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  1. APH

    Asia 2016

    I've attached the sailing schedule for the exotics for 2015/16 so scroll throuh at your leisure! Lots of exciting choices with the Sapphire based in Asia permanently and the Sun Princess sailing on the cherry blossom cruise. The Diamond is aso based in Japan for the nothern hemisphere summer. Enjoy! :D 2015-16ExoticsSailingSchedule&FareChart_Final.pdf
  2. APH


    Hello Mysticalmother, thank you for your kind response, sorry it's taken me a while to reply but have only been online fleetingly! No rush at all to search for the brochure, please prioritise unpacking things you need first! Would love to know if you do manage to track down the brochure but only of you'd be happy to part with it if it's not of sentimental value :D Thank you everyone for your replies :)
  3. Sorry Caribill, think I went over old ground with the bit about Vikings!!!!!!! Didn't mean to indulge in some plagiarism from your post!!!! :D
  4. The Grand Princess, at the time the largest cruise ship in the world and the new Princess flagship, entered service in the Med in May 1998 but she was christened in New York by Olivia de Havilland over four months later, after her maiden crossing in September. I can understand the wariness of falling foul of superstitions but seafaring folk can be more superstitious than most! As a few examples, it was considered unlucky to start a voyage on a Friday, to bring flowers onboard (associtation with funerals), whistle or clap your hands (brings on wind and thunder), bathe in the ocean (tempting fate for drowning) or even bring a woman onboard - except in port after a long voyage! On the other hand, it is lucky to wear tattoos, to sail with a black cat onboard and to throw a pair of old shoes overboard when possible. With regards to christening a ship with champagne, the origins of the tradition apparently date back to the Vikings. When they launched a longboat, it is said that they tied their prisoners to the skids, and the boats crushed their bodies as they slid into the water. The Greeks were also said to grease the skids with blood. Wine stood in for blood in later days but because launching a ship was a prestigious event, champagne was considered more fitting!
  5. APH


    Hello all! I was wondering whether anyone might have a copy somewhere of the 2001/2002 P&O brochure featuring the itinerary and photos of the beautiful old Victoria in her farewell season? I am desperately trying to pull together some memorabilia and this ship holds some lovely memories for my family and I. There is scant information online and I just missed out on an old publicity brochure on eBay. If anyone does have one of these brochures I would love to hear from you. Thankyou so much in advance, Andy
  6. Hello, I was wondering if someone could confirm if the list of senior officers for each ship is still available on the P&O website? You used to be able to type into the search bar and get dire ted to a link bu t I cant seem to now. :confused: Thanks so much!
  7. Thannkyou for all your kind words! I will write a more detailed update on how things have been going in a day or two. It's lovely to know people are still interested! Andy
  8. Thankyou so much Kim, that would be great! My email is: aph3012@msn.com Thankyou again! Andy
  9. Hello all! It's been a few years since my last post and I now no longer work for Princess having spent a few years with the company before moving to Seabourn and now shoreside in Australia. I hope everyone has been well. I was wondering whether anyone currently onboard the Pacific Princess would be able to save and scan a copy of the bio of the Captain, Karl Austin. I've sailed a few times with Mr. Austin when he was a Staff Captain and was so pleased to hear he'd been promoted. Many thanks in advance! Andy
  10. Coiran...Graham Seymour is the former Caribbean Princess Cruise Director who has just moved to Royal Caribbean. He has been posting on these boards as "Hammy's Manager" (:confused: ). He is recognised as one of the 'legendary' CD's in the industry - he is a big loss to Princess. We sailed with him in February and found him hilarious - not entirely sure about the thong, though!!! :p Hope this helps! Andy
  11. Hi Graham! Looking forward to the DVD - should bring back some (interesting) memories!! :p Hope you're having a great time and have settled in with 'The Enemy'! All the best for the future, Andy
  12. The Commodore is Cesare Ditel. Here is a little about him: Commodore Cesare Ditel was born in the little town of Marina di Campo, on the island of Elba, and hails from a seafaring family as his father also spent his life at sea as a Captain in the Mediterranean. He began his maritime studies in 1953 at the Nautical School in Leghorn, Livorno, Italy, graduating in 1958. After attending the Italian Naval Academy and serving in the Navy for a couple of years, he began a Merchant Navy career in 1961 aboard tanker ships. In 1964 he joined Sitmar as a Third Navigating Officer and moved up the ranks, receiving his first post as Captain in 1985. Commodore Ditel holds the distinction of being the first Italian captain in the Princess fleet to earn his British Master's certificate, allowing him to sail the line's British-registered vessels. He was appointed captain of Star Princess for her 2002 launch, plus brought out Ocean Princess when she debuted in 2000 and Regal Princess at the time of her 1991 debut. He has recently commanded the Golden Princess, and has also been master of the Sun and Crown Princess, and the original Star, Sea, Sky, Fair and Dawn Princess. In October 2004, he was promoted to the rank of Commodore – an honor that is traditionally given to the most senior captain of a fleet of ships. Commodore Ditel lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, Janita, who hails from New Zealand, and two sons. When time permits, his family often travel onboard with him. Commodore Ditel is a friendly and gregarious person who loves meeting and talking with everyone. Hope this helps! Have a fantastic cruise! :D Andy
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