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  1. cr8z4cruzn

    Boardwalk cabins on Oasis

    Thanks for the heads up. I guess that nullifies claims of locking the door to block out sound. We're booked on 10. Which cabin were you in?
  2. Your photo's are "picture" perfect! I'd love to frame a few for my art collection. Thanks for such a great review.
  3. cr8z4cruzn

    Who is cd on oasis this month?

    Ice, I sure do hope he goes another week so we'll have him. I don't understand why RCCL Reservations still shows Allen Brooks for us. Fingers crossed and hoping they're wrong.
  4. cr8z4cruzn

    Paying for excursions in advance

    Shomari, if you choose a non ship-sponsored excursion, there are some private companies who will reserve a spot for you without a deposit. If you decide to do 'private'...consider the companies who are not asking you to pay in advance.
  5. [quote name='Otterman34']Is there such a thing as the final payment dance? It's not the happiest dance in the world, but it still means the cruise is getting closer.[/quote] There's a bright side to this. Think on this....you'll never ever have to worry about the final payment again. Well at least not until you book your next cruise. [quote name='kruzkid']also doing the dance today! watching my countdown clock, about to do the under 400,000 seconds dance![/quote] Got it down to the science huh? milli-seconds. lol. Do that dance and have tons of fun!
  6. [quote name='Chelley00']I have the best video of my 6 year old doing a "single digit dance" when we flipped our countdown "clock" the other day. We are leaving Saturday to start our vacation, but don't board the ship until the 9th.[/quote] LOL...6 years old and she already knows how to do the dance? I see you've taught her well. Let us know if you post the video I'd love to see it. Have a wonderful time on your cruise!!
  7. [quote name='CruisingTexans']I'm still in triple digits myself, but hopeful that it will pass quickly!!! BTW your blogspot is awesome. You seem like such a fun person!! You don't mind a lurker do you?? lol Have a great cruise!! Michelle[/quote] Thanks Michelle...generally I am a fun person, I guess I've been "me" too long, so I can't change. Glad you're enjoying the blog and please feel free to visit (lol @ lurker) anytime. I just recently started and will continue throughout my upcoming cruise. I appreciate the well wishes and you be sure to enjoy your cruise as well....time waits for no one..so ready or not, your cruise day will be here before you know it. Talk soon!
  8. [quote name='missbogota']I am doing it!!! Yee Haa!!![/quote] Bogota...you're dancing better than me. 2 days left? Yee Haa! [quote name='will773']Clever! :p I wish I could be doing this dance along with you! I can do the (slightly less catchy) less than 20 day dance! :D 8 more days and I'll be dancing right along with you![/quote] [quote name='TrishOB']I'm a little over two weeks away from DOUBLE-digits. :p[/quote] double digits is close enough....come on and do the dang dance!
  9. [quote name='Shomari'][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I'm soooo jealous... I'm in the high double digits...[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/quote] Shomari...Enjoy your 1st cruise! It'll be here before you know it. OnYourToes.....I remember when I was in the triple digits. But this too shall pass. (lol)
  10. [quote name='Liztoybiz']Cr8z, I'm dancing with you!!! Have you started packing yet??? Oasis here we come!!!!! Liz in Kingwood[/QUOTE] Oh yezzzz....packed and ready to go!
  11. Oh yeah....it's called the "Single-digit Dance"....and I'm doing it. Anybody else doing it? Oasis here we come!!!!!!
  12. cr8z4cruzn

    When to book shows on Oasis & how many

    It was exactly 67 days before entertainment opened for our June sailing.
  13. cr8z4cruzn

    Courtney Taylor-reviews please!

    Most likely that's the reason. $35 for us from Falmouth. I hear he's a good guide, so I don't mind.
  14. cr8z4cruzn

    Entertanment on Oasis

    For our June sailing it opened Apr 5th-- 67 days.
  15. cr8z4cruzn

    Courtney Taylor-reviews please!

    At which port are you both arriving? I believe the prices depends on the port location as well.