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  1. We love their Reuben but it is so big we have to split.....leaves more room for ice cream ☺️
  2. A vaccine does not guarantee 100% reliability either......just look at the flu vaccine. There is nothing that will give anyone a 100% guarantee that they are immune to COVID 19. Also, as we have already seen, COVID 19 is already mutating so already need vaccines for several strains.
  3. Metro Portland, OR area is still on lock down......most of the rest of the State has been approved for Phase 1 of Governor's plan so salons, restaurants with limited seating, etc. are open. They will be in Phase 2 before Portland area even applies for Phase 1. My hair hasn't been this long in 40 years!!!!
  4. I believe she asked for no critique but wanted to express what she wants to do for now.....please don't offer your negative responses unless specifically asked for. You have stated your preference for land vacations which is wonderful for you but not for everyone.....thank goodness we have different options to choose from and find the one that works for us.
  5. Princess, Holland America and Seabourn have announced suspension of all of their cruises until mid to late November....
  6. You mean only people who read and post on CC have not indicated on this post that they have not received a refund lately...…..this is a very small minority of Oceania clients. I do not think that you can make a blanket statement that Oceania is not making any refunds based on post here. I personally know people who have received refunds in the last 2 weeks but they do not read or post on CC...
  7. It appears that NCLH (including Oceania) is not preparing to file for bankruptcy in the next 2 weeks: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-ltd-successfully-secures-over-2-billion-of-additional-liquidity-in-oversubscribed-capital-markets-transactions-2020-05-06\\
  8. In our experience, travel insurance companies will not refund a premium but will allow you to transfer the policy to a new trip......we just did this with 2 cruises.
  9. We will certainly be looking to see what is offered and willing to put a deposit down on a great priced cruise in late 2021 - 2022.....also have 2 cruises for late 2020 booked while on board Sirena that can be changed so no deposit required . Options are good...
  10. I heard a rumor that there will be an Oceania sale starting on Monday, 04MAY ….
  11. Thank you for the suggestion.....they do not live in or near Buenos Aires but live in the 7 Lakes District on the Chilean/Argentine border. They are looking into flying out of Santiago, if they can get across the border.. Delta is tentatively going to start service between Santiago and Atlanta mid May.. It is an easy ferry ride from Buenos Aires to Montevideo for those living on that side of the country but, again, the borders are closed and, as of now, no international flights departing from Montevideo. Again with the strict no travel restrictions, even getting in your car and driving anywhere is not allowed so multiple issues to deal with that we are not faced with here in the US.
  12. US Citizens can register with the US Embassy in Buenos Aires and then, if there is a repatriation flight, the citizens are notified . The flights are not free and cost many thousands of dollars per person. Here is a link to their web page with the details....an interesting read particularly concerning what is entailed to get to the airport - https://ar.usembassy.gov/health-alert-argentina-6/
  13. Both born and raised in Beaverton, moved around SW Portland area and now live in Tigard...love Grants Pass- went rafting on the Rogue every summer in the 80's - 90's...
  14. Both born and raised in Beaverton, moved around SW Portland area and now live in Tigard...love Grants Pass- went rafting on the Rogue every summer in the 80's - 90's...
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