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  1. Laughed at loud at your sangria.. I had a similar eh moment in Tennessee last summer when I got sangria in a water glass with a big ol straw in it! Gotta roll with what the local provide right?
  2. Thanks for bringing this up. I guess we can ask when we get on the ship?
  3. Cover up with long sleeves and maxi skirts and consider repellent-
  4. I booked an excursion for a November cruise and checked in with them and they have already got things rescheduled to different locations. Two different locations for snorkeling and a different sandy bottom area for lunch and starfish etc...
  5. What an inventive idea @Lifes a Beach
  6. I actually heard from the snorkeling group (Cozemel Cruise Excursions) and they have moved the trip (Cruise in Nov 19) They are taking us to a different area, Villa Blanca and Tormentos.
  7. We booked a snorkling trip and have not been notified- I wonder if I should pick something else now?
  8. I was trying to figure out what to pack as far as a beach tote bag (to hold towels, watershoes, water etc) and then I started to think that maybe I needed to be concerned about leaving money and phones and cameras at the beach??? Anyone use waterproof bags for phones and cash? or am I being overly cautious?
  9. Hmmm I suppose we could stay on the boat til noon???😁
  10. I am struggling with what I need to bring: I need something to get me to snorkling.. ie towel, water, watershoes, money. And then I want something to go on a tour.. perhaps just a crossbody to hold money, water and camera Everything seems so dark and wintery looking-- not fun and bright for the Caribbean.
  11. I use this all the time at home so I plan to use it on the ship too. Wristlet https://www.amazon.com/Vodico-Durable-Textured-Leather-Shockproof/dp/B07BDMYQV7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=iPhone+7+Plus+Case%2CVodico+iPhone+8+Plus+Durable+Sleek+Textured+Leather+Wallet+Design+Cover+with+Credit+Card+Slots%2CMoney&qid=1571193130&sr=8-1
  12. I am a little over 30 days out and I booked a guarentee balcony because I honestly didn't know what was a good choice! I called today mainly because I am curious haha.. I was told they had not sold many balconies that was why I had not been assigned yet. And I would know 3 days prior to sailing or whenever they had sold most of the balconies. I don't know if they were just blowing smoke at me or if that is the policy? Again I don't plan on spending much time in that room so it doesn't matter much to me but I was curious.
  13. So I called today because we are about 36 days out and I was told it could be up to 3 days prior to sail. He agent said that they had not sold very many balconies so they would not assign until they had or 3 days. I did look at my luggage tag and it shows A and back of the ship???? And Muster station of D21
  14. Thanks so much for posting! I am very excited about our upcoming cruise on Explorer of the Seas and seem to be craving ALL the info... And PS- I will be dressed up every night at dinner! Formal night will be fun for us!
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