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  1. If your time permits, Danger Charters has a half day trip which includes a snorkel stop and a guided kayak tour around a mangrove island and they provide shortie wetsuits. They go out of slips # 7, 8 and 9 which are all very close to the cruise ship docks. Otherwise, Sebago rents wetsuits for their trips. It used to be $10.00. Pjk
  2. The Floridays does a nice three hour snorkel trip out to the reef (and you won't be with 100 other people) ---> https://floridayskeywest.com/ Pjk
  3. The Echo II will take up to 19 passengers ---> https://www.dolphinecho.com/ Give them a call. They moor over at the Bight so you can walk there. Pjk
  4. If you are returning to Key West and are familiar with many of the sights or if you don't need a guided tour you can hop on the Duva Loop bus and ride it for free. It's basically a HOHO ride ---> https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus The loop looks very similar to the Conch Trolley tour. Pjk
  5. Hemingway kiddingly said that his house was on Mount Key West. It was on the highest point of the island, some 14 or so feet above sea level. But it was enough for him to have one of the first pools on the island built. There's an interesting article in the archives of the Key West Chronicle where he describes to the interviewer where it will be, the depth, etc. Pjk
  6. The Kojin Noodle Bar opens at 11:00 (12:00 on Sundays) ---> https://www.yelp.com/biz/kojin-noodle-bar-key-west An easy walk. Pjk
  7. Unfortunately one of the best things, the Lighted Boat parade, is too early in December for you but the Conch Train does several decorated house tours ---> https://www.conchtourtrain.com/key-west-holiday-events.html Pjk
  8. I like Island Dogs on Front Street but they are twice as expensive outside of happy hour... Otherwise, The Half Shell Raw Bar or The Conch Republic Seafood Co. at the Bight. Pjk
  9. Grouper, prepared any way you want it, is one of the fish listed on the Half Shells catch-of-the-way menu. The menu never changes but the fish available do. They only serve catch-of-the-day if it is just that, so you know it's fresh. My favorite way it's prepared is blackened. https://www.halfshellrawbar.com/ Pjk
  10. Check one of the Key West Events Calendars ---> https://keywest.com/calendar/ Pjk
  11. Two: The Half Shell Raw Bar at the Bight, but closer to the docks and a place you might not stumble upon, the beach-side bar at the Pier House, 1 Duval Street. Pjk
  12. Hit Turtle Kraals for either a basket of their fish & chips or a flight of ceviche - four kinds. Pjk
  13. At the Bight there's one between the Schooner Wharf Bar and Turtle Kraals and it's handicap accessible, and there's one right on the docks at the harbor master's office. Pjk
  14. I stopped going to Key West in late November because it was too cold to snorkel, but at that time Danger Charters would provide shorty wetsuits with the cost of their trips and Sebago would rent them for $10.00 pp. You'd have to check if they still do this. Pjk
  15. No, no voucher. Just tickets. I don't know if you can load them to your phone and use that , but I doubt it. Pjk
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