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  1. LOL. But thanks for looking. I really enjoyed Trainman's posts but haven't seen any recently. Jack
  2. I don't know what was going on with photobucket. It only happened for the last few photos that I posted. I probably won't be using them again. I need to find another site that I can use to post and download photos. Jack
  3. Glad you enjoyed the review. I normally do not say much about the ship in my reviews because so much of it is subjective. The food, the entertainment, the condition of the ship, etc. For example, on one cruise we noticed about halfway through the trip that the deserts seemed (to us) to be better. We later learned that the pastry chef had changed at the last port. Our travel partners said they didn't notice a change - a example of the subjective nature of things. However, I will point out our favorite place on the ship: This was our favorite place to hang out. We would come down here early in the morning and watch the ship wake up. The chairs were really comfortable and it was fun to watch people stagger down for their morning coffee at the coffee station (in the background)! 😁 People in bathrobes, hair in curlers, slippers, barefoot, sweatshirts and pajama bottoms - it was a very unique parade. Of course the officers and spa staff would be stopping by also. The roles, donuts, and assorted pastries were also an enticement. My personal opinion is that the IC on Princess was a little better, but this was pretty good as well. I know you will enjoy this part of the ship as well. It is located right next to the "future cruises" desks. I forget which deck - probably 6 or 7. Jack
  4. I envy you! We don't often repeat cruises, but this was such a great one that we are looking at booking it again next year. Glad you enjoyed the review - - hope you do one as well. It would be fun to see another person's perspective. Bon Voyage Jack
  5. The ship may be showing a little aging, but that is only to be expected as its maiden voyage was fifteen years ago. However, I think it had its last refurb in 2012 so it will probably be a while before it has another one. It is still a very nice ship. Jack
  6. Hard to imagine water selling for that price, but it is unique. The brochure that came with the bottles said that the water was thousands of years old and that the water in these bottles probably fell as rain or snow during the reign of Cleopatra in Egypt! Analysis of the water shows that TDS is less that 5 parts per billion - which does makes it the purest water on Earth. That said, we don't know what to do with it. How do you drink something that is as old as Cleopatra? It is sitting in our fridge aging even more! Jack
  7. When we came back aboard the ship after our visit to Greenland, we found these bottles in our cabin. The note next to it said that this was the purest water on the planet - as it came directly from the Greenland Icecap - the second largest one on the planet.
  8. Typically...what is in the minibar? Thanks.
  9. I appreciate the offer, but I really am all thumbs when it comes to the computer. Jill's mother is in hospice now and she is on the way home for a brief visit before heading back to CA. I should be able to post shortly. Thanks again. Jack
  10. Hope you had a great cruise! This poutine thing is quite incredible. I went all my life never hearing of the stuff until our last cruise and came to find out that it is one of Canada's national foods. Now you tell me that they are serving it in Florida! I guess it sort of makes sense - most Canadians spend half there life in Florida during the winter months - or a trailer park in Yuma. Arizona. I forwarded your post to Jill in California and she is threatening to take your last line and put it on a T-shirt. Jack
  11. You are welcome. I do have one more "cool" picture to post but I have trouble uploading it. When Jill gets back from California I will see if she can do it (she is our designated computer expert) and then post it.
  12. Interesting review! It mentions the covered bridge at Stone Mountain - which is just down the road from us. We have put that on our "to see" list. With its historical significance I can't believe we have not seen it on any of our previous visits to Stone Mountain Park! Thanks so much for the tip. Jack
  13. I have to admit, Tom has piqued my interests in in covered bridges, but I don't think a trip to PA is in our immediate future.
  14. Wow...there is quite an active group of bridge affectionados out there. I also didn't realize that there were that many covered bridges. I will have to pay more attention next time we are driving through the country areas.
  15. Something like that happened to me with one of the reviews I posted. One day it was there and the next it was gone. It had pretty much run its course so I didn't repost. You might try reposting the link? Jack
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