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  1. Here is a photo. I don't remember any, but maybe they do have some.
  2. Already booked ours for B2B in February, 2021. The expiration date was 3/31/21.
  3. Doesn't recognize ours either. Thought for sure we had been kicked to the curb. 💥
  4. I have completed an L&S on a booking that included a $600 casino discount (certificates earned from gambling). They did, however, add the $600 to the protected price on the new date. That is still $2000 cheaper than next year's sailing.
  5. I tried with a complimentary casino cruise where I paid only port and tax plus upgrade fees and it was a no. What is a player development host?
  6. Anthem - Bar Harbor, Maine
  7. Not available yet for us. We were also told May 15, but I am not surprised that didn't happen.
  8. This person lucked out I guess. #787 in the big thread: "I booked the August 2020 cruise this morning with the intention to eventually Lift and Shift. The absolutely wonderful CSR suggested we just go ahead and try to lift and shift right away since the cruises were already showing up in her system. She was able to lift and shift it less than 2 hours after I booked it, no having to wait 24 hours."
  9. I read on another thread (I think the very large "enhanced" topic) that someone did just that. I did one L&S about 40 hours after booking.
  10. No. I did an L&S from Adventure to Freedom.
  11. 48 Days since I clicked the refund link. RCI says the refund was dispersed 5/6 - credit card company says NOPE.
  12. Coastal Classic Train ride Anchorage to Seward
  13. Coastal Classic Train ride Anchorage to Seward
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