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  1. I've read several posts about how much the pictures cost for this excursion but no one has posted the actual price. Does anyone know? I'm sorry if this has been previously posted. Thanks.
  2. 2. We sailed on the June 29, 2019 sailing and spent some time in the Solarium. It is not overly crowded for the loungers but I found it was very hot. It's a beautiful place but there aren't enough windows to keep the winds blowing. There are people who will get there very early and get the loungers right by the windows so if you aren't one of the first ones, you will find a lounger, but you will be hot. It is a very nice area though. 3. We rode the Abyss twice. Both times the lines weren't very long. It's a lot of fun. Not asked but will give you the heads up - one of the nicest places on the ship is in the back of Deck 5 (walking track). The breeze is amazing and there are chairs that you can lounge in to talk, read, drink, etc.
  3. Thanks for the info on the door! For me, pouring it over ice is just not the same. It waters it down.
  4. Since the refrigerators in the rooms do not cool well, I have always brought an empty ice chest in my suitcase. (I just pack inside of the empty chest so it's not wasted space.) Once on the boat, I would tip the room steward to fill it with ice to keep our carry on soft drinks cold. I've recently learned that if you keep the door of the cabinet that houses the refrigerator open it helps to keep the refrigerator cold. Who knew?! My question - does it keep it cold enough to actually cool a few soft drinks at a time? I would really LOVE not having to pack an ice chest. TIA.
  5. I'm like you - I've been on 9 Carnival cruises and am trying my first RC in June of 2019 on the Symphony of the Seas. I can't wait! As to RC's website, yes I totally agree. ALSO, they email me all the time telling me to complete my booking but I can't until 90 days out so stop sending me emails about your self-imposed deadline. :) I'm really loving your review and can't wait to read more.
  6. Oceanview balcony on the Symphony of the Seas. I really thought we'd have to do inside due to the cost but couldn't convince hubby. :)
  7. No we just like to spend our sea day time in lounger reading. I'm used to balcony cabins but the sticker shock for a cruise in June on a new ship is pushing me to an inside cabin. My husband's a teacher so summer is really the only time we can cruise. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. This will actually be my 10th cruise but first on RCI. This not seeing the water easily is a new thing for me but I really just want to experience the Oasis class ships at least once.
  9. So in looking at the deck plan would decks 5 and 6 be by the aquatheater? Can you sit there during the day when there are no shows?
  10. First time RCI cruiser on the Symphony of the Seas in June 2019. I've read some comments that say there aren't many community places to see the water. Can you all give a newbie a quick idea of where I might be able to get a water view? I'm pretty sure we will be booking an inside cabin. Thanks so much.
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