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  1. Since you will be in NE, you will have plenty of opportunities to get delicious reasonably priced lobster in port. My favorite was a little walk-up window with a couple of picnic tables we happened to pass on our way back to the tender. Fresh lobster rolls and homemade ice cream. No dinner for us that night.
  2. Funny you should mention the food. My friend’s granddaughter just returned from an MSC cruise (don’t know which ship) and said that the food was horrible. Now it wasn’t that they served Italian food as she is of Italian descent and has traveled in Italy, it was just bad. She begged her grandmother to make her a good meal as soon as she got home.
  3. If the kids are not big soda drinkers, you can always just purchase the occasional can. You are allowed to bring 12 cans on with you at embarkation so that may be all you need. Our grandkids were not soda drinkers so never had to deal with this. They were big on milk and lemonade and had no problem with tap water. I always brought them sports bottles and filled them with ice water from the WJ for excursions.
  4. My concern would be lifeboat capacity and you might not be able to put him back in the cabin if you take him out.
  5. I think you are absolutely right. Not gonna give them away when they can squeeze a few more $$$ out of people.
  6. Definitely not like Vegas where you can pick up and go to another casino if you want. You are a captive audience on the ship. As noted above, if you have accumulated enough points you can get free drinks.
  7. Just like a land restaurant, if you don’t have a reservation and they have an empty table available, you can just walk in. You will be charged then. As far as lunch, need to know what ship.
  8. The Promanade Cafe (not really a restaurant but has small sandwiches and pastries) is open almost 24 hours - they close briefly for cleaning at some point during the night. You do not need to get a package. Just pay as you go. To use the freestyle machines, however, you will need a soda package which is much cheaper than $700.
  9. Some of us don’t understand why anyone would care what you always have for breakfast either on a cruise or at home. Aside from the fact that it is totally irrelevant to the initial post.
  10. Actually, the discount when it did exist could only be applied to the onboard purchase of the drink package which made it much cheaper to purchase in advance so I don’t see many taking advantage of it anyway. If they offered it on purchases made in advance on the cruise planner it might have been worthwhile.
  11. Oh, good. I’m pretty sure the nursery charges $5 per hour during the day and $6 per hour after 6. Sign up as soon as you board to get the hours you want. I think you can only get ten initially but if it’s not busy it will open up for more. While the kid’s club is free, there is a charge after 10 pm.
  12. With respect to the kids club, it starts at age 3, so the 2 year old is too young to attend at all. Not sure if Voyager has a nursery. The 3 year old must be completely potty trained. They will not help at all. As for the dining package, just get for the two of you. When you make your reservations onboard, then you would book a table for four.
  13. Any chance that the liquor store would package and ship it home for you?
  14. You would need to tell your child where you will be and if they leave AO they must physically check in with you. If counselors need to contact you they will call and leave a message in your cabin.
  15. I’ll agree with you there. I came down with strep throat on a Celebrity cruise once. The doctor (and I’ll use that term loosely) was totally clueless, gave me completely inappropriate meds and I was miserable until the end of the cruise. Couldn’t wait to get home and see a real doctor who had me back to normal in a couple of days. Now, I’m not saying there might not be a really stellar doctor on board but you never know.
  16. Yet again you failed to read even the first post. It is not their child and, no, I would not consider taking the grandchildren on every vacation. I’d rather see parents leave their kids home than dumping them in AO as soon as it opens and expect that they will stay there until bedtime (sorry, different thread).
  17. I believe. When ships had Portofino, their filet was always better than Chops. We loved that place but, of course, before long favorite items started to disappear from the menu.
  18. No problem at all. People do it all the time. As noted above, as long as your daughter is across the hall or next door she can be booked into her own cabin.
  19. That’s IF you plan to use Adventure Dining. Of course, OP is assuming their kids will want to be there during all available hours. Some might, some might not. Have experienced both. Also, the younger child must be completely potty trained.
  20. No, they do expect you to feed them lunch at least. I think the hours are something like 9-12, 2-5 and 7-10 (after which there is an hourly charge. On port days you can leave them all day.
  21. I’m thinking little Stevie handled things in a much more mature manner. Did not act like a whiny little kid.
  22. Glad you got this sorted out but fail to see how bringing your children will offset the cost. You do know you can’t “share” a drink package, right?
  23. I think the real answer is whenever they feel like it. No rhyme nor reason.
  24. Sometimes the room steward will say anything to keep the passengers happy in hopes of a bigger tip.
  25. Purely speculative but maybe trying to see how many people spend the entire happy hour guzzling as many drinks as possible. Wouldn’t be surprised if they started putting a limit on number of drinks allowed.
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