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  1. KatSt

    What was your first Carnival ship?

    Elation summer of 2000.
  2. KatSt

    Which side of ship for cabin?

    Thanks for your help.
  3. KatSt

    Which side of ship for cabin?

    I'm going on the Alaska Glacier Bay cruise on the Golden Princess. Is there a preferable side of the ship to book a cabin in order to have the best sight seeing from the balcony? Thanks.
  4. KatSt

    Golden Princess...what to expect?

    Thanks for everyone's responses. I'm really looking forward to Alaska.
  5. KatSt

    Golden Princess...what to expect?

    Hi Everyone. It's also my first time on Princess and I'll be cruising Alaska with Glacier Bay on the Golden Princess. The search engine isn't working so I have a few questions. What nights will the formal nights be? Do they server Lobster in the dining room on formal nights? Thanks.
  6. KatSt

    Trip Insurance and Excursions

    If you prepay your excursions and then cancel the cruise after final payment are your excursions refunded? I know the cruise fare isn't. I'm asking about excursions purchased through the ship. Thanks.
  7. 601 & 602 - Kathy & Bill from Az
  8. I used the spa services on the Magic last year and really enjoyed it. If you purchase the package on embarkation day they usually have a discounted deal. I highly recommend getting the spa services.
  9. KatSt

    Lido Deck Cabin, Pros and Cons?

    Stayed on the Lido deck on the Magic and absolutely loved the location. There aren't many cabins so it's very quiet. Passengers coming up to the pool walk in the opposite direction of the cabins. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  10. KatSt

    Magic spa - opinions?

    I was on the Magic in January and purchased a weekly pass. It was great. I had never really used the spa on any of the ships before and really enjoyed it. They have specials on embarkation day for weekly spa packages for 2. Check it out when you get onboard.
  11. KatSt

    How did you get your ship on a stick?

    We mostly got ours from Trivia, but I do have one funny story of getting ship on a stick. I was at one of the game shows in the big lounge and accidentally called out an answer when I shouldn't have. I knew the answer and just couldn't contain myself. :D Anyway, the Crew Member running the show had me stand in the corner on stage until the game was over. It was all in fun and I got a ship on a stick for being a good sport.
  12. KatSt

    VIP Boarding....

    VIP tendering is just going off the ship, not back on.
  13. KatSt

    CD question

    I sailed with Jeff on the Pride in 2007. I thought he was good, but I know many people on the boards don't like him. Regardless, I'm sure you will have a wonderful cruise.
  14. I had a cabin on the Lido deck on the Magic and absolutely loved it. It was very quiet since there aren't many cabins on that deck. People going to the pool and buffet went in the opposite directions of the cabins. I highly recommend the Lido deck.
  15. KatSt

    Best Sea Sickness Meds?

    I use bonine and it works great. I haven't tried the others that you mentioned.