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  1. There are quite a few banks that offer debit cards with ATM fees refunded. We use our Charles Schwab debit card all over the world and have had all ATM fees refunded....well worth it.
  2. Interesting, as people are posting on the Roll Call thst they have independent air arrangements and are receiving Oceania transfers - from the airport not the City of Venice. You might have your TA check again with Oceania as perhaps Oceania misunderstood and thought you were looking for a transfer from the City of Venice.....we have independent air arrangements and ,when the change to Trieste was made, we were offered a free transfer from airport to port on day of embarkation. Posted an hour ago on roll call: I just spoke with Oceania and was informed that even though we did not book our air reservations through them, we can have a complimentary transfer from the Marco Polo airport to Trieste on November 9. According to this agent, there will be no shuttles from the City of Venice. Shuttles will leave from the airport from 8:00am to l:00pm. He could not give me a full schedule nor could he say that a full schedule would ever be posted. He said to just come between 8:00 and l:00, according to him. He added the transfers to our booking.
  3. We ( 2 couples) also are staying at the Doubletree beginning th 05NOV.....have booked several private day tours to Slovenia and Croatia..
  4. You might want to check where you will embark for your cruise since Italy closed the main cruise port along the Grand Canal. Many of the cruise lines have moved their operations to the port in Trieste..still quite easy to enjoy Venice and then transfer over to Trieste for embarkation.
  5. We ordered ours through Optum aboth 2 weeks ago and expiraton date is 12/31/2021......we board Marnia on 09NOV so works for us to test in Trieste hotel 24 - 48 hours prior to embarkation
  6. Unfortunately the ones for sale in Walgreens, CVS, etc. are only the home test without proctoring and not accepted for travel. You need to use the proctored test for travel and they are not sold in local stores, only online.
  7. And the new itinerary is here - atw-2022-ins220106g.pdf (oceaniacruises.com)
  8. We have AMEX Platinum and has every cruise line but Oceania(😪
  9. To cover all of our bases, since we are arriving 4 days prior to our cruise, we are taking 2 COVID test (one as a backup) less than 72 hours prior to arrival in Italy and then doing another test 48 hours prior to boarding the cruise (using a proctored PCR test in our hotel room). We will arrive at the embarkation with a wad full of negative COVID test!
  10. Ray Carr has mentioned on his FB page that he will be the CD for the first half of the 2022 ATW and Leslie John will be CD for second half.......he is heading to Insignia in November along with many other crew.
  11. Embarkation is boarding your cruise ship......
  12. I have no idea - but if you click on the provided link, it will take you to their store where they sell the kits....sent FEDEX and received in 48 hours.
  13. You can buy the home self test at any pharmacy, etc....CVS, Walgrens, etc....it is meant to be a quick way for you to see if you have COVID, Works like a home pregancy test - swab your nose, put swab in the provided vial and wait until the lines turn color. Cost is less than $25.00 for 2 kits. We bought our monitored test from Optum - Home Medical Tests & Home Medical Devices | Optum Store ....we bought the 2 pack for $70.00 Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test with eMed Telehealth Services - 2 Pack for Travel. I am sure you can purchase other places too - just needs to home test with eMed Telehealth Services.
  14. As long as you purchase the BinaxNow test kit that includes the in person monitoring.....BinaxNow has 2 tyoes of test, 1 at home that just gives you the results with no monitoring and 1 that you take at home (or hotel) with a live monitoring by a professionall The monitored test includes you receiving, via email, a certification that your tested negative. Airlines, cruise ships, etc,. accept the monitored test but not the at home non monitored. We purchased the monitored Binzxnow to take with us and we will take 48 hours prior to embarkation at our hotel. We are arriving into Italy 5 days prior to embarkation.
  15. Only thing I can think is because you are a guarantee and don't have a specific cabin....
  16. It show up on my booking.....when you click on the cruise under booked cruises, it will show as Total ship board credits and when you click on Total Ship Board Credits, it will show the breakdown of the credits..... My Next Cruise View All Booked Cruises Booking # 30....... | Manage This Booking Total Ship Board Credits:$950 TRIESTE TO MIAMI ATLANTIC HORIZONS 22-Day Voyage Marina NOV 9 2021 TO DEC 1 2021
  17. The others (Quatk, Crystal, etc.) all depart from Ushuaia.....Argentina is opening their borders to International travelers on 01NOV2021 and had announced earlier that they would allow cruise passengers for Antarctica.
  18. Silverseas, Crystal, Quark, etc. have not canceled their Antarctica cruises for 2022 and they involve both Chile and Agentina.
  19. Thanks Keith - that was our experience on Seabourn and glad to know we can eliminate the fancy clothes from the pile!
  20. Your experience is different than mine with canceled Oceania cruises booked through a travel agency....our travel agent gave Oceania our credit card for payment, payment showed on credit card "Oceania Cruises " and when our cruise was canceled the credit went back on our credit card from Oceania. Our travel agency never was involved in the refund of money. If the payment is via check then, obviously, the travel agency would need to send the money to Oceania and be involved in the cash payment return. It appears that different travel agencies handle payment differently. A good thing to know and check on for future cruises.
  21. We will be joining Crystal Endeavor in Feb 2022 as part of a fly fishing trip to Argentina. We are wondering what is the evening dress code in Antarctica - suit, coat and tie or nice slacks and button down shirt for men? Dressy dresses or nice pants and tops for women? We are trying to minimize our packing as it is already full with summer and fishing attire for 2 1/2 week pre cruise plus cold weather gear for Antarctica. We know we will receive a parka, etc. upon boarding... TIA
  22. Here is a link to a detailed information sheet sent out by Oceania on the 28SEP2021: Travel-and-Entry-Requirements-28-September-Update.pdf (oceaniacruises.com)
  23. We are not sure so figurered we would take the test within 72 hours of embarkation so no question as to 72 hours timeline
  24. Agree - we are arriving 4 days early to explore Trieste and surrounding areas..
  25. Oceania will still require all take their test prior to embarkation, irregardless if you have taken another test earlier.....it does not have anything to do with embarkation testing at the pier rather in proving that COVID is not a PEC in the days prior to embarkation. 2 different issues....
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