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  1. Here's how you get a shot.... Order a bourbon, whiskey, tequila....Neat. Ask them to pour it in a shot glass if that's important to you. It's really not that hard.....
  2. I uploaded our photos for the last 3 cruises. Just take a head shot with your phone using a white background. Definitely speeds up check in. See My Set Sail Pass below for upcoming cruise. Security Photo checked as complete.
  3. Does anyone know if the 20% off Spa service Diamond coupon would apply to the Thermal one week Pass?
  4. You have received the Section 3 Paragraph A Subsection iii subparagraph (b) answer. I say go ahead and have a good time. It's widely done. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. I am also very interested in this excursion. The RCCL description says: The casual vibe continues on your catamaran ride back to Falmouth for a carefree time at Margaritaville. The video below the description also shows the one in Falmouth. Since this is at the port, I'm sure you are free to either explore or go back to the ship on your own.
  6. For Dining Packages, children ages 12 and under are excluded from offer; children ages 6-12 can be added to reservation for a $10 cover change once onboard. Not available on holiday sailings. Not valid for Chef's Table, Izumi Hibachi, or Culinary Experiences/Activities. Guests will receive 20% off when booking Chef's Table and/or any Culinary Experience/Activity onboard.
  7. I was on the Harmony in 2017 and the Allure in 2018 for the 4th. On the Harmony they have a small celebration on the Promenade. They serve cake and drop hundreds of Red White and Blue balloons. Everyone pops the balloons and it sounds like fireworks.
  8. Sounds like they just used the wrong C&A number (yours instead of theirs.) If there is no charge on your credit card for a deposit, I wouldn't worry.
  9. With Star Class, you will be contacted by your Genie 4 weeks in advance. You will arrange a time when the Genie will meet you at the Port for embarkation. You can probably do this as early as around 10:30. Ask the Genie how early.
  10. If you loved the Allure, you'll love the Harmony. Same ship only newer with a couple of changes.
  11. My over 18 son achieved Diamond Status recently by being the 3rd person in a suite with us. The cost was only around $1,000 but he received 14 nights. Do you consider this status earned? Is there a cost per point ratio that must be met for it to be valid?
  12. Don't think its exclusive to Diamond Plus anymore. This is what is offered for $40. Experience two of our specialty restaurants for the price of one when you purchase the BOGO 2 Night Dining Package for your cruise vacation. Select your dining party and your preferred dining time and a courtesy dinner reservation will be made on your behalf once onboard in two specialty restaurants for the first two nights of your cruise. On Day 1, you will receive your reservations confirmation in your stateroom. If you would like to amend your dinner reservations, simply visit one of our Hospitality Desks or any specialty restaurant.
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