of booking a Veranda Plus stateroom as opposed to the less expensive Club Veranda stateroom. Thanks, Jack
  3. Thanks. That helps. Jack
  4. Hi. I am about to become a first time Silversea sailor and wonder if anyone can tell me the difference between a Superior Veranda Suite and a Deluxe Veranda Suite. I assume the Classic Veranda Suite is sort of like a Guaranteed room on other cruise lines. Also, is "Silver Privelege Fare" just Silversea's nomenclature for "regular?" Really looking forward to cruising again and any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack
  5. I have been away from the boards for a while and just came across this thread. Glad you enjoyed the review. I have sailed on HAL twice and enjoyed both. Assuming we are able to sail again, our next cruises are on Seabourn in May of next year. Safe Sailing Jackl
  6. I have been off the boards for a while and just came across this thread. Thanks for the reference to my cruise on the Dream...you can imagine how much fun I had writing it. Jill and I would sit around the pool each morning and write down the previous days fiascos! Jack
  7. Thanks. Time flies, I didn't realize it had been that long since my last post. Jack
  8. We have two cruises tentatively scheduled for next year - one from Cape Town to Barcelona and one from Manaus to Miami. The first one is in May and I am hoping against hope that we will have a vaccine by then. At this point I am pretty sure that we will not cruise again until a vaccine is available. All of the safety measures ( while necessary!) seem to take a lot of the fun out of cruising. Safe Sailing! Jack
  9. Thanks for the kind words. My review of my Seabourn cruise should be coming soon.
  10. I just stumbled across this old string while self-isolating during the pandemic. JohnGaltny has some great ones and York, I have always enjoyed yours as well. Hope we can start cruising again. As happened to many of you, our last cruise was canceled in May and we are anxious to start cruising again
  11. We just booked this cruise for April of next year and appreciate the comments. Jack
  12. Just got back from our first Seabourn cruise. The caviar event was held on Sir Bani Yas Island in the UAE and was one of the highlights of our cruise. Huge tubs of caviar were placed on surf boards and the crew waded the boards out in the Gulf with enough caviar to feed an army. Other crew members then waded out with never ending bottles of Champagne. Warm Arabian Gulf water, bright sun, caviar and Champagne - it doesn't get a lot better than that!
  13. Just got back from Dubai. What an amazing place! Thanks for all the help on this thread - it helped quiet a bit on our visit. Jack
  14. Great. Thanks for the quick reply. Jill is already packing and this helps her decide on what to take. Good photos also! Jack
  15. Does anyone know if the Encore has the same facilities? Thanks.
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