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  1. cruisers7771

    What to do in Nassua and Freeport

    We were just there last week. In freeport we did the catamaran snorkel with Capt Tony. Like other poster said, if was great! Although the water on that day was a little rough, we did get to do some snorkeling. Then we cruised around for a while...so relaxing! It was only us 2 and one other couple. Capt Tony is really personable and happy to help anyone who doesnt know how to snorkel. The Rum Punch was great as well! ;) We did the 9 am tour with him and although it said it lasted until 12pm, we were back at port at 11am. Dont know why but by that time we were so relaxed we didnt care. LOL In nassau we went to Blue Lagoon Island. I highly recommend this place for snorkeling and a quiet beach!!! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Hammocks in palm trees, white sand, crystal blue water, and not a HUGE crowd of people! The food that was provided was great too! You can find this excursion at [COLOR=#008000][URL="http://www.dolphinencounters.com"]www.[B]dolphinencounters[/B].com[/URL] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]We [U]DID NOT[/U] do the swim with the dolphins or sea lions programs. We just did the "[U]BEACH DAY[/U]" part which was $45pp. It was worth every penny! The dolphins and sea lions are on a different part of the beach.[/COLOR] Once I get my pictures uploaded I will post a few for you! You can take the jitney over to the paradise island ferry terminal or take a van with other people. At this time of the year the ferry to blue lagoon leaves at 830 and 1030. (other times later too, just dont remember them) Our reservation time slot said 930 but we were informed at the terminal that it didnt leave till 1030.....it was ok by us though, gave us some time to walk around a bit and take pictures. I will say DO NOT take a taxi by yourself to the ferry terminal. It was $20 for us and it was probably a mile down the road. Share a van or take the jitney. Have fun on your cruise!!
  2. cruisers7771

    Armed Crime Situation in Nassau deteriorating

    We were there on Wednesday Nov. 18th, 2009. We did a non-ship excursion and went to blue lagoon island. When we got back to port, we shopped the straw market and then walked around for a while at all the other shops...we went up about 2 streets. Although we didnt wander off deep into Nassau, never once did we feel unsafe. It is unfortunate that this is happening there. But like other posters said, dont ever take anything of value with you and stay close to port. I'm not saying limit yourself to just the port, I'm saying just dont wander off the beaten path.
  3. Hi Steve. I know you didnt get to go on the snorkel with Capt Tony and have your own opinions about it. They emailed me back and this is what they said. Sounds good to me. "Hi Molly, We have been scrambling to update our website and maps to use another well know landmark and for now are suggesting our guests ask their drivers to drop them at the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle shop at Port Lucaya. If we cant have a representative at the cruise pier we will have one at the Harley-Davidson store to guide you to the boat. We are also now taking reservation deposits and you can participate if you would like. The website "Information" page will give you information to help you have a more enjoyable tour. Also, you can check the weather forecast, see an aerial view of the boat, print a Map and directions to take with you and find tons of other helpful info. Taking a look at the "Gallery" page gives you an idea of what to expect and also give you a familiar feel of the catamaran layout. We look forward to having you with us. Have a great cruise and let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way, Sand Dollar Crew This link will take you to our homepage www.SandDollarCruise.com"
  4. I just found this link: http://www.portlucayaresort.com/ And it says that the Port Lucaya Resort and Yacht club is CLOSED! :eek::confused: Has anyone been there recently who might know what's going on? We have a sand dollar catamaran snorkel with Capt. Tony booked next week that docks there! I have an email in to him but wanted to check on here to see if anyone knew of anything while I wait for a response from him. Thanks in advance!
  5. cruisers7771

    Sky 4 day Freestyle Daily's

    Thanks for the dailies!! I appreciate it! :D
  6. cruisers7771

    Sky 4 day Freestyle Daily's

    Alright, I'm going to jump on this bandwagon too! Can you please send them to me as well? [EMAIL="mdavis1256@hotmail.com"]mdavis1256@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] Thanks in advance!!!
  7. cruisers7771

    Post your amusing (funny) cruise picture.

    Any new ones out there??
  8. cruisers7771

    Post your favorite pics of the pool area.

    Any updated photos??
  9. cruisers7771

    Post your best cruise picture

    Any updated photos??
  10. cruisers7771

    Fort. Lauderdale to Miami Trans.

    [quote name='nbsmitty']Flying into Fort. Lauderdale Cruise out of Miami cheapist Trans. to get there. How much? For my wife and I. Thks for any help.[/quote] Read this forum about SAS: [URL]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1001432[/URL] I've read nothing but GREAT things about them on here. You cant beat $15 pp each way! And its a 30 min drive! We booked them for our FLL to Miami transportation in November! [quote name='Husker Cruzer']Any suggestions for 14 people trying to get from FLL to Miami?[/quote] Call SAS. I'm sure Steve would have a van or 2 for 14 people for you! Find out how much that rate would be. Maybe he will give you a discount since there are so many of you. Good Luck!!
  11. cruisers7771


    [URL]http://www.discover-eleuthera-bahamas.com/bahamas-climate.html[/URL] This has great weather info!
  12. cruisers7771

    ~~~Weather, much difference between mid-Oct and mid-Nov???

    [URL]http://www.discover-eleuthera-bahamas.com/bahamas-climate.html[/URL] This link gives alot of good info on the weather down there.
  13. cruisers7771

    scubagirl - help blue lagoon

    [URL]http://www.discover-eleuthera-bahamas.com/bahamas-climate.html[/URL] Looks like the water temp is roughly 84 degrees in November.....
  14. cruisers7771

    Hows the weather in Naasau in December???

    [URL]http://www.thebahamasguide.com/travel/weather.htm[/URL] [URL]http://www.discover-eleuthera-bahamas.com/bahamas-climate.html[/URL]