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  1. Nope, no additional fee. I believe there are four or six. About the only time we find one vacant is a port day when we stay on the ship. They are really nice.
  2. Included for suite and Pinnacle guests (so definitely not free - we pay for them!!).
  3. This huge area is at the front of Symphony's suite sun deck. These six or so beds are there but chair hogs always claimed them during my two cruises.
  4. I've had one on Allure and Adventure. They both had doors to the bedrooms and the second bath was very near the smaller bedroom. They are quite nice - enjoy!
  5. Yes indeed it varies. On two recent sailings I was told they had received a letter from Miami stating no more frappes for any amount of coffee card punches - pay with seapass only. Just off Jewel where I could get frappes for one punch.
  6. Thanks. He was there the first week of January but treated us quite poorly so want to avoid any sailing with him.
  7. Do you know how long Ricardo will be on Anthem? Sorry, I know I should be familiar with the concierge rotations.
  8. This piqued my curiosity so I checked my upcoming sailings that are on ships with Coastal Kitchen and find I can book CK through the cruise planner only on Symphony. I am Pinnacle and in balcony cabins on all but Harmony where I am in a junior suite. Symphony - Yes Ovation - No Harmony - No Oasis - No
  9. Make sure and mention it to crew and officers you encounter. You never know what they might do. What a wonderful ship to honeymoon on!
  10. Yes, but pre-made in January. The ones I got were warm, not hot, but fairly tasty.
  11. The one on the right is my sister. She was on the Enchantment once in 2010 with me and other family but her daughter has never cruised. Her late husband was from the Netherlands. Must be a look-alike!
  12. I've found one and hidden a couple of my own on Anthem and Symphony.
  13. It was 1997, and as my sister and I descended the stairs of the magnificent Grandeur dining room, we felt like movie stars in our long glamorous gowns. And so it began...……….
  14. Okay. But wow, a couple at the table looked like you two in your photo.
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