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  1. It's true most hen and stag weekends are going to be in UK this year. My son should of got married last year but now it's Aug this year and he thinks the stag do will be in UK. So it is a possibility some could book these seacations but I think its unlikely.
  2. Pubs open for outside drinking and dinning today, but we have snow 😂
  3. Our next stage in our road map to lift the lockdown is today. Non essential shops to open. Outdoor pubs and cafes can open, gyms and hairdressers and beauty saloons are opening today also. Just off to the gym, and having a patch test at the saloon later this morning 👍 We're also in the middle of a snow storm, hubby just gone out to scrap my car for me 😊
  4. It's reported that he flew in yesterday. Needs to isolate for 5 days then get a negative PCR test. Hopefully will be a time to reconcile
  5. Ha, we had the same down in the south. Warm enough to sit out in the garden and then an hour later a snow storm ❄️
  6. Here PCR tests are free if you have symptoms or think you have been exposed to someone with Covid. I know from my contacts in aviation that a lot of people who travelled last autumn complained of a frequent cough, (one of the recognised symptoms) to get the test for free. Not sure if that's still happening 😡
  7. I presume for the coastal cruises with UK only passengers if there's a covid emergency or any other emergency they would put into a UK port. You would then be entitled to NHS treatment. They must of had talks with UK govt officials and need to be clearer as to what the policy is. My annual insurance is through my Nationwide account, I know they've made changes due covid but I haven't checked out the fine details as probably sticking to UK only holidays this year.
  8. Just to say on my phone signatures don't show. They do if I look at CC on my pc
  9. It's fairly unusual to see someone wearing a mask outdoors. It's only necessary on public transport or inside shops.
  10. Thank you Dani, did you know his mother, Princess Alice is honoured in Israel for saving a Jewish family during the war? His life is very interesting
  11. Also read Peru is experiencing really high rates of covid even though they have a good vaccination rate. Not sure which jab they are using, Chinese one? Rates in UK are falling rapidly, roughly fifty/fifty with PZ and AZ
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