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  1. Interesting Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today regarding this topic.Cruise Ship in CDC Dock.pdf Hope the attachment works.
  2. Looks like a bigger balcony. I think the move was a good one. The following link is to a YouTube video of a similar cabin on the Infinity. Shows the larger balcony.
  3. It is back but only shows balcony cabins on deck 6. Strange indeed for a cruise that, at the time it went to Guarantee cabins only, had 10% of the cabins booked. We are booked on this cruise, but it is looking very doubtful that we will go.
  4. We are Elite Plus on Celebrity and sailed with Azamara for the first time in August 2019. We were on Quest and in an aft cabin (not a suite) with great wake views. Because it is a smaller ship, there were vibrations and noise in and out of ports. Nothing that bothered us. We loved most everything about Azamara. The smaller ship made for a more intimate cruise and we had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. We have sailed with Celebrity most of our cruises and most recently in suites. We found the food in the MDR of Azamara quite nice and prepared just the way we like it. D
  5. You all have been very helpful and I do appreciate the information. Right now we have the cabin on hold for the longer portion and have not used an outside TA. Thanks very much!
  6. Thank you. I will try that. The cruise is a bit far out (2022) so they may not be amenable to that at this time. But, never hurts to ask.
  7. We are booked on the short leg of a multi-leg cruise. We have booked a cabin on the shorter leg but find that the cabin we would really like is available only on the longer leg of the cruise. Does any one familiar with Princess know when these cabins open up for the shorter leg? I understand that Princess wants you to take the longer cruise, but that is a bit too long for us. Clearly there must be some logic as to when they decide that the longer leg cannot be booked and then open up the cabins for the shorter leg, but do not know when that might be. May be too difficult a question to ans
  8. Although we are not among those who have received FCC in lieu of a refund, it appears that there are several who have requested refunds from Celebrity but were given FCC instead. These folk have contacted Celebrity to let them know that they had requested refunds and are now back in the queue waiting on their refunds. I would think that you would be better served to contact Celebrity to make the correction. Otherwise, they may assume that they are finished with your cancellation. Several on this site believe that Celebrity is just doing this to stall giving refunds. I would hope that is n
  9. The SS1 cabins are all corner aft cabins. The SS2 cabins can get you close to mid-ship but these cabins will be under the Ocean View Café which can, at times, be quite noisy. We have not been in an SS2 cabin, so cannot speak to any of these cabins directly except for what I read on this site and knowing how loud the public areas can be. We loved our SS1 cabin but always chose one that was below Deck 12 to avoid being under one of the public venues. Good luck with your choice.
  10. There have not been any new updates to the Celebrity website since the posting on the status of the Eclipse on March 17th. Very disappointing that they have chosen to stand firm on a statement made over 9 days ago when things have changed radically in that time with COVID-19.
  11. I would agree with Gracie115. I would add that the S1 9301is also a good choice. These two S1 cabins (1405 and 9301) offer quiet and a larger balcony that is fully exposed to the sun. We have never been disappointed in these cabins. I will always stay away from any cabin that is directly under some of the busier common areas especially the Ocean View Café and the pool. Good luck and have fun.
  12. I have found the hairdryers to be adequate at best. They are 2-speed hairdryers. No heat adjustment. You need to hold the on button continually or the dryer will turn off. If your friend is picky about her hairdryer, she should consider purchasing one and bringing it on board.
  13. Hit or miss, but sometimes Celebrity's Cafe al Bacio has a White Ginger Pear tea that they serve cold. We have asked for it served hot and found it to be good. Not as ginger potent as a pure ginger tea.
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