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  1. I usually think of it this way - how would I feel if I were entitled to a perk and someone else dragged in their friends/families who were not entitled to the perk and made me wait longer.
  2. Guess I’m the only one who doesn’t mind it at all. My hair tends to be oily so don’t use much in the way of conditioner. It also works well for washing small items in the sink. I also have no problem with the hairdryer.
  3. Thanks. Never been on Empress. They don’t have a lounge, right?
  4. No, unless they’ve changed recently, the teen groups would be 12-14 and 15-17. Sometimes they are combined for some activities depending on how many are onboard.
  5. Vouchers are for Diamond and above, not for people in suites who do not have that status.
  6. Part will depend on how many passengers require wheelchair assistance since there are a limited number of chairs and pushers.
  7. Oh, sure. They make it as difficult as possible to use those balcony discounts.
  8. Linking reservations is only for MDR seating, nothing else.
  9. If they allowed them to be checked out at ports, they would have to charge a pretty hefty deposit or people would be leaving them all over the beach like they do with towels.
  10. They also sell coffee bags like tea bags. You just need hot water.
  11. I don’t think there is a private departure lounge either. Believe that comes when you hit Platinum as I recall. Definitely no priority tender or concierge.
  12. And you also do not get free room service. Gotta love that closet though. Gives you an extra changing room which is great with four in the cabin.
  13. And unless your cabin has the bed by the balcony, you will not get it into the cabin at all. If it’s not one of the larger scooters, it should fit through the door without having to remove the arms.
  14. So there you go. You’ve got your definitive answer in writing. Obviously not the answer you wanted but we see a lot of that here. Have a good day.
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