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  1. My refund experience - it took almost three months to the day from cancellation for the deposit to hit my credit card. A couple years ago, final payment used to be 70 days from embarkation and was moved out to ninety. I have a final payment coming up. I will probably cancel due to current situation; however, if the cruise lines would shorten the span between final payment and cruise, I could reevaluate closer to cruise date, at which time I might feel more comfortable making final payment. I would like to cruise. I don’t want to wait for three months for that credit to show on my card. I’m thinking my refund now depends on your final payments, minimal payments, slower refund. My next refund may take four months especially with non vaccinated cancellations adding up between now and next months final payment due date. It takes less than two minutes to hit my credit card. Before pandemic and shut down, one refund arrived in three days.
  2. My husband and I agreed, mostly due to age once cruising restarts, that we will be lucky to cruise in the future. The current mostly all inclusive three perk price (no OBC) is probably close to what most folks chose to sail with in the past. A lot of my OBC was from a next cruise booking paying tips. The after COVID-19 pricing is the price shock. Unfortunately, the cruise lines will need a huge influx of employees, mostly needing training. The food industry will need to plant vegetables in order to meet demand and costs will be higher. Many farmers lost crops and took a financial loss with nowhere to sell their product (includes schools and restaurants). I don’t see them willing to plant enough food now with schools closed, restaurants closing, and the cruise industry closed at least through January 31. It may take six weeks to grow a radish, squash takes closer to four months. Restocking a ship for 7-10 days requires a lot of supplies. Just an FYI, the local Walmart has no toilet paper for sale. Many shelf items are missing. A large number of renters will lose their apartment due to job loss and minimal, if any, government assistance. The local food banks need help. Our country and most of the world is hurting badly. We are fortunate to be alive and healthy and still plan enjoy our benefits without further loss to a company that has had no income for over a year and is trying to survive. Once someone was kind enough to point out that many of our past benefits still applied, although not showing (on one spot) on the website, I feel the cruise line is attempting to make the cruise purchase easier for the consumer and still allow the cruise line enough cash to survive another year. Has anyone read the J.D. Robb ‘in death’ series. The books are set in 2060 NYC after the urban wars. Makes one think, especially that her first book in the series was written, I believe, more than ten years ago. Didn’t want to have my post go poof to check the date.
  3. To be honest, the website offers different perks depending on the link. Elite + shows differences if the photos post As I’ve now cancelled or had cruises cancelled, I’m at the wait and see. That probably puts me into booking the last minute deals, something I was quite good at doing for about three years. Saved enough to book a couple extra cruises. May have lost promotions - saving me between $1,000 - $2,500 on some ten day cruises. Happy hour, breakfast and cafe plus my 240 internet minutes were appreciated when I didn’t pay the over the top pricing when last minute packages weren’t being pushed to fill the ship. Dark photo is on the benefit page.
  4. Cafe el Bacio was removed as an E+ benefit. While we usually had the classic as an option, the times we didn’t, the Cafe benefit was well enjoyed.
  5. Responded to each question. Unfortunately the software is rejecting my answers. Would like the points.
  6. John - regarding moving. we built a custom home on the Intracoastal. After several floods we were lucky enough to receive an offer we couldn’t refuse. For the first time ever in forty years of marriage we no longer lived paycheck to paycheck we moved to a Del Webb community, over 55, with a golf course, which my husband enjoyed. Many others golfed elsewhere due to the high cost per game. many clubs were formed with many inside cliques forming. Newcomers found it difficult to get involved. I missed my water views, and facing huge HOA costs if the builder got away before fixing issues ($3M in repairs to date from emails) I wanted to move. we got out but the builder had to make over $3M in repairs - at least we aren’t part of the lawsuit. Getting away from the water, I didn’t miss the hurricane and flooding prep and cleanup after. I definitely missed the water views, boat activity and porpoise jumping. Maybe a lake or storm water pond would have worked, but not trees. Finally found a condo near the beach and port with lagoon views. Don’t worry about flooding, stayed put for the last hurricane warnings despite child saying - come to my mobile home - located in tornado prone area of Georgia! if your neighbors did not offer to do your shopping the problem is with them, not you. would I move away from water view? Not as long as I am capable of controlling my life or until our barrier island disappears I remember you having COA issues after a storm. One oceanfront condo near you had a $$$ assessment and two condos are now on the market. At his age, my husband has no desire to maintain a private home - he refused to clean the clogged gutters. My Solution - move - our COA is now responsible for all outdoor maintenance. hard feelings will pass. Several owners will move out. Give yourself time i Agee with the folks who recommend renting to get a feel of the area. We have cousins in The Villages. They are the only year round homeowners on their block.
  7. The item you left behind will be turned into Guest Services this morning. Once home I will post to prior roll calls if I can find them. We always use a chair to stand on when we need to check out high shelves to ensure we have all our belongings.
  8. I leave the prepaid/automatic tips in place. I do, however, feel that anyone cleaning a toilet for a living deserves a few extra dollars. If I have a dining team for most of the cruise, the assistant waiter gets the same tip as the head waiter. Why- the assistant does most of the running, iced tea service, salad, dish clearing. i have noticed that some cruise line servers expect that extra tip - others don’t stand around long enough to collect a tip.
  9. I was fully paid for a guaranteed deluxe ocean balcony cruise departing on a Sunday. Friday, my on board account put me in an inside cabin with a note that I now owed money to RCI. In discussion with Resolutions, no I didn’t owe more but it would cost the company too much money to provide me with a similar cabin on a future cruise (by the way, the next week’s sale pitch was equal dollar cost for the cruise I requested). I now cruise mostly with Celebrity, Princess and HAL. My next birthday cruise on Princess is less than half the cost of RCI or Celebrity for a balcony. All I really want is a sea cruise - since the seven day cruises basically hit a private island and similar ports, it is coming down to who treats me as a valuable customer. Celebrity, Princess and HAL beat RCI. If I were Pinnacle, RCI might treat me differently. If you don’t believe me, read the postings from the Diamond and Diamond Plus who mention the loss of previously enjoyed Crown and Anchor benefits - loss of CL, preboarding line (Elite and Platinum on Princess still get special quick line ahead of security), and whatever used to be a perceived benefit. I have walked home from my last two RCI cruises; I have to drive to Ft Lauderdale. I sincerely hope that both Princess and Celebrity will cruise out of Port Canaveral soon.
  10. Think about it. I booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean and the cruise line refused to honor the booking, thus, you may - or may not - look elsewhere. I did. That’s why my next birthday cruise is with Princess and not Royal Caribbean.
  11. I really liked the Princess answer. My experience (RCI refused to honor my deluxe balcony booking stating it would cost too much money to move but I could have an inside cabin if I paid more) -my next birthday cruise is with Princess!
  12. Paraphrasing - the Harmony of the Seas - photo shown - is operated by this company.
  13. None of the contestants knew the answer. Now lots of viewers have heard of the Harmony of the Seas.
  14. My preference for posting papers (and envelopes with shore excursion papers) is to tape to the mirror. Always plenty of room left over. Using the same tape dispenser from about ten years ago. Magnets are heavier, and as mentioned may cause damage, the tape is easy to pull off the mirror. A small paper cup actually holds small scissors, tape, pens, AA battery for the clock, and other miscellaneous stuff. Gets wrapped in a plastic baggy and popped into the suitcase for next cruise. Makes packing super easy as half my stuff never leaves the carryon between cruises. Left home without a camera battery, now charge and make sure camera, battery and memory card are together before packing into a cube. The packing cube sits on a desktop and keeps everything contained, including a small binocular- amazing how many times we’ve checked out wildlife, ships, and islands off to the distance.
  15. I wonder how much noise was drifting up towards the window. Noise could have caught his attention and be why he was leaning out the open window. Our last cruise balcony was over the pier area. The area was very noisy due to the dockyard mini-trucks moving the various food and beverage supplies and luggage onto the ship. Interesting to watch but happy to close the infinite balcony to shut out the noise.
  16. Out of curiosity - where do you stick a sign that says *** This window is open *** As everyone could see, there was a very dark window next to the opening due to the double glass window tinting. Fresh air and maybe even a breeze usually comes through the opening. If the GF lives any type of a normal life, he has opened car and house windows over the years and knows the difference when open or closed. A responsible person does not dangle a child outside a window or even place them on a ledge. I still believe this was an accident, but that alone does not stop the judicial system. I can sue the person and the auto company, deeper pockets (RCI) if a driver hits my car and causes me injury. However, the driver is responsible for the accident not the auto maker (unless something on the car was defective). Too many cruisers (probably over 10-25 million) have cruised safely because they don’t climb over railings or dangle outside windows.
  17. My building just installed signage, outside and inside, each elevator. *** Watch your step entering and exiting the elevator. *** Yes, I was told one elevator didn’t align properly and someone tripped. This type of signage now amounts to over 30+ Safety signs to remind each of us in the building how to remain/be safe. I will be honest, I ignore the majority of the signs due to familiarity- this one was new and I will probably trip if the elevator is out of alignment sometime in the future. I believe it has definitely become a society of blame someone else and, don’t forget to pass go and collect as much money as you can on your way. I had sympathy for the parents but not as much now since they only appear to care - from latest news articles reiterating false statements - to collect money. I can’t believe spending a settlement will keep them happy in the long-term future. Then the divorce and who gets to keep the remaking funds will make another lawyer a hefty paycheck.
  18. I saw the legal reenactment photos. After watching the video, I played out a similar reenactment with my eleven pound cat. From the end of my bed, I reached down, grabbed her with arms extended, pushed her out and up to my shoulder height - the video shows her head higher than the GF head - and lost my grasp on my cat. My cat went flying but landed safely up by the bed pillows. If you look closely at the video, the GF actually backs up from the window with, I believe, his elbows by his waist and then bends back over the window to look down. It is also noticeable that there are lounge chairs, tables, and folks dining at tables. The mother may have been in the child’s play area, but her daughter wasn’t there. She has to live with the guilt she didn’t watch her child. RCI is not to blame. *** observed another incident that could have ended in tragedy *** I was docked in Cozumel looking across the pier towards an Oasis-class ship. The lady beside me started screaming. Staff came over - she pointed to a toddler standing on a chair on the opposite balcony. The toddler could grasp the balcony railing but was unable - by five inches - to get her right leg up and over the railing. Five minutes later a woman could be seen in the room, never looked out to check on the child. I left since staff was trying to figure out how to each someone in security on the othe ship. Scary? Oh, yes. If the child had stepped on the arm rest, there might have been a different outcome.
  19. Parked at the terminal Garage not knowing we’d be switching terminals. We had more than one hour wait for port shuttle when our cruise departed terminal two and arrived at terminal twenty one. Watched the off-site shuttles arrive and depart - next two cruises we are saving money by parking offsite. this was on top of the thirty minute wait for customs as Princess did not use face recognition. if anyone driving sees your post they should heed our experience.
  20. I noticed a bag of candy on the nearby table. Bar server ignored it during the first two drink rounds. Serving the third drink, the customer pushed the candy towards the waiter. Yes, this time he took it. i noticed the guest did not push bagged candy for the rest of the cruise. This was just before Halloween. Many ask about gifts during the holidays. Read where someone purchased small stuff-able items - holiday stockings - and placed the tip inside. My female room attendant gave a large smile and said she now had a decoration for her room mirror.
  21. I needed to wash the love bugs off my car (usually get them in Florida but this time they loved in South Carolina). I had the hose pretty well out of danger until the landscape company arrived. To prevent the hose being shredded I moved it. Two steps later I stumbled over that one inch high piece of rubber. Your injuries immediately flashed through my mind. I then made sure the hose was moved and never once did I attemptto walk over it. By the way, you mentioned not drinking water. I’m not a fan of water - but know it’s needed by the body. I found if I put a glass on the table near where I settle, the water level in the glass drops. The more days that go by, the more water I end up drinking. Best wishes for your recovery and will be interested in the tattoo you come up with to cover the scars. Just looking at the variety of scar tattoos should keep you busy for a month or two. Think fish, dolphins, whales, starfish or even an octopus. get well soon.
  22. At a minimum, if you do go on this excursion, do go to shore excursion desk and request a 25% refund. If you paid for four hours and only get three, that’s an hourly overcharge. We have a similar tour booked for next weeks cruise so will be checking out what we receive vs booked. I’ve copied and pasted our excursions into a schedule - I’m always wondering how long an excursion should last and what time we should return.
  23. We’ve experienced this new key card system three times. All have worked as it should; however, I’ve had similar concerns. For someone new, first off, your outside key card is well secured in a heavy paper wrap. I have weak wrists and have to wrestle with the packaging to open it. If you show up at your door and the package is mangled, you will know someone accessed that card. If the card is mangled or missing - yes, someone was probably at the wrong cabin. This is where I agree that guest services failed in providing the OP security both in safety use of their cabin and keeping their belongings safe from theft. I thank you for the post as I realize I probably should document my electronics, phones, cameras etc and their replacement costs. This way - should my key card be missing - I can provide Guest Services with an itemized list of my electronics and current replacement value should stuff disappear due to their failure to inactivate the original key cards. By providing such a list and requiring a staff member to acknowledge replacement, I feel confident old cards would be invalidated immediately. As I told my husband, one of us would be in the cabin just in case - as happened to OP - they returned. FYI, I did have my card given to someone else at the cafe. I only found out when I couldn't open the cabin door and realized the name on the same colored card was not mine. I took the other persons card to GS but had a less than competent staff member attempt to rekey me a card. Something like ten tries before I could unlock the cabin door. One of the reasons my card now has a unique, to me, design inked onto the face of the card. A quick look, I know the card is mine.
  24. I meant to include the deleting of cookies. Didn’t work on the Celebrity site but sure mucked up several others. Be sure you remember passcodes, website links and any other stuff deleting cookies will affect.
  25. My account was locked for about three days last week. Tried going is as the other person on the account and could get in. That seemed to be the key to unlock my account. It was locked for both iPad and computer so it was definitely a Celebrity lockdown not my end. You might try calling and see if someone can get the IT department involved.
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