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  1. sgmn

    Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

    I think it is only at the initial stage. I also shop at Tesco and use a Tesco credit card so the vouchers mount up quite quickly especially as they are valid for around 2-3 years. I know this is an old post but just logged on to the UK RC website for the first time for ages and quite excited to see the little Tesco logo on the first page once you select a cruise. Great that its been made so much easier to use and don't need to phone up the dedicated number now. Regards Sue
  2. I do like to dress up a bit for dinner, though we no longer bring long gowns and tux. As long as the person at our table has at least washed and had a change of clothes that's fine with me. Would have a problem if they smelt of BO because they hadn't washed/changed. But it is nice to see how nicely everyone scrubs up when they make an effort
  3. Same here, also at any of the bars where we get our diamond drinks.
  4. We were very impressed by this parking Co at Southampton. Parked right next to ship, guys picked up bags from the car and we just walked across the road to check in. Very easy and convinent. Highly recommend
  5. I don't get packages, too much temptation, but I thought 18%was added to the package price, why do you need to tip on top of that?
  6. Hope the Sauv Blanc is still available when we go on Jewel at the beginning of Feb
  7. sgmn

    Gratuities on RCCL

    I think for non-Americans the whole tipping thing is a bit of a minefield. Last time we were in the States my husband said he felt he constantly was handing over cash. For instance, it's OK to tip the guys who take our bags on departure, but you don't tip the person who checks you in? Don't really understand the logic. Here in the UK we tend to tip 10-15% in full service restaurants, Hairdressers a nd taxis and that's about it. Oh and is it expected to tip Uber in the states in the same way as a taxi, we aim to use Uber for the first time in Mia next month.
  8. sgmn

    2019 Drink Prices

    So going back to OP's question has anyone noticed individual drink prices on board increasing or is it too early to hear?
  9. sgmn

    New Program called "The Key"

    Don't really understand the dropping of handbaggage early perk. If you can 'ditch the handbaggage early' then what's the point of carrying it on. Why not just check it with the rest of the baggage at check in. Unless it is water or soda which you can't check, but I'm happy with ships water and I don't drink soda so no issue
  10. 1st Jamie's 2nd Chops 3rd Wonderland Of the free restaurants the solarium bistro was our go to fav for breakfast and dinner.
  11. sgmn

    Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

    Good to know. Used them once on a cruise, but then next time I swapped the Tesco voucher for the RC voucher which had a time limit to use, the prices were so stupidly high on their UK website it wasn't worth using them. TESCO kindly turned them back into tesco vouchers and I booked with an American online agent. But I always check and would use again if the price was right!
  12. Thanks for the update. We are doing southern Caribbean in Feb on Jewel. Good to hear about the MDR, though pity about the entertainment. We usually enjoy the shows in the evening. Looking forward to your full review.
  13. Thanks, that's a really good price and the hotel looks lovely. We've stayed at quite a few Accor hotels in Europe
  14. Thank you to both of you for this review, doing the ABC islands in February so very interested in this. So sorry you were unwell Rogue, especially if it was because of food poisoning from something you ate on board. Fiona, can you say how much the post departure day room was, trying to decide weather to do that or hire a car for the day, our flight is at 6pm.