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  1. Thank you Rummblesrrip, we ail all gain platinum status after this cruise so that is helpful, is there a concierge desk?
  2. We are sailing the Getaway next month - one of our party is platinum for first time, how does she obtain the benefits such as 2 nights speciality dining and choc strawberries?
  3. Hi, I booked today for Getaway 25 October- just went on NCL and do not seem to be able to book speciality dining or for shows. We are a party of 4 one of us platinum the others gold- will we be able to use the platinum status(which was earned on last cruise) to book speciality dining - we are thinking of booking speciality dining for whole cruise - will it be an issue to book?
  4. Can anyone please provide the casino at sea telephone number please
  5. Can anyone please provide the casino at sea telephone number please
  6. Hi - Thanks for your interest, the internet was terrible, I bought the upgrade pre cruise, internet manager would do nothing, the streaming on premium did not exist -they advertise it that you can stream movies etc but you could not even watch a facebook video as it stopped after a few seconds, I needed the upgrade to unlimited but the additional amount for premium, being additional $5 pd was my complaint, I took my complaint to the General Manager who overrode the internet manager and gave us $100 OBC which satisfied my complaint. They should not however offer the service if they cannot provide it. My experience of internet is on the larger ships of RCC, Princess and obviously NCL, NCL is clearly the worst and slowest service, but we still need it, RCC with Voom is brilliant, just wish this was available on all ships.
  7. prepaid to upgrade in our current 16 cruise, paid $364 to enable streaming - absolutely rubbish internet, cannot even watch a video on Facebook never mind stream movies, if we try to see a video the quality is so bad you cannot even see anything, complained to internet manager and guest services- will do nothing but cancel for rest of cruise - I believe a refund is due as they cannot provide a service but took my money - guest services said it’s a different itenery so satalite is different - waiting for general manager response to our complaint
  8. Can anyone advise where reservations for the Vibe, Restaurants and Entertainment are made on embarkation. I do not benefit from Concierge or Haven Concierge.
  9. I agree - do what you want to do - Too many preachers - people ask an innocent question and get crucified on CC !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree - we are on on 17th Jan, was watching You Tube video to learn how to play but would want a min of no bigger than $10, surely NCL wants players, not just high rollers. Its suppost to be a fun cruise not serious gambling, guess I will have to wait for my trip to Las Vegas in March
  11. I have cruised over 30 times and there are no issues bringing hair appliances onboard - obviously irons and kettles are on the banned list.
  12. That is very conflicting information- does it mean there are both 110v and 220 v outlets - are they dual voltage, do I just plug in and hope for the best - set a fire or break my $500 hairdryer !!!!!!
  13. Thanks - it’s a UK Outlet I am trying to see if they have - UK outlets are different voltage and the newer ships built for RCL and Princess included one in the cabins - our electrical hair appliances will not work without this voltage and a step up adapter is unsuitable and dangerous for high watt appliances such as those - I wanted to bring my Dyson Airwrap but it will only work with 220 voltage
  14. On my last cruises on Royal Princess and Allure of the Seas they had a UK outlet which was 210v, please can someone check if there is an outlet in a Balcony on the Joy, if not no point in bringing my Dyson Airwrap and will need to buy a US hair curler. Thank you for your anticipated help.
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