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  1. @bones5 the Pier is very long and I ended up hailing a wheel chair for my hubby on the way back. If you can get to the port there are dolphins you can watch and birds and lots of people watching! I think its a good port to hang out in. They have pools etc. BUT the walk is tough if you are not physically up to it.
  2. I just got back from my cruise yesterday and we did the Ruins and Bacalor Lagoon tour with NATIVE CHOICE and it was wonderful! We got our educational activity in and we got to play in the water and have lunch and drinks! They are a first class group that has comfortable vans with great guides! I agree there was a bit more walking then we thought there would be it was great to see the ruins.
  3. @BNL1213 Just got back from our cruise and Cozemel Cruise Excursions was an excellent choice (in my opinion) They meet that the HOTEL EL CID which is literally steps out side of the port on the left. They use their dock to pick you up in a small little boat. There were 16 of us. They took us to three spots where we saw a TON of fish. And then took us to an area to have nachos and drinks and just chill out in the water. It was worth it !!! I can't imagine anyone not having a great time. I suggest no matter how great a swimmer you are to take them up on the waist floats. It is a lot of
  4. It takes up space on my phone 🙂 and now that I know my ship doesn't use it... so not worth having it hanging around my phone... hahaha
  5. Thanks! I see my ship is not a participant @Biker19
  6. Is it worth it to download the APP? Do all ships use this or is it just the newer ships?
  7. How much should I bring to tip our tour guide? Do they share with the driver or do I need to separate this?
  8. This is good to know. My husband does not require a wheelchair but can not walk long distances and I have been worried about getting him off the pier.
  9. We are signed up to take a tour with Native choice next week! Thanks for sharing your positive experience.
  10. The ever important questions will there be a blow dryer and is there a coffee pot in the room?
  11. Cozemel Cruise Excursions. They are very friendly and quick to answer any questions. I haven't used them yet but we leave next weekend so I will be sure to provide an update when we get back
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