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    "Live onboard AOS"

    Susan, My husband and I are not formal people either, but we ended up doing both formal nights. When I say formal, it should probably be in quotes. There were a few guys who were in hawaiian shirts and shorts at a table close to us and we definitely didn't see as many evening dresses on the second night. On the second formal night my husband wore his suit (no tie) and I was in a simple, long sundress which was more than appropriate for the evening. Our lobster night was suppose to be on Friday, but there was a mixup and not enough lobsters were available so it was moved to Saturday. Char
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    Tell me about Balconies!

    We just got back from our first cruise on Adventure of the Seas and we had the balcony....NO WAY WILL WE EVER BOOK AN INSIDE STATEROOM!!! The view from the balcony was incredible and it was really nice being able to relax on the balcony after dinner. Char
  3. That's awesome, i'm so jealous!!! We don't get into San Juan until tomorrow night. We're staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan. I am so excited this being our first cruise. See ya on the ship!!! :) Char