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  1. It’s not a question of offending anyone. Vegans are not forced to ingest meat while non-smokers are forced to ingest smoke from nearby smokers. Huge difference.
  2. Not only do I believe this would never happen, I foresee a ban on smoking in the casino (kind of difficult to smoke and wear a mask).
  3. While I can’t imagine wanting to iron ever, this is still not allowed. So many other ways to remove wrinkles, why chance it.
  4. Dining room meals only when the dining room is serving them.
  5. I’m 74 and a recent widow so pretty much did the same. I usually have my cousin and his family (about 8 people) but decided to not do that this year. I had three of my fellow cat breeder friends come on Saturday, two of whom live alone and work from home and the third also lives alone but has had the virus and gets tested weekly for her job). I had a free turkey from my super market so roasted that and everyone brought something. Since they are not having cat shows now where we usually get together and we live 2-4 hours apart, it was great to visit for the day.
  6. That’s the report I saw. On the upside , all of the crew tested negative.
  7. True, but one would think that a simple search was done on the proposed trademark prior to spending the money to file an application (one of my tasks in the 43+ years I spent in IP law).
  8. Big difference between a patent or a trademark. Can still take years to clear the USPTO but they can use it in the meantime.
  9. I think I read something like this, like if the other person is elderly the FCC could be transferred to someone else.
  10. If you purchase now the rate is locked in for you. If it goes down you can cancel and rebook.
  11. Won a cruise in review tape once. Glad I hadn’t paid for it as it was mainly stock footage. Did win $250 on a quarter slot before the casino became a smoking lounge.
  12. I was so jealous Saturday. Sent a birthday message to a friend who is currently living in Finland. She was on a cruise then ported in Latvia and looking forward to the grand buffet that evening.
  13. I think I would book daughter and SIL in the grand suite and children in the adjoining balcony (if you don’t want to spring for two GSs. No one will care who sleeps where. Think it would be easier to have children get access to GS perks than an adult.
  14. Which brings me to a question - if you stop there twice would your pass be good for both stops or would they expect you to buy a second pass?
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