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  1. If we cancel 3 NR cruises that we only have a deposit on ahead of RC cancelling them can more than one the FC be applied to the new cruise?
  2. Thank you so much. I assumed that but hoped there might be another option.
  3. We have a 5 night Western Odyssey cruise reserved for 11/9/20 and are thinking about Lift & Shift if the cruise is cancelled by Royal. However, the only cruise out of Ft. L or Mia is the Independence which doesn't compare to the Odyssey cruise which was going to be the 2nd cruise from the US. The value for value just isn't comparable between the Indy and Odyssey, nor are the ships. We did find a 6 night Western Odyssey that would fit in the proper time frame for Lift & Shift . . . but would they honor that? The closing date for 11/9 is Aug. 6 so we have little time to find a cruise that would be price comparable and ship comparable. Any suggestions? We are assuming since the Odyssey is a 5 night we wouldn't be able to L&S to the Oasis 7 night, Allure 7 night, etc. If anyone has suggestions we'd appreciate your input. Thanks.
  4. We’ve done Random Wind Charters which is a Catamaran in St Maarten 3 times. They are the most friendly, accommodating crew we’ve ever experienced. They limit the number of people which eliminates overcrowding. It leaves about 9:00 and returns between 3-4. Full lunch, unlimited beverages, kayak, paddle board, swim noodles, and the most fun a Tarzan Swing. Yes, it is pricey but often times on their FB page there’s a discount code. Google Random Wind Charters to see if this is something you would enjoy. The next time we are in St M we will do it again. Ana and Prince, her little dog, will welcome you with a smile.
  5. Finally received my refund after waiting 2 1/2 months. Refund did NOT include RC Cruise Care. Royal cancelled the cruise so I asked for a refund. Should I call them about it?
  6. Thank you so much. The official Royal recipe looks great but 6 eggs? I think I’ll try your link first.
  7. Will you please share the recipe? Those are the only cookies I will eat.
  8. We requested a refund for the Oasis on 3/25 and still no credit on the credit card. Trying to be patient.
  9. Oh, I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for reminding me.
  10. What happens if you choose to receive a refund instead of the CWC. We possibly want to cancel an October refundable reservation before final payment. We have patiently been waiting for 3 Full paid cruises of refunds and don’t want to go through the delay again.
  11. Where did you find this posted? It isn’t showing up on the RC website.
  12. Cancelled 2 November cruises (deposits only) in early March. One deposit came through last week. Called about the other one and was told there was a glitch on their end. Will reissue it in 30+ days. Cancelled March paid in full cruise for the refund. Haven’t seen a refund as of yet. Trying to be patient but my bank account is hungry.
  13. Mike - loved your long ago “Fountains” performance. That was the funniest thing we ever saw on a ship.
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