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  1. We joined another couple for a private day tour that included meeting of the waters, lunch at a floating restaurant, "swimming with the pink dolphins" and a visit to an indigenous village....it was a wonderful day because of being in a small group with a large boat, driver and guide to ourselves. As indicated above, "swimming with the dolphins" is not as imagined, if you have done so in Mexico)….you put a life vest around your waist, climb down a short ladder to a platform and stand there as a guides slaps the water with fish and brings the dolphins in to feed. The dolphins do swim around you, between your legs, etc. but we were admonished not to touch them so strictly an up close experience not a swim. The tour was long but we enjoyed every minute of it. Be sure and check if there is a performance at the Opera House the night you are there - truly an experience!!
  2. basor

    Oceania NEXT

    Used them on SIrena last month and they are perfect!!!! They even have rubber strips on them so your foot doesn't slip!
  3. If they are from Coral Gables and named Bruce and Vicki than you are indeed lucky to have met them !
  4. We have close friends sailing with you....they boarded in LAX and sailed all the way across the Pacific. They are also very much enjoying the ship and the cruise.
  5. basor

    Reviews of Oceania

    We are currently on the Sirena and have been for 3 weeks - agree with Petoonya...everything is superb! This is our 8th cruise on Oceania (all on the R ships) and just booked our 9th and 10th while onboard.
  6. JMI - We were planning on going to Antarctica on a "smaller" ship but after comparing routing, time spent ashore in Antarctica, cabin, what is included in the price and the price......we chose to go on the Quest and it was the absolutely best decision. We left Buenos Aires the middle of January for a 21 day cruise ending in Santiago. When traveling to Antarctica , Quest only carries 380 passengers and has an expedition team of 12. The enrichment lectures, the landings and the zodiac trips (now kayak too) were outstanding. Our cruise on Seabourn was the same price as a 10-11 day cruise on a smaller ship and we spent 1 more day in Antarctica. We also walked off the ship with no bill - so actually ended up being less expensive (no bar bill, no gratuities, etc.). I encourage you to look at Seabourn when you begin your investigation of a trip to Antarctica.
  7. A good reminder to look at independent travel insurance instead of purchasing from the cruise line.....then your trip is covered (air, cruise, hotel, tours, etc.) up to the amount of coverage you purchased...
  8. basor

    Just off Sirena

    We have several GMs and CDs that we enjoy …..also we spend out time onboard with other guests not the officers so not a major part of our cruises. Though we do enjoy trivia and if we know a "certain" CD is onboard, we brush up on their areas of questioning - gotta get those Big O points for another key chain 🙂
  9. basor

    Just off Sirena

    I can not answer for other people but we enjoy knowing if some of our favorite management will be sailing with us....they used to list this information in the "Blue Book" but no longer... I am sure it is because people complained if the person listed in their documents ended up not being onboard. It is part of the excitement of looking forward to our next cruise to know we will be seeing some old familiar faces.
  10. basor

    Just off Sirena

    We will be embarking Sirena on the 05NOV so can you let us know who the new GM is plus the other management staff....
  11. Our favorite cruise of all time!!! You also will receive a backpack and beanie hat from Seabourn along with your parka system.…...it is like Christmas with all of the "gifts"
  12. basor

    Classes available in Fitness Center

    Thanks for the quick reply...….realize they will be listed in the Currents but hoping to hear from someone on board now or recently that could give me an idea of times, etc.
  13. We will be on the Sirena for a month and wanting to get an idea of what classes are available in the fitness center - free and paid...… yoga/Pilates/stretch and ? Also when they are offered ( early AM like 7 - UGH) or more reasonable AM times and/or late afternoon. I realize that port days and sea days will be different, just trying to get an idea of what is being offered these days. Also interested in pricing for personal training and or packages. I am recovering from back surgery and have been given the green light to start exercising again. In the past the basic classes, etc. were the same on all of the ships so does not need to be specific to Sirena. Thanks in advance
  14. basor

    Antarctica Cruise Suggestions

    We did a lot of research on various cruises that actually made landings in Antarctica and chose a 21 day cruise on Seabourn. We paid around $30,000.00 total for 2 and that included verandah cabin ( larger than a mini suite on Princess), all inclusive beverages, gratuities and all expedition excursions (2 per day) during the 7 days in Antarctica. The experience was amazing with the 20 person expedition team giving twice daily lectures during the days cruising to Antarctica, with a stop in the Falklands, and the days cruising from Ushuaia via the Chilean Fjords to Santiago. It priced out the same as a 10-11 day expedition cruise out of Ushuaia in a small cabin with drinks, gratuities, extra. We had the same expedition experience but in more comfort..
  15. basor

    Blue Book

    We leave on the 05NOV and received ours the end of last week....if you used a TA then the book might be mailed to them...