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  1. This has probably been answered and I did search without results. Will the ship allow the partitions on the Symphony on ocean balconies be opened if we have cabins next to each other?
  2. We did a free (perhaps because of our D+ status) Backstage Tour once. It consisted of a question and answer with a few of the cast members. Then we toured the backstage area. I certainly wouldn’t have paid for this experience. I don’t know if this is the same.
  3. We always go to Paradise Beach Club in Cozumel for the beach (which is average) and a huge beautiful pool. Food is good, drinks are good. It’s a $15 taxi ride each way for the car load, $3 entry fee and they ask you spend $10 on food and drinks. There’s tons of palm trees to sit under if you so choose. There are some water toys but that’s an extra charge. Waiters Come to you, run a tab, and you pay when you are ready to leave. It takes about 10 minutes to get there. Google Paradise Beach Club to see images.
  4. Thank you. I didn’t realize the pool was so shallow. That will be nice for them.
  5. Would a pool noodle be allowed in the pool on Coco Cay. We have a few adults who don’t swim at all and this would give them the opportunity to enjoy the pool.
  6. The beach in front of the Holland House Hotel is just a little way down from the water taxi to the right. They have nice loungers, one umbrella every two loungers. I don’t remember there being a huge incline to get into the water and I only remember a few larger rocks in the water. They charge $25 per “couple” and give you two drinks each. There is a restaurant and bathrooms in the hotel that you can use. There are many vendors to the left of the water taxi pier also. It seems to me it was $10 per lounger.
  7. We were on the Navigator last week visiting Roatan. The two days before our arrival we had to set our watches two different nights so as when we arrived at 8:00 ship time it was 8:00 Roatan time. I don’t know if that will be the case on the Harmony. We were off the ship by 8:30.
  8. Am I understanding you correctly that as a D+ I can use the BOGO on night 1 or 2 and two of us can eat for the price of 1 at the same time and same night? Example - the BOGO price is $XX.XX and we both can eat for that price? Obviously I’m confused.
  9. I’m assuming you mean it will be 8:00 Roatan time when we arrive. Thank you.
  10. We know there is a two hour time difference in Roatan right now . . . 10:00 in Miami, 8:00 in Roatan. We will be on the Navigator 7 night in a few weeks and our itinerary states we arrive at 8:00. What time will it be in Roatan? Or will the ship have us set our watches back two hours to match their time?
  11. On a Royal ship docking in Coxen Hole. We snorkeling in West Bay and don’t want to miss visiting the Rusty Fish store. Can anyone advise us as to how to find/get to Rusty Fish when we are finished snorkeling? Is the store within walking distance to the dock or walking distance near West Bay? (We are going to be with West Bay Divers). Thank you for any ideas or hints.
  12. Can anyone tell me who the current Loyalty Ambassador is on the Navigator . . . In April 2019? Thank you.
  13. It’s my experience when you have the solo pricing applied it is based on the pricing of the day you apply it. Could be higher than when you booked it. If the price goes down after you have it applied they will readjust your pricing.
  14. I agree with previous posters that Woodwind is the best. However if you must snorkel from land we have found there are lots of fish at Spice Beach Club. You enter the water from a dock/ladder. Food is decent, drinks are good, chairs, umbrellas. No “beach” to speak of like other islands, mostly coral rock. You can taxi there or take a water taxi. We even saw an octopus the last time we were there. Not very crowded.
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