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  1. peter_krynicki

    Cruise ship hits Dock Key West no ships for 3 months

    Check this out ---> https://www.keywestharborwebcam.com/ Pjk
  2. peter_krynicki

    Blue Heaven

    Next time you're in port stop by Glazed Donuts. There's a key lime filled on but the apple walnut fritters are great. (They don't call these "sinkers" for nothing)
  3. peter_krynicki

    Key West...what should we do?

    There are two rum distilleries in Key West both of which are within an easy walk of the cruise docks and close to each other: Papas Pilar (and you get the association with Hemingway) ---> https://www.papaspilar.com/ And the First Legal Rum Distillery ---> https://www.keywestlegalrum.com/ You can do free tours and tastings and even do a drink-making class. The dark rum at Papa's is very nice to sip and it has the added benefit of having a great gift shop with both logo and non-logo items. And a great assortment of photos. Pjk
  4. peter_krynicki


    As an alternative to a beach, there's the floating tiki bar ---> But I believe this is BYO. Pjk
  5. peter_krynicki


    If size doesn't matter 8-) you could hit the beach at Simonton about a 10 minute walk form the port. You can at least wade in the water and have a decent lunch and a drink at Lagerheads ---> http://lagerheadsbeachbar.com/ Pjk
  6. peter_krynicki

    KW excursions for a Ship Docking at 1PM

    The Floridays has a 2:00 pm snorkel trip and it also is one of the best ---> https://floridayskeywest.com/ She moors at the dock at the Hyatt on Front Street about a ten minute walk from the docks. Pjk
  7. peter_krynicki

    Key West Port -- planning a trip to Dry Tortugas

    If you think the seaplane is expensive, you're wrong. It's even more expensive: there's the tax, a $10.00 pp park entrance fee (which is included in the boat trip) and almost invariably, taxi fare from the port to the airport and back. That $350 easily tops $400.00. But, having said that it's a great trip of only for the views... Pjk
  8. peter_krynicki

    Key West Craft Beer

    The Waterfront has a better selection of beers so odds of hitting a goodie are better. But on the way stop at the Porch right on lower Duval ---> https://www.theporchkw.com/pages/about-us Pjk
  9. peter_krynicki

    Key west - rum

    The Papa's Pilar rum distillery is worth a visit if only because of the gift shop. Fisherman's shirts, journals, totes, stickers, etc. Both logo and non. Pjk
  10. peter_krynicki

    Mom/Daughter Excursion

    You could fit in a day sail on the Jolly II Rover ---> http://schoonerjollyrover.com/ It's BYO so popular for families with younger children. Pjk
  11. peter_krynicki

    all sunset cruises created equal in Key West?

    Sebago's Captain's Choice Sunset Sail which goes out on the Pelican, one of the nicest, most comfortable boats in Key West. "Our Captain’s Choice Sunset Sail features Sebago’s Pelican, a 41' sailing yacht with no more than 20 guests to ensure an intimate experience. It’s more like a private cruise than a tour and is one of the top things to do in Key West. A chef’s selection of hors d’oeuvres is served during the sail, prepared fresh daily by Sebago's own catering kitchen. Delectable peel & eat shrimp are Sebago's signature dish. Choose your favorite drinks, including cocktails, from the full liquor bar - all included in the cost of your tour! As the sun sinks lower, your captain carefully positions the boat to capture a perfect view of the fiery sky." Pjk
  12. peter_krynicki

    Miami to Key West pre-cruise

    Directions ---> Pjk
  13. peter_krynicki

    Miami to Key West pre-cruise

    This store in Islamorada is fascinating ---> https://stores.basspro.com/us/fl/islamorada/81576-overseas-highway.html You can even look at and board what they bill as the sister ship to Hemingway's boat Pjk
  14. peter_krynicki

    Do we have time for all day excursion?

  15. peter_krynicki

    ISO best conch fritters,key lime pie, and unique cocktails

    Key Lime martinis at the White Tarpon, a small bar between Alonzo's Oyster Bar and the Boathouse at the Bight. And while not unique there's a great make-your-own Bloody Mary bar at the Blue Macaw at the corner of Whitehead and Petronia. You can also taste both the white and dark rum for free at the Papa's Pilar rum distillery. Pjk