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  1. Someone can get the wheelchair from the cabin once it opens and bring it to her.
  2. They can’t leave the chair as they only have so many and need to return to the terminal with it to help the next person. If you arrive before cabins are ready, they will leave you usually somewhere you can have lunch. If you arrive after cabins open, they will take you to your cabin. When DH is in need of a chair, we arrive after cabins are open.
  3. Kids usually enjoy the production shows and definitely the ice show. Kid’s club starts at age 3. If there is only one adult and unless she is the legal guardian, she will need to book a cabin that holds five - must call to do this.
  4. While it is possible they could change, it is highly improbable. Congratulations. You will have a wonderful trip.
  5. I’ve never heard of one. I think they would take up more valuable real estate than would be profitable.
  6. Yes, and it can be really annoying to your neighbors if left on.
  7. Fact - bartenders get 18% of drinks sold plus any extra cash given to them (which is sometimes shared). They are not part of the auto tip pool.
  8. Bar staff is not covered by autograts so your entire post is moot.
  9. Posts like this never fail to make me laugh. People have been cruising long before there were cellphones, WiFi, apps and the like (and lets not even talk about bottled water). Discuss at dinner any plans for the next day. Maybe meet for breakfast. A simple “if you want to meet up for lunch, we’ll outside the dining room at 12:30, otherwise we’ll see you later.” Pick a spot near the pool where you tend to hang out and have your teens check in at predetermined times. They can also leave post-it notes or voice messages in the cabin. It’s really not all that difficult.
  10. Is the cruise in the near future or over the summer? Could be that cabins that will accommodate more than two are sold out. They will be more pricey than a cabin that will only accommodate two. Have you tried checking with a travel agent or calling the cruise line directly?
  11. Suggest you read post #5. To the OP - bring a soft cooler and ask your room steward to keep it filled with ice. Put it in the shower stall in case it leaks. Special needs might be able to supply an actual refrigerator but remember it will take up precious floor space. That pool might be too large for the pool deck - Target has a cute little “duck” tub that is a much better size. They also fit in the shower if you don’t have a tub to bathe the baby.
  12. I’d suggest she bring a travel set. Games on the ship could be hit or miss (parts could be missing,etc.).
  13. All you can do is ask on the first night. If they do allow her to age down, she won’t be able to bounce back and forth between the groups.
  14. You can’t just dawdle. They need to get the tables turned over for the next seating.
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