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  1. We disembarked from Sirena last November and did not get off the ship until 9 (lines were wound around the ship) , through customs fairly quickly (no Global Entry) and then waited for almost an hour for UBER( contacted them while still on ship)...very glad our flight was not until 2PM.....I wish you best of luck!
  2. basor


    If you are wanting flowers for yourself.....you can purchase and bring the flowers/bouquets on board with you.,...we have done this several times in Miami and other ports. There may be some ports where you are not allowed to bring flowers on board (check with guest services) but usually it is banned from taking items off the ship not bringing them on board. We have collapsible vases we bring in our suitcase and then just buy fresh flowers and bring onboard and make our own bouquets - much cheaper!
  3. Thank you for your thoughtful reply......the 28 day cruise is in 2021 and when booked, we had not signed up for the other cruises, thus our contract does not reflect the correct OBC.....I will ask for a new contract once we have completed our other 2 cruises and make the effort to check the contract - sorry to bother you!
  4. This is not a B2B but one cruise 28 days long....that is why I was trying to figure out if and when we would receive our Silver benefits....
  5. Thanks for all of the great replies....we were specifically interested in the pre-paid gratuities benefit and higher amount of OBC. On this cruise our TA has included pre-paid gratuities so wondering if we will receive OBC for our silver benefit of pre-paid gratuities? Also, will we receive the larger Silver benefit of OBC?
  6. We will have 8 cruise credits when boarding our 28 day cruise on Riviera.....this cruise will give us 2 more credits. Our question is will we receive Silver benefits on this cruise (since we will have 10 including this cruise) or will we receive the benefits on the next cruise which would be cruise credit 11+ I have searched but could not find any discussion on this topic... Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Mura - that was our thought, we will not be onboard to drink (other than meals and a night cap in the room) until the TA portion so prefer to wait until the ocean crossing starts to upgrade to premium..
  8. We are taking a B2B sailing (sold as a grand voyage) with the first port intensive and the second a TA...….if I understand correctly, we can purchase our "upgrade" to premium package at any time, thus allowing us to wait until the start of the ocean crossing to pay for the upgrade? We chose the beverage package for our "OLife" option.
  9. If you have an American Express Platinum card and use it to pay the deposit and final payment for a cruise on Oceania, you will be eligible for: Receive valuable amenities on sailings of five nights or more with your American Express Card.* • $300 per stateroom shipboard credit • Premium Wine Tasting event, plus a bottle of wine of your choice from the tasting menu This is available for any booking whether booked directly with Oceania, a regular travel agent or an American Express Travel Agent. There are some promotions that it is not combinable with but always best to check. We have used this on most of our Oceania Cruises and they were booked via a regular TA.
  10. On this particular cruise we had the all inclusive beverage package so all room service alcohol was included....if you have the regular beverage package then wine/.beer is included with any meals served in your cabin. If no beverage package then the liquor is added to your shipboard account.
  11. Thanks to several former CC members, we learned that having a "Butler Hint List" to give to our butler when we meet on the first day makes his/her life much easier. It gives them an idea of how you will be using his services and helps them plan their day. Here is an example of our list: Ron and Barbara Tigard, OR Nov 05 – Nov 30, 2018 PH # 8048 We wish to thank you, in advance, for all of your assistance during our upcoming cruise. This will be our 14th Oceania cruise. Below are a few ideas to assist your planning: 1) We enjoy continental breakfast daily around 7:30 to include green tea (no sugar, no cream…), juice (tomato and fresh squeezed orange juice). Barbara would like a small bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries and Ron enjoys melon – no mango or pineapple. The only days this would change is if we need to be ashore early for a shore excursion. We will let you know the day ahead if we need the time changed. 2) We are fruit nibblers and enjoy munching on a bowl of grapes during the day. 3) We rarely use the liquor or pop in the refrigerator and prefer drinking a glass of Perrier/San Pellegrino with sliced lemon on ice during the day. 4) We are red wine drinkers and would like to have 4 nice wine glasses daily so we can share a glass with friends. 5) We like hors d'oeuvres each evening around 5:30PM and would appreciate some fresh cut vegetables, fresh fruit, mixed nuts or anything not too unhealthy 😊. We also would like 2 glasses of Carmenera. 6) We enjoy a glass of port before retiring in the evening. We would like having 2 glasses of port in the room before 9PM. You can put these in the room any time during the evening that fits into your schedule. 7) We enjoy having dinner in our room from the specialty restaurants several times a cruise…...we are totally flexible on timing and, usually dates. We use this opportunity to enjoy the wonderful food without “dressing up”. Also, we do not order all of the courses and prefer the food be delivered and not served course by course so you are free to serve others. Please do not hesitate to let us know anything we can do to make your life easier. Thank you again, Ron and Barbara We have found the butlers really appreciate the list.....just one idea of how to enjoy the opportunity of having a butler.
  12. We did this last November on Sirena up the Amazon. Sent in request several months ahead and received approval. They need to approve because of the immigration customs of various countries. Apparently there are some countries that will not allow someone to board a ship that did not arrive with the ship. The approval is to make sure there is not an immigration problem. Ours went very smoothly and the onboard staff were very helpful and accommodating.
  13. We joined another couple for a private day tour that included meeting of the waters, lunch at a floating restaurant, "swimming with the pink dolphins" and a visit to an indigenous village....it was a wonderful day because of being in a small group with a large boat, driver and guide to ourselves. As indicated above, "swimming with the dolphins" is not as imagined, if you have done so in Mexico)….you put a life vest around your waist, climb down a short ladder to a platform and stand there as a guides slaps the water with fish and brings the dolphins in to feed. The dolphins do swim around you, between your legs, etc. but we were admonished not to touch them so strictly an up close experience not a swim. The tour was long but we enjoyed every minute of it. Be sure and check if there is a performance at the Opera House the night you are there - truly an experience!!
  14. Used them on SIrena last month and they are perfect!!!! They even have rubber strips on them so your foot doesn't slip!
  15. If they are from Coral Gables and named Bruce and Vicki than you are indeed lucky to have met them !
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