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  1. Lerwick is a tender port and clearly is not as busy as our last port of call. No tour boats, no three masted ships, just a quiet little harbor with a few commercial ships. Our first view of town from the tender. A welcoming sign as we step ashore.
  2. Thanks - glad you found the humor in it. Have a nice Thanksgiving! Jack
  3. We push away from the pier and say goodbye to Stavanger. This was a great place to visit and hopefully we will have the opportunity to visit it again. And say hello to the Shetland Islands. Our first view as we finished breakfast and headed up to the top deck. Notice the architecture of the buildings in the Shetlands. Gone are the white washed buildings with the bright red tile roofs.
  4. The bridge is spanning that part of the harbor where the tour boats left to visit Pulpit Rock. Tour boats coming back. It had to be cold on deck! It was also a working harbor. There were some cargo ships docked, but were outnumbered by the boats serving the tourist industry. This really was an amazing harbor - one of the most interesting ones we have visited.
  5. Stavanger harbor was probably the most active we have visited. It really was a great place to sit up on the top deck and watch the activity. With a telephoto lens you could virtually see the entire downtown area. Tour boats would come in - unload, and then load back up again.
  6. Hotels and official buildings lined the harbor walkway. The Victoria Hotel. One of the older buildings along the harbor. The Clarion Hotel - obviously one of the newer ones. The Solvang. Notice how narrow the streets are - parking on the sidewalk. Even the Port Authority buildings were well maintained.
  7. Jill fell in love with the little gnomes. They were everywhere. We wondered it they had something to do with Norwegian folk lore, but didn't get around to asking anyone. Anyway, here are some of the pictures Jill took. And just in case you wanted to take one home as a souvenir....
  8. You can imagine what Jill said to me upon spotting this store! It really was amazing how many signs in Norway were in English. Here we have the XO Premium Steakhouse This large structure to the right is the Petroleum Engineering Museum. As Stavenger was built on North Sea oil it is really an appropriate location for the museum. Time was limited so we did not visit it - perhaps another time. For the life of me, I don't know why I didn't frame this picture to include more of the museum.
  9. I missed that restaurant! Actually I am quite surprised that they even had a restaurant there - we didn't see anything that even hinted at that. You must have sharper eyes than us.
  10. The town itself was delightful - full of shops and narrow streets. These shots show just how narrow the streets are in the downtown shopping district. Notice the T-shirt in the shop window in the lower left. Jill tried to get one but they were out of her size. This building is on a high point in the downtown area and our guide told us the Germans used this as part of their anti-aircraft defense system in WWII. Another shot showing some unique architecture and narrow streets.
  11. That was sort of our thought. All of the other ships looked great so we wondered if they gave a discount! Jack
  12. Thanks for your patience to read the whole thing! Glad you enjoyed it. Jack
  13. I have heard that one before. Glad you enjoyed it. Jack
  14. Glad you enjoyed it. That was a fun trip and I was really not exaggerating (much) when I described how you had to walk inside a pyramid - especially if you are well over 6 feet tall!
  15. The harbor was lined with trendy bars. We enjoyed our traditional "beer ashore" in this bar in the yellow building. Due to the rain, not a lot of outdoor seating this morning, although it cleared up nicely later in the afternoon. A very colorful downtown area. This really was an interesting port.