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  1. Our new cabin on the Freedom (which had been the Nav) was posted on our account today. We didn’t care for the location, simply called RC after looking at the now available cabins in the same category, and requested the new cabin number. No issues. I would suggest you check cabin availability for all three cruises and see what cabins are available for all theee, call them, and request cabin changes.
  2. Firstly ... I could be wrong but the way I understand the CANCELLATION FEE is this: if you Lifted & Shifted AFTER final payment (which is when RC seems to cancel cruises), then your “cancellation penalty” Is the percentage of the Cancellation Schedule on your booking confirmation. Our Feb 2/7/21 had a $250 penalty for canceling. When we lifted and shifted to 2/19/22 after final payment, the fee became $604. The $604 was the percentage of the however days out from the cruise. I hope this is clear to everyone. Again, I could be wrong, but that’s how it was explai
  3. Oops, the original booking On the Empress was made 5/2/20
  4. I’m confused. The original booking made in Oct, 2020 was on the Empress, which of course RC cancelled after final payment. The cancellation penalty on that booking confirmation was $250. Why didn’t that follow to the new ship and sail date?
  5. This is how it shows up on a single person booking.
  6. Would someone please explain why the cancellation penalty for L&S non-refundable cruises is $350 and up? I did call and ask an RC Rep but what he said made no sense. It seems to me RC will make out like a bandit if we need to cancel a L&S cruise for some reason. If it makes any difference, the prices were for 7 night Symphony cruises. (We didn’t discover the penalty at the time of rebooking.) thanks for helping a non-mathematical person.
  7. Friends booked the same cruise through a travel agency and they had no problem. it certainly is irritating and frustrating after calling five consecutive days.
  8. Are you also on the 5/14/22 Explorer? That’s what we booked. Eight night had to be another eight night. Explorer was our only choice.
  9. An added thought...our 5/8/21 Independence was paid in full so that’s why we lifted and shifted. Yesterday they talked about giving the reservation a new number if it happened again. Yes, it happened again today but no mention of a new reservation number. Obviously the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
  10. Your story sounds EXACTLY like ours. I’ve been calling everyday for 5 days now. We’ve been told the same thing. Supposedly they have now “frozen” the deck 7 cabin number so we will have it when and IF this fiasco is remedied. Had we not gone out to our cruise page we wouldn’t have known about the cancellation and been out a Lift & Shift. my patience level is quickly fading.
  11. I don’t think there’s an issue with any changes since friends of ours were able to successfully make reservations for the cruise through a travel agency.
  12. Is anyone else having a problem with the computer (supposedly) cancelling their May 21 Lift & Shifts? We shifted our 5/8/21 Indy cruise to 5/14/22 Explorer. (met all the criteria.) The computer keeps cancelling the reservation sometime during the night. We've spoken to RC five days in a row now, the past two days to a supervisor who supposedly fixed the issue. The reservations shows up that day on our future cruise page, only to disappear the next morning. The supervisor says it's the computer's fault and reissuing a new reservation number with the L&S designation would
  13. Same debarkation port, same cabin category, 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your sail date, SAME number of nights. Decision to be made by 3/23/21. The Indy was running 6 and 8 nights.
  14. Our dilemma is our 8 night 5/8/21 Indy Cruise is cancelled as expected, but because of “like for like” our only 8 day option out of Miami is the Explorer. Seeing as the Explorer hasn’t had an inside refurb since 2005 we really don’t want to book that ship. Yes, we could cancel, take a NCC, but we don’t want to give up the pricing we have and paying far more with pricing as it is now. We are hoping RC lets us change to a 7 night cruise but I doubt that.
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