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  1. Yes, I would imagine. Just saw that we can invite a guest. Air fare for us is way too much with this short notice so will not partake. Now if they invite us to Jersey or Baltimore, we'll definitely drive there.
  2. Thanks, I'll do that next month on Ovation. Are there any good sailings on the current certificate?
  3. Great! I just checked and I earned 2660 casino points on my last cruise before the shutdown, so hopefully I'll get a certificate.
  4. I have always answered no except several years ago regarding a Radiance Alaska sailing. Our MDR waiter hounded us every day to give a score of ten. He insisted that we and the others around us call him "Ten" during the cruise so we wouldn't forget. It was so ridiculous and I included it on my survey.
  5. I've tried three different browsers and cleared the cache. Can get into only two of 25 bookings - Mariner and one of my two Odysseys. I just called the Diamond Plus desk and after being on hold 37 minutes while the rep conferred with IT, he said it won't be fixed right away but check next Friday, July 23 and it may be okay. 😵
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