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  1. I recognize that a sailing timeline does not exist at the moment, but I need to book something in 2022 with my future cruise credits sooner than later for my own mental well being. I want a 9-14 day Caribbean itinerary out of NYC so not the typical 7 day cruises they crank out. My question is, are the 2022 itineraries finalized? I want to know all of my options before committing.
  2. My family is on a 10 day cruise out of NYC in November. I would really like to make our dinner reservations for the specialty restaurants as soon as it opens (which I know is not yet). Anyway my concern is not knowing which shows are which nights. To be more specific I think my girls would enjoy Burn the Floor and Six so I don't want to make a reservation (which would be around 6pm) on those nights. We are traveling with two kids so we cannot do a late night dinner or even a late night show. Is there any method to the scheduling of the evening shows for itineraries that are unique?
  3. We are booked on the Breakaway later this year and my husband and I EACH have $50 credit per port. I know it is said it is per cabin but on the "Vacation Add-ons" they are listed separately for each of us. Anyway... Can they be combined to say pay a portion of renting a cabana which would be under my husband's name since he is Platinum Plus? Can they be used to purchase an "excursion" (say zip lining at GSC) for one of my kids who is in the same cabin? Is our overnight stay in Bermuda considered TWO ports or done, and if two I am assuming it is a "use-it-or-lose-it" per day policy?
  4. Is this just a list of favorite beverages or is it beverages available on NCL? I ask because I see drinks like Mango Bubble Milk Tea N/A that I know would be a favorite for some family members but I would not have expected the NCL bars to have tapica boba available. The same with many of the Monin syrups mentioned in other non alcoholic drinks.
  5. I booked a 10-day cruise where I receive the FOUR meal Specialty Dining Package. I know you can upgrade the beverage package from the Free at Sea to the premium package but can I upgrade my dining package from say four to six meals?
  6. Best to read the FAQs https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#can-i-bring-water-or-soda-board https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#can-i-bring-alcohol-board
  7. Can anyone tell me what type of furniture is on the large balconies for the Breakaway? Are their two chairs, two loungers, or some other combination?
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