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  1. Your correct, the email from Ontario Health for my second dose does says I got Pfizer but also says I received 2 doses and doesn't specify the 1st dose.
  2. The document I received from the Ontario Government only states "You have received 2 valid dose(s)" , I wouldn't worry about this.
  3. With new, possibly vaccine resistant , variants arising I wouldn't expect international cruising to return for quite a while. The world needs to be vaccinated, not just the western world, or variants will continue to develop and world cruising likely won't return until then. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/south-africa-suspends-astrazeneca-vaccine-drive-1.5299360
  4. At least in Canada in provinces the majority of deaths were in Long Term Care facilities. I would guess health care workers and then police/fire department would be first on the list. I guess the bad thing with that, if the vaccine turns us into zombies because they rushed it, we would lose the most important first.....😃 I also suspect some companies will try to acquire doses for their employees so they can ramp up. I agree (not a senior yet btw) that those who are employed and have to take public transit to work, for example, should get priority over a healthy senior. We need to get our downtowns working again. Also, if we want to relate this to cruising, how long will it take for cruise lines to get all their employees vaccinated, most don't live in North America? I would guess the cruise industry will on the shelf longer than other tourism industries. PS When you compare Canada, US and European rates of infection/deaths to places like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam etc. I wonder how they get it so right and we keep getting it so wrong?
  5. Dunno, but it sure is a pale comparison to the "real" Paris. Couldn't find their version of the Louvre either...😄.
  6. Agree, I am on a Staycation, which when you were already working from home sucks even more (I know, a first world problem). We did however make it to Paris......Ontario......
  7. I agree, I don't get it. You have to wonder would these same people have objected as vigorously to wearing a seat belt in a car or helmet while riding a motorcycle, do they not buckle up in turbulence while flying?? Wearing a mask while in a store or other indoor place seems like a small price to pay for keeping each other safe because thats the primary purpose of a mask, keeping others safe from the mask wearer.
  8. This would clearly help, in fact a quick test would probably be one of the best ways to control the virus and stomp it out someday. However, not sure I want to spend all that money and get turned back at the gate because I had unknowingly contract Covid a day or two before. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-australian-researchers-invent-20-minute-coronavirus-blood-test-2/
  9. We don't want Americans in Canada either (nothing personal), we are looking at your infection rates with concern, ours have dropped substantially and are still dropping.
  10. No offence I've been to Epcot, the people who go there and actually think it is like going to Europe are probably the ones who are too ignorant or stubborn to wear a mask. 😃
  11. Same here, I fly (flew?) a lot for business and invariably I would get sick a few days after flying at least a couple of times a year. Problem for the cruise industry is the airline industry's problems are tacked on. For the cruise industry to recover, people will need to feel comfortable flying again as well.
  12. Actually I trust the kitchens of cruise ships much more than my local restaurant. They know that they have to practice good hygiene in the ship's galleys or they could have a wide spread infection impacting hundreds or thousands of passengers. I trust the employees much more than my fellow passengers.
  13. Yeah, I want to get in a fight with a stranger in a public washroom, (pretty sure I could have taken him...😄 )but who wants to get into a tussle with a stranger with you know what on his hands. We will always have slobs, nothing will change that. PS when I said no buffets I meant no more self serve, I get the logistics.
  14. Back when Celebrity had the big brunch on the last sea day, a woman was at the chocolate fondu, took a bite out of here fruit skewer and double dipped it back into the fondu....I saw it with my own eyes...gross. No wonder I border on germophobia....
  15. I always hated buffets on the ships, especially the time I was washing my hands in the washroom right outside the Oceanview cafe and a guy walked right out of the stall past the sinks. Witnessed him spooning food on his plate, infected everything he touched with his dirty hands. When cruising starts up again the buffets need to be removed permanently. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/japanese-experiment-showcases-how-quickly-viruses-can-spread-at-buffets
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