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  1. We were there last Wednesday as hubby's birthday day out. Big mistake, beach was packed, though each group was socially distanced but only ONE toilet for thousands of people. We stayed a couple of hours then left We are booked on Allure in Sept, but we can't lift and shift so will probably cancel before final payment
  2. Though everyone in UK gets free medical care, exactly the same, rich or poor. Also it has hit our BAME medical community harder, including doctors, so professional classes as well
  3. Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic For reasons not properly explained they seem to of suffered more than most other groups in this pandemic in UK.
  4. There's no such thing as a free lunch. You pay for it one way or another
  5. Some of the Canaries island cruises are eye-watering expensive. But sometimes there are deals if you factor in no flights or hotels to pay for. We've had two cruises ex Southampton 2017 and 2019, both to the Med. The second was much more expensive even though two days less (same time of year and cabin)
  6. Some countries are threatening massive fines or even prison sentences if found to break quarantine. I should think cancellation of visas or being barred from entry for foreigners would be on the table too. Would take a brave person to break quarantine
  7. I admit its difficult for visitors. I guess you have to prove an address for 14 days and local police can check up on you. Are hotels open now? My work colleague who is Hungarian but works in UK and is furloughed, has just gone to Hungary to stay with family. On arrival she was given a big red sticker to put on door and is expecting to be checked up by local police. She will have another 14 days when she comes back to UK.
  8. The airline I work for is starting up daily flights to a handful of cities in Europe, Australia, Canada and Chicago including Heathrow from 21st May
  9. This is an interesting thread about what life is like in your part of the world. Don't spoil it with bickering. Just because things are different in your state/country doesn't mean that its wrong. Common sense and follow your government guidance
  10. My interline travel agent has told me that interline bookings are not covered under L&S. Was also going to move my Sept Allure booking to Harmony next year, but cannot. And as you say Harmony is considerable more. All we can do it take the FCC for deposit or pay the balance and hope it gets cancelled. We also have flight tickets to BCN to try and get refunded. The annoying thing is the interline prices aren't that much cheaper, in fact it is often the same or even slightly more (obviously in those cases I book direct).
  11. Our local garden centers are opened from today, with social distance restrictions. Looking forward to getting some bedding plants. Will still continue doing one weekly click and collect shop and social distance as much as possible. Government Furlough scheme at 80% of salary has been extended to October but will start to be reduced/shared with employers from August. Aviation industry is very hard hit, not really looking forward to going back to my customer facing job in the terminal but think it will be a while till I have to make that decision. Was planning on retiring next year so may just bring it forward a few months
  12. Here in the south of England we have had the hottest weather during April for 360 years. A high of 24c. Its been cooler recently but set to go back up to 21c next week. Gougous weather and nowhere to go. We're lucky we have a garden, I really feel for people living in flats.
  13. The UK Chamber of Shipping is asking for seafarers to be excluded from the 14 day isolation and for the UK government to allow crew changes
  14. I'm sure this has been asked before but can't remember the answer. I'm waiting for some FCC for a cruise I cancelled. Will I get an email direct from RC or will it be sent to travel agent to forward to me?
  15. I share the same birthday date with Lisa. Hubby is always good at getting two bunches of flowers, one for my birthday and one for Valentines. 💐🎂💕 Happy belated birthday wishes to Owen. May the teenage fun years begin!! Sue
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