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  1. Step 2 definitely has not happened yet!
  2. I am afraid you did not check "ALL" ships and cruises because our Sirena Baltic/Arctic Circle the end of July still has availability...several others have posted additional cruises still showing availability for this summer.
  3. The other important item to remember is there is , generally, only one flight a day between the US and Buenos Aires...it is usually a night flight departing the US around 8-10PM and arriving in BA the next morning so if you miss the flight from the US, you will have to wait until the following evening for the next flight. There are a few exceptions (AA out of MIA) but figure, miss your international flight and it is a guarantee 24 hour delay. I would never plan on arriving the day of the cruise departure from any South American city..... Also, depending upon the itinerary, when
  4. It states in the email that cancellation are moved also.... In order to provide you with an extra measure of flexibility and peace of mind, we are amending the final payment due date for all cruises departing through October 31, 2021 to 60 days prior to departure. Additionally, cancellation penalties will not start until the new final payment deadline, at 60 days prior to departure.
  5. Could you please provide a link concerning Argentina not opening to outside visitors until 3/21 at the earliest.
  6. Understand - we sailed in NOV 2018.......on our particular cruise we saw very few insects of any kind and no mosquitoes. We made sure we had DEET bug spray on any exposed skin when going ashore and wore long sleeve shirts and pants when we went ashore. Everyone we spoke with on the cruise also mentioned their surprise at the lack of insects aboard and on shore. We enjoyed the cruise and our time on the Amazon.
  7. We sailed on the SIrena roundtrip out of Miami - our Dr.'s also did not recommend getting the yellow fever shots and gave us a signed note in our vaccination record. We took this with us but no one ever asked us if we had the shot or to see our DR's note. It is a recommendation not a requirement of Oceania or any of the countries visited on this itinerary.
  8. Which cruise? We are departing on Sirena from Copenhagen in July and staying onboard for the cruise up the Norway Coast to the Artic.
  9. Our agent charges a consulting fee when putting together a complicated itinerary or one with lots of moving pieces.....it is quoted up front and collected up front. The fee is then deducted from our final payment or returned to us if all payments are direct to suppliers. I think that is very fair and do not feel she is gouging us.
  10. This is not true - the price is the same whether you buy through a TA or direct - I have checked several times and there is no difference in price, at least with TravelGuard. I gladly have our TA book our insurance so she can get a commission!
  11. I thought that all COVID-19 discussions were going to stay off cruise topics and instead be posted on the COVID-19 topic....this topic, as so many others, has disintegrated into back and forth arguments about mask wearing., etc.
  12. We have been playing Bingo via Zoom with family in Argentina and other family in Oregon every weekend and all 3 generations have lots of fun - even older grandchildren!
  13. I believe the idea was instead of almost every Oceania topic morphing into a discussion of COVID-19 that a COVID-19 topic be started and then those people that want to discuss COVID-19 issues on the Oceania board can read/post here and the other topics related to Oceania cruising can stay on topic...
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